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  1. I hate to say it May but that is usually the most effective option. The reality is GB is one of the IT actors of 2009 - working with Anniston first put him on the pap radar and then having 3 movies released in one year kept him there. GB might even be the victim of his own team's PR strategy. It has perhaps worked too well. Overexposure is potentially dangerous. Even Gerry said I'd be sick of myself by now. Bwah. He can hope that someone else takes the mantle whilst he is laying low making films hopefully for most of 2010 but then some actors get nervous about laying too low. But sometimes a little mystery is good. Let's hope that some sanity reigns in 2010 and I think with GB speaking out about this right now should help so more people will be skeptical about what they read. I mean I was already skeptical about the entertainment media -as an INXS fan we went through yet another lesson in how the media operates early in the year, that was eye opening but watching what is going on with GB has been yet another eye opener. So I am now more wholeheartedly skeptical about everything said about anyone which is actually a good thing. Maybe more celebs need to speak out. I for one will call out BS where I can regarding gossip items pertaining not just to GB but anyone. And I guess he can't even joke about things like this, like saying yeah me and Jenn are fooking, as he has said or something about saying he has dreamed about it, not a good idea because they won't believe you are joking. Poor boy might have to "curb his enthusiasm", just a tad. We wouldn't want him to change too much. Either that or Gerry will have to just text people across the room or learn sign language. Funny but not funny. The celebrities who seem able to maintain their privacy either chose not to even live in LA or NY or London or if they do, they don't bother with the party circuit. Or at least try to avoid all the places that the paps are known to hang out at. They can't possibly be posted at all the great restaurants and bars in all those cities every night, can they? Of course right now GB also can't talk to any unmarried woman at actual industry events without a big deal being made either and many of the events he has to attend. Speaking of low profile, I was shocked to see Daniel Day Lewis on Oprah recently. He is doing that musical movie NINE, clearly based on Fellini's 8 1/2, with Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson and I thought OMG I had not seen nor heard about DDL in years, where was he hiding and I was actually surprised at how giggly and humble he was. I always thought he was usually rather intense and way too serious last time I ever saw him interviewed which had to be several years ago before this Oprah thing. I guess family life has agreed with him. I mean he was driving the kids to school, making their lunches etc, just being a Dad. Too cute.
  2. I found Gerry's appearance in Episode 4 - how ironic after recent talk of threesomes. Man that hair and that plaid suit were kiling me but is he actually in any of the rest of the shows - IMDB implies he is in all six but having watched Episode 1 and 2, I am not seeing him. He just got his name as a credit in the whole series all six episodes of it.
  3. Yes rather than say Gus is evil or good, more like he is damaged but Lucy can't fix him, Gus has to fix himself. I did not know that about Gus from the book - see then it all makes sense because of the environment he was raised in and his own issues with alcohol, Gus self sabotages relationships because subconsiously he doesn't think he is worthy of true love, whether he does it when someone gets too close or he is afraid if someone got too close they would see the real him and that terrifies him or he just sabotages his relationships subconsciously, he is used to being hurt and disappointed in terms of his family, which can fundamentally shape your view of all future relationships, and better off being the one who hurts first. All the cockiness often hides self loathing. You have to be able to love yourself truly before you can truly love someone else, unconditionally.
  4. We women like large kitchens even if we don't cook in them, bwah.
  5. Yes it certainly beats the [Canadian] flag curtains, sport memorabilia, beer can collection, large porn DVD/tape collection and posters of nude or near nude women all over the walls, not talking about a Rubens painting either, bachelor scenario....bwah. You'd better run and run quick if you run into that because that boy is still emotionally arrested at his college years.
  6. I would have to agree that while I find that wide open living/dining area great to entertain a large group of people and dancing all around on the hardwood floor, ah I can hear Lolitta toe nails click click clicking across that floor as well, imagine that Tom Cruise moment in Risky Business, doing the slide half dressed etc to your favourite rocking music.......from a female viewpoint, it is a little shall we say Spartan and not so cozy for perhaps more intimate company, bwah. Of course that would fit with the castle analogy. True castles are not cozy per se having seen a few like Dover Castle. However I suspect other areas are more cozy, ehem.
  7. I had just been looking at all the overseas premiere dates and wondered if he was planning on going to Australia - he should take some vacay time in Oz if he flies down there as it will be full on summertime. No most actors don't do these kind of promotion, some might but actor/producers or actor/directors will because there is more on the line. He surely must be close though to taking a long Xmas break after this weekend's official opening in the UK?
