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  1. Well I was just going to say that googling up Mr. Butler as I do daily, the main headline I am seeing over and over again is Gerry Butler is voted Best Brit actor in Hollywood - so that positive story is being picked up all over the internet. ETA Just pointing out that the story discussed here is already being replaced by this story the latest news on GB. I am a fan of the leather kilt though I might add. Love all the kilts but esp the leather kilt.
  2. Glad to see someone found some larger photos of Gerry and I've discovered another photo site to add to my list. There is another German photo site that allows you to zoom on parts of the photos. It carries some of the standard photos we've already seen but that zoom feature is fun. Laif is the name of it. Love the full length view - that lovely tall drink of water, slurp slurp.
  3. I think anyone would be incredibly anxious producing their first film along with actually acting in it as well, in an emotionally draining role. So he was being emotionally drained on two diferent levels as an actor and as a producer. I am sure all the fans were anxious until it was clear the movie was going to be successful. So imagine for Gerry that anxiety is multipled by 1000. You can make a brilliant film but a variety of circumstances will mitigate vs it, many factors being out of your control. In the old days, TV shows and movies were allowed to build up an audience. I seem to recall that many of the best grossing films did not have big opening weekends, it was word of mouth that got people in theatres not trailers or ads, this was before the days of Entertainment Tonight etc. and certainly some of the best TV shows did not have great ratings the first season. Now if you don't have a good opening weekend, they write the movie off as a failure. Which I have to wonder contributes to people then no longer being interested or theatres pulling the plug on movies too soon. Who knows. We live in the world of instant gratification. Gerry and Alan were smart though because they managed to combine a thriller/action element and a thought provoking element into one movie so it appealed to a very wide base of movie goers and their timing turned out to be impeccable on the release date. Tough being a Gary Oldman fan when the first film he produced and directed, Nil by Mouth, was critically acclaimed and won awards at Cannes but never got a distribution deal and put him several million dollars in the hole because he couldn't get outside financing. This is what Gerry was having nightmares about, no doubt. [i still scratch my head though at how that film didn't get some kind of distribution deal, something wrong there, it was certainly a movie in the line of Ken Loach and Mike Leigh, two major influences on Oldman, and their movies get distribution. I love it - one of his movies that I watch regularly] But I don't think Gary had any regrets because he is very proud of the film, he got to do it his way. And it was very emotionally draining for him as it was partly autobiographical. Ray Winstone was brilliant in it as well as Cathy Burke and Gary's sister Laila Morse. I love Ray. But sorry Ray, Gerry's Beowulf is sooooo much better, IMO. Now Gerry has done it once and succeeded I am sure he'll have far more confidence but the movie business is still very fickle, even Spielberg miscalculates from time to time, doesn't he? You are still going to be on the verge of an ulcer until those opening numbers come out the first weekend.
  4. Wow he looks quite styling, love that plum or burgundy shirt, with the gray blazer, looks like those great dressy jeans, pairfect!
  5. Bwah, Delene, hey it could still happen. Gerry as a Boy Toy. Stay away Madonna.
  6. And I hate to say this but look at Oprah, she has all the money in the world for all of that and she still can't resist, they photoshop her on her magazine cover every month - why does all the good tasting food have to be so bad, whaddup with dat? But you know a multigrain high fibre bread is not bad for you per se, and I suppose one can make low fat no sugar cupcakes - I have had low or no fat cheesecake that is almost as divine as the regular stuff. I guess though when you are trying to get 12 pack abs in a short time, the bodybuilder types will avoid bread at all costs because they are going on a high protein low carb low fat diet. Lot of debate about the different types of diets or should I say nutritional plans depending what your end goal is. Performance, endurance or sprinting or aesthetics. For example, they found that hockey players perform better after eating complex carbs than protein [ie switched to whole wheat pasta from steak for the pre game meal] A normally healthy diet does not preclude bread, just have to eat the right bread, high fibre, complex carbs, and not too much of it.
  7. is the 300 spoof a movie - I was just looking at DVDs and thought I saw the DVD for 300, looks like Gerry and then I thought wait a minute- realized this must be a spoof Meet the Spartans. But you know they would only spoof a hit movie so it is a compliment of sorts just like the Airplane movies and the Naked Gun movies and the Scary movies all spoof popular movies.
  8. There is a picture of Gerry at the UK Website under Fitness and Health Article - does this look new? Picture UK Men's Health Just reading the 300 work out - they need to have a ladies verision. 300 Lite. Yeah they need to do a DVD, the 300 home version, men's and women's workout on same DVD with Gerry on it for motivation. Yeah let's just have Gerry doing one circuit of the 300 work out. Gee I couldn't do a dead lift with a 5 kg weight, bwah. I can barely drag the water softener salt bag at 20 kg. THIS IS PATHETIC, bwah.
  9. That's a brilliant idea Swannie, put up a wee bit of heather fragrance in that formula, perhaps essence of cupcake?
  10. I think you are right, if he was that young when he was in Montreal he wouldn't have been annoyed or noticed, then. I keep getting Montreal and Toronto mixed up in the timeline, probably because his father had the French Canadian wife. