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  1. I wondered if Adam was producing the Oscars - yes they should get him presenting on the awards this year. I normally don't watch the Oscars but if GB is presenting and/or nominated, then I will watch for sure. In terms of the acting coach or the interviewer my guess is that they asked permission first and most artists don't mind good/positive promo on twitter. That is one of the positive aspects of Twitter - it is a very good promotional tool, can be very powerful one as a matter of fact. And I think all of us enjoy that recent photo. And it appears a lot of entertainment industry people are Tweeting. Twitter is also like local gossip only it's global reach. I find most Twitterers are far more respectful than the paparazzi or gossip columnists. Most people will say we say GB at the airport or eating dinner. They don't say he was with anyone they don't say which restauarant, just a simple comment. And I personally would not post any twitters that I think are disrepectful and any twitterings anyone thinks is interesting is being posted at this topic in the rumour area for a reason. I don't see it as any different as a gossip column saying GB was seen having a power lunch with so and so at such and such a restaurant in LA.
  2. There is another Gerard Butler he is an Irish step dancer/instructor. Maybe Ireland is full of Gerard Butlers?
  3. My guess is it is Coriolanus - I have noted he is a perfectionist, no kidding, and doing Shakespeare with the likes of Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgrave would be pretty intimidating for most actors. To deliver those lines, those incredible words, so they roll off the tongue naturally requires practice and training for any actor but especially someone that didn't quite have the Shakespearean background. PS. Clearly no rest for the wicked or Gerard. Gerbear out of hibernation? Gerard Butler eating dinner at the next table. He is one hot piece. about 5 hours ago from Echofon The twitterer seems to be LA based but five hours ago in LA would be breakfast not dinner...maybe it's the horse trainer? Okay this is interesting, I am bad looked up the twitterer - there is a big wig who works for Dreamworks and Sony by the same name, a marketing executive, write up in Variety and that seems to be the tone of most of her twitters...hmmmm, not too bad if a Hollywod "suit" from a major studio notices his hotness...... I am on a role I found this twitter @adammshankman Have Gerard Butler present an Oscar award or introduce a nominee. You'll gain a few hundred thousand viewers. ;-) about 23 hours ago from web in reply to adammshankman now this guy Adam Shankman is a friend of the Dreamworks marketing executive, and he is a director and oh one of the So You Can Think You can Dance judges, this twitterer is a female screenwriter, I am loving all this industry love for the G-man. lastly Twitter from a reporter based in Santa Monica, he is saying he had a photoshoot? with Gerry yesterday? and he provides a photo of the two of them together and GB looking good of course, rested. More like he interviewed him and got a photo for his personal collection Twitter page http://twitter.com/RajNair_Yo Photo http://twitpic.com/sq31g
  4. Well since it is fun to figure out Where is Gerry not to be confused with Where is Waldo a writer twittered about interviewing both Gerry and Craig Ferguson about the movie How to Train a Dragon @Casalie77 I was interviewing him and Gerard Butler about their new kids movie. They are some HOT Scots. I love him and Gerry, too 4:17 PM Dec 6th from web in reply to Casalie77 Now since this can be done over the phone and Gerry and Craig can be at opposite ends of the world, who knows what that means. But it would appear Gerry is doing some promo for this film. another twitterer from NZ who has her own radio show in Auckland noted her boyfriend texted her that he was going to be interviewing Gerry, she was quite jealous - again the boyfriend could have been texting from anywhere in the world or he could have been a journalist or radio guy in NZ who was doing a phone interview and GB could be anywhere in the world for that. But since the movie isn't due for release until March why promoting now?
  5. I also think Gamer is very popular with the primary crowd that movie was aimed at, beyond the fact many people say, yet again, that Gerard was the best thing in the movie, unfortunately they are not the kind to go to the theatre - they are glued to their computers/Wii/XBox/Playstation but may buy the DVD, however they are also the kind of crowd that likes to get stuff for free as I see many pirated versions of Gamer came out online a few weeks ago, but it still has the potential to be a cult classic.