  8. There is so much information jam packed in this interview I didn't see that Evil Twins is working with James Cameron on the project Hanging Tales. That is HUGE!
  9. Actually he was referring to working in a restaurant whilst a law student, wonder if he was a waiter or in the kitchen, he'd have made a killing in tips if he was a waiter.......bwah. Having gone to law school I think being a waiter or working in a kitchen would be harder or is that Gordon Ramsay making it seem so scary.....I was lucky enough to not have to work in those usual part time jobs, though bartending would have been fun. Of course I can't imagine working part time during law school though many people I knew I had to - I found it tough to stay on top of stuff as it was though I did volunteer work for the legal clinic at our school which took up a lot of time.
  10. : As for Gerry's injuries, it is well-documented that Gerry suffered numerous injuries as a result of his rigorous training for 300, including "drop toe," tendinitis, back injuries, etc. He's often commented on same, attributing the fact that he completely STOPPED working out after 300 to some of the injuries he sustained during Gamer. Drop toe? Yikes. I trust that healed, I have a friend with drop foot that never healed because the nerve damage was diagnosed too late and therefore they operated on it too late and she has a permanent limp. Gerry seems to be walking fine. I was born the Year of the Rat. Couldn't the Chinese have picked better symbols? I ain't wearing a baseball cap with a rat on it I can tell you that, bwah.
  11. Well she was very good, she will go far as she didn't seem fazed by him at all and she seems so young. And is the hug traditional to Gerry because I think on the whole it is standard to only shake hands with the interview guest unless you know them, for example Gerry has been interviewed many times by the same people, some he would even consider friends now. I wouldn't go about initiating a hug with a celebrity I did not know, some of them are anal about anyone touching them, some might not even shake your hand. Like Howie Mandel [germophobe, wonder he has kids with his wife] That was hilarious that they cancelled his own Facebook account and gave him a warning, bwah. I'd narrow it down to the accounts that are set to Private for starters.
  12. Considering LAC had to compete with New Moon madness this is great, No. 10 in the Top 10 Movies over the weekend, bringing in 1.6 million dollars so now LAC has now topped $70 million in total domestic receipts, and the foreign box office is yet to come. That should all be gravy, congrats Evil Twins. I predicted 75 - 100 million for New Moon but I was off, $140 million.
  13. Like the HBO series Entourage, Vince Chase and his gang which is actually based on Mark Wahlberg and his posse [he is the executive producer of the show, he's a smart boy, he has probably made more money off that show than even his movies and singing] and one of the things they do on the show is have Vinny and his Entourage run into Mark Wahlberg and his Entourage usually at the golf course, bwah, like the episode I saw last night, it was an old one or Vinny will also run into other actors and their Entourage - I love that show. I always figure Nick is the Turtle of GB's Entourage roster. Before Turtle started dating Jamie Lee Sigler. [and NB is much better looking than Jerry Ferrera, sorry Jerry, the actor who plays Turtle, he is cute in a teddy bear sort of way but]
  14. "A-Z of Gerard Butler" http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/movies/AZ+Of+...utler-7803.html cute little A- Z list, not sure if all accurate is this true Injury - Gerard pushed his body to the limit for his role in 300, injuring his forearm and developed tendinitis in almost every part of his body.
  15. To show you where my priorities are, the beauty of NYC loft living is hardwood floors and open space which means I see lots of room to dance and party in that main level living room area of Gerry's loft. Coming from a building family, new home construction, some of the construction choices puzzle me but that's the bane of converting older buildings so I notice stupid things like the one bathroom, the sink placement is strange. We don't know much about the LA house but I love the turret type tower at the very top of the house where that room appears to have windows all around. The view must be fabulous. And even if he doesn't stay in LA as much right now, you never know where the next set of movies will bring him, real estate is always a good investment most of the time.
  16. Re: The photo from the US version: I like the curls of hair sticking out from behind the neck - it's a fetish with me, never mind.
  17. Thanks Hobbes, I was comparing it to the recent covers on the Aussie and British versions of the magazine, they both used totally different photos, I didn't think to check the US version.