  6. RDJ was just interviewed by the Hollywood Reporter and he said this: Excerpt: Downey Jr. Next thing you know I was talking to ("Holmes" director) Guy Ritchie. THR: Where were things in the development process when you came on board? Downey Jr.: I'd just heard that the concept by Lionel Wigram had gone back to Holmes' roots but was presented in a way that made sense in a sort of post-"300" atmosphere. Then Guy Ritchie got interested. I was hearing about Guy through my wife Susan (a "Holmes" producer) and Joel because they had financed "RocknRolla," which I really liked. I guess I had a little too much time on my hands because I asked Susan to get the North American trailers for me (for "RocknRolla"). I love Gerry Butler and the turn that he did, which showed a very funny, different side than he'd shown in "300" -- and for some reason I was really interested in making sure that was reflected in the trailer. I found myself tweaking in an area where I had no actual business tweaking. Guy didn't know any of this at the time, but I started talking to him about it and then we both realized that they'd put us on the phone because we were supposed to discuss the possibility of doing "Sherlock Holmes." Shortly thereafter, he told me that we shouldn't even be having that conversation because I was too old. I didn't realize RDJ's wife was one of the producers or financiers of RocknRolla and nice words on GB from RDJ. I am looking forward to Guy's Sherlock Holmes. RDJ and GB in a film together, maybe a comedy, would be brilliant.
  7. Frannie, You are a woman out of my own heart . I agree on both films, especially on One More Kiss. It's a film that can evoke a strong reaction, however you see it. I was with the wife, she was very understanding under the circumstances and not once was there any consideration for her feelings. I blame the director; the film was quite one sided. I liked it when she told him that the ex only thought about him after her personal life had failed completely, found out she was dying and had no one to turn to. And I was devastated when the poor wife tried to be above it, bought him the opera tickets just to please him and ended up all alone. That scene where she tries to find the best outfit followed by the scene at the opera house where she keeps looking for him and he never shows up is heartbreaking. They could have one scene at the end where at least he would acknowledge her pain, that it was a difficult situation for both of them, but nothing. I believe it is the same director they plan to use for Burns; I hope he does a better job here. Theresa I have not seen this film but you know I have to respectfully disagree - I would applaud that director for not doing what many would predict or prefer. I guess I just prefer either gritty realism or to be surprised with unexpected twists and turns in a piece of drama. A comedy sure you almost have to have the happier ending or it's not funny but in a dramatic piece no. I don't know if this was based on a real story or novel or this was just the way the script was written in the first place, in which case I really do hate it when good and great scripts are given the Hollywood treatment, esp to endings - to me that is blasphemy. For example, what Demi Moore did to the Scarlet Letter was blasphemy. Gary Oldman was robbed of a great dying scene as was written in the original classic novel. Arthur Dimmesdale dies of a broken heart essentially- how much better can you get than that as an actor. Instead Hester and Arthur ride off into the sunset together with their child. Just so very very wrong. Be like Romeo and Juliet aren't really dead, they just faked it and ran off together. The reality is a lot of people are very selfish, even otherwise good people, and do treat their spouses poorly, at times, certain situations people wear blinders, this is real life. Not everyone does the right thing not even close, some people keep making a bad situation worse. Blame the character for being an arse or thick not the director or actor for portraying the character as written. We can't forget that Gerry is not that character, but only portraying that character. The fact that even his own fans find the character unlikeable or contemptible is a testament to his skills as an actor. I also find that UK writers and directors are more likely to be gritty and real and less sentimental which is why I love UK films. Burns was a mess by all accounts, at least in his adulthood, no angel and thusly he should be portrayed. Yes even someone who is a mess has moments of lightness and happiness, his poetry clearly provided some light to the world, but to ignore the darker side is to not tell the whole story.
  8. I think one would also have to know how many screens the movie was on first week - that makes a difference. I think LAC did just happen to have perfect timing in the US and of course the distribution was so much wider and the number of screens the movie appears on affect the overall numbers of course. I get a sense that even though the UK has a higher population than Canada that movies in Canada seem to get bigger overall box office numbers - do we have more screens or what? Are movies just that more expensive in the UK so even less people go and wait till it comes on TV or DVD? I'd like to know what the overall box office stats are like for the UK per capita vs Canada and the US. I would also have to say that Jamie Foxx, F. Gary Gary and even Gerry are much bigger names in North America than the UK. The combination of Jamie and Gerry was dynamite here.
  9. I like Christian Bale but he is a bit stiff as an actor- in the right roles it works like Batman or American Psycho or the Machinist - god that is the hardest movie to watch though, Bale weighing 120 pounds and I still don't totally understand it. Love him in the Prestige though as well. He was brilliant in American Pyscho I believe. He was also good in Velvet Goldmine. He excels better at characters that are more detached, less accessible. But I think we all agree that Gerry is indeed more versatile, he can even show the softer side of great warriors but then I suspect Christian and Gerry are just as different off screen. Bale is Mr. Intensity and almost too serious whereas Gerry can shut it on and off and knows how to have fun, and his style of acting is more natural seeming. Of course that is probably why they cast Gerry vs Christian. Bale's character has the weight of the world on his shoulders and Creedy is the friend who is more lighthearted, well as light hearted as you can be facing extinction and napalm breathing dragons and all. Yes I was devastated when I watched the movie the first time - no Creedy can't be burned to a crisp, he can't be dead yet NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He's going to show up in a few minutes right? I was ready to slay that nasty dragon myself. Ah three cheers for the curly hair and long leather coats.
  10. a list of who else is going to be in attendance from Hollywood and Bollywood and the Arab entertainment industry DIFF
  11. I watched a Christian Bale bio the other night so I was reminded that Gerry was in this movie and I hadn't seen it yet so I watched it last night. I actually enjoy post apocalyptic type movies and Creedy was sure hot, thud, and and died far too soon. A treat to see Bale and Butler on the same screen.
  12. I love learning all international slang - Aussie, UK esp Cockney, Irish, makes the experience more fun. I actually got a book on Aussie slang before I went there because I was worried I'd be too out of the loop to understand. Some slang in the book was actually outdated and that's the weakness of any book or site. The best thing to do is just follow along with what everyone else is saying. The Austin Power movies are fun for that. Mike Meyers's parents were British with English Scottish and Irish roots. Having Aussie friends the funniest word is root. We say "I was rooting for this team or that to win" and rooting means shagging in Oz or to have a good root is to have a good shag, shag of course meaning to have sex, shag being UK slang. And if you use the word rooting in our context my Aussie friends always have to point it out or smirk or laugh. Of course faggot is the UK word that has a very different meaning in North Amercia bwah [uK= cigarette] and always shocks you when you see a British movie using the term. One thing I did notice is Gerry says s**t, excuse my English but I saw a movie, based in Scotland, probably Edinborough, maybe Trainspotting in fact and the actors were saying Shite as do many Irish folks, I love saying shite, sounds less profane to me. But I have found even a city a few hours away from you in Canada can have its own slang from your own hometown. Slang or colloquiallisms are so fascinating. Some things stay regional or die or they catch on world wide. Like in my hometown many people call Tim Horton's coffee Scorchies because it is served so hot. And poor Gerry and his soccer -football dilemma. I love the word "gridiron football" which is what the Aussies call our style of NFL/CFL football because the Aussies have soccer, rugby and footy, footy is Aussie rules football so they use gridiron football to distinquish Aussie rules from North American football. They consider it a sissy sport since we wear helmets and lots of padding.
  13. People is crazy about these twitterings... why should you tell the whole world you got in an elevator with Gerard Butler?? Personally, I would block the elevator and then keep the whole thing for me... well we don't know if the Twitterer was male or female, bwah. When I saw Flavor Flav at the Baltimore airport I texted my friend - I'm just too cheap to go on the internet on my mobile phone.
  14. They love GB everywhere it seems. Maybe he can pick up an award and some film financing at the same time or uh maybe not, bwah.
  15. Mindhunters (2004), Jonny Lee Miller took over GB's role, can't say I have heard of it myself Timeline was certainly the more successful of the two movies at the box office.
  16. Finally saw this movie and wow. I had no idea his role in this film was that large and heroic. He apparently turned down another movie to do it - that was a great call- never heard of the other movie. Wonder if he'll ever grow that hair back. The curls just make your knees weak eh. Can you believe some idiot on a certain gossip site said Gerry has a hairpiece - I was not in the mood to point out to this idiot that he is twit. The only time he wore a hairpiece was in Attila and Beowulf, bwah. Millions of men would die for that hair, short or long.
  17. He hasn't lost his marbles yet because he's holding onto them too tight. Maybe that's the smarter thing to do right now. Sometimes you gotta roll the dice though.