  18. From my observations of the movie industry over the past 20 years or so, every movie project hits snags, even ones by experienced heavy hitters like Spielberg/Dreamworks. I think if anyone told you everything ran smoothly from conception to completion to distribution they are liars. And even then you are still subject to the whims of the public and factors not in your control. The successful producers and directors just seem to know how to tap dance better or deal with the curve balls they will get thrown. And yes learning from past mistakes is a big part of it but have no doubt, there will be new curve balls the next project out. There is always unexpected situations that arise because there are always elements out of your control. Just watch Wrath of God documentary. As well a 50 million budget is pretty ambitious for a first project for any production company. That's pretty ballsy. That's a lot of money to lose if you don't succeed. But sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Or there was a sign in a pub in my hometown, that said Go Hard or Go Home- [one could interpret that on many different levels, bwah] The gamble worked this time out. Making movies is not for the weak of heart.
  19. AXE, isn't that the Hai Karate of my generation? Better AXE though than sweaty teenage boy perhaps? Like wine and champagne, there is cheap and and there are fine vintages. Not all perfumes and colognes are created equal. The right cologne on the right man is intoxicating. Overapplication of even a good perfume is never a good thing. Force the woman to come closer, bwah. On a holiday in St. Maartens, my sister and I were just loving the cologne on the tall, good looking, flirty bartender at our resort and finally had to ask him what it was. Something from Jean Paul Gaultier. Divine. We will remember him always for that, his outrageous but fun flirting, and the diamond in his one front tooth. But I digress. And yes about yet another quote from Gerry, probably also tongue in cheeks has spread wings and it seems to me the culprit is a media outlet based in India. Is that because things Gerry says are Lost in Translation? I am beginning to notice a pattern with that very outlet. They seem to be the cause of more than one misinterpretation of what Gerry says.
  20. Okay I totally misread that, I thought you meant the boobies were on the floor because that can happen if the bra is off the body.
  21. FYI Just to show how short the internet attention span is, now the big GB news today is that a pirated version of Gamer has hit the internet.
  22. Discovered this from Twitter It seems that Gerry is also on the cover of Men's Health Phillipines but it looks like yet a different picture of Gerry on the cover - unfortunately the wrap around about some Urbanthlon and Festival is hiding most of the cover http://twitpic.com/qcywa The site itself has not posted the Nov 2009 cover, then we can see which pic they used, http://www.menshealth.com.ph/ Is he going to be on every country's issue with a different photo? That's cool.
  23. I love it when he said give this guy an extra minute, I like him. An Irish and Scottish accent in one interview, sigh. I didn't think he looked that tired, he looked bright-eyed and bushytailed to me as they say, his voice might have been tired though from giving several radio interviews, I am sure he did several one after the other, they pack it in on these junkets. And to be continue on a shallow note, damn he rocks that shirt. Back to deep, this is why I love interviewers that try to ask things differently and why I don't understand why more interviewers don't try - if actors et al enjoy being interviewed by you they will say yes more likely the next time or give you more time, like in this interview Gerry saying give him another minute, but more importantly you bring out stuff the fans and others might not have known and that should the goal of a true journalist. I don't seem to recall ever hearing Gerry say he didn't think he could do the Clyde role well enough which is why he was initally focused on the prosecutor, he said he didn't think he could do it without being too Jean Claude VanDammish, but he must have forgotten he can actually act, and has emotional range, unlike JC who is rather one note actor and I am being kind. Now true for Jamie Foxx it would have been totally playing against type but I guess he didn't feel comfortable stretching that far this time. And I think we can conclude he honestly isn't interested in revisting 300 - no doubt the thought of getting back into that kind of shape is terrifying, it would me and he is right - it is rare that a sequel or prequel does justice to the original. I love the Underworld series which has done both a sequel and a prequel but that is because the original concept lends itself to it. 300 was about one very specifc battle. Does anyone really care about Sparta pre and post that battle?
  24. Not surprised, I just realized it was on VOD on my cable system, darn, I could have watched it last weekend, but I just bought the DVD on Thursday. I just have to get my DVD back from my mother, bwah. Now imagine my surprise when I am walking in my local mall and I see Gerry. Not in person, oh course but the mall has this standing screen thing where they have revolving ads nd it was advertisting The Ugly Truth and showing stills from the movie including a great close up of GB. They are promoting this thing to the max. Because it is not a chic flick - the guys love Gerry's character. His character says what many of them think and wish they would say and I know a bunch of guys including my own brother that talk just like Mike. [When my sister in law isn't in hearing distance of course] That is why it did killer box office and that it is why is willl do killer DVD sales and rentals and POV.
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