  18. Hypnotist101 in Heathrow T5, heading for Denver. Just got in an elevator with Gerard Butler! 5 hours ago a few twitters indicating the G man is heading back to LA- need to pick up the 300 suit for New Years? I hope that poor boy has a good long break coming up.
  19. I also like the photos which are more straight on for the "Lick" because both GB's and KH's expressions are priceless, different angle - different photographer no doubt. Like this one is The Approach, bwah TUT LA 2009 Let's face it the most interesting photos from any premieres in 2009 are these and Gerry with the camera at the LAC premiere oh and Gerry in a kilt - not that we are biased or anything.
  20. I always found it sad that Tom Jones was told to keep his wife a secret from the get go because it would ruin his sex symbol image, sad for his wife, sad for his kids, and sad for him to live a lie. Not so sad because I think he took full advantage of that "secret" Not like everyone in their little village in Wales didn't know but then it would keep the media away. Not sure when that cat got out of the bag even then the famliy was kept in the background as much as possible. Not for their benefit but to propel the sex symbol image. But he and his wife are still married apparently. After 50 years. And I believe his son manages his career now. But I thought that was just an 1960's outdated concept that you had to be single or perceived to be single to be sexy or that you couldn't be as successful as an artist if you were married. Presumably today that is an outdated concept but maybe it is isn't - however I merely point to one example, Hugh Jackman, married with kids, and still considered hot and very marketable.
  21. Wasn't that the acting coach who complained because Gerry said he was too expensive- $1000 an hour, though at the time, which the press doesn't bother to illucidate he was just starting in his career, [$1000 barely covers your rent out in LA] not after he had become successful. He must have gotten enough lessons however to make a difference.
  22. True enough, no one would want anyone to live in seclusion but avoiding certain hotspots that are frequented by paps is not the same as never going out at all. The moment you become famous your life is never really truly normal again - it's one of the huge trade offs of being a successful actor. You in effect make a deal with the devil whether you realize it or not. Just that the devil is bigger and faster and arguably more vicious than ever thanks to technology Many celebrities/actors/actresses and their families manage to maintain as normal a life as they can under the circumstances but it goes without saying that it gets harder as you become more famous and you probably have to make choices. And then you have to worry about the nutters and the stalkers. Only when one's star begins to fade or one chooses to stay out the limelight completely , then maybe you can get back to old normal which I suspect most find that life hard to go back to. Of course back in 1999 Gerry probably couldn't get into those hotspots so fame also has its perks. Double-edge swords are fun huh. And yes Peah being a ladies man is also a double edged sword, though men still don't face the same double standard as a woman who enjoys the company of many many men in her single life. Should we not call her a gentlemen's woman? A manizer or is that maneater? Yes it's great to be considered attractive and desirable by all these beautiful women and why not enjoy it - better now, get it all out of your system, when you are single unlike some actors who are married when their star hits and then too bad for the wife and the kids. I'm a kid in the candy store, Got little respect for that lot. But you also might just scare away all the quality woman when you are ready to settle down, the women who will love you for you and also meet your standards of intelligence, personality and of gorgessity - they will just assume you can't commit to a long term relationship and are not to be trusted, that you are just like most actors, so won't even give you a chance. As it is the fame element alone will scare many quality women away unless they are at a similar level of fame or very tough/thickskinned. Now lots of women will still be happy to marry you for your money and fame though. And many men in Hollywood as smart as Gerry have been fooled by the latter group. Sometimes the gorgessity fogs the brain waves.
  23. He seems quite adept at texting or Blackberrying or Crackberrying, and I-podding. Is that a Bluetooth on his ear sometimes?
  24. Funny in Canada we do the same thing I think because we are used to hearing about the Boston Celtics [seltics] on sports TV. Keltic just sounds more Gaelic than Seltic. There is a large Celtic music tradition in Eastern Canada and I love a lot of that music. It is also very popular at all these Renaissance Festivals they have every summer around these parts. Yes so much better to be a Dutch "football" fan right now, needling GB, hee hee. Orange and proud. I got my Hup Holland scarf just waiting for the right occasion. That's on my bucket list - to attend one World Cup soccer game with Holland in it or one Premier League championship. Or see David Beckham play in Toronto once but he keeps getting injured. Go Orange
  25. Well D you mean "cooking" of a different sort, bwah. And yes Themis380, kitchens do tend to be the big mingling centre in a home.
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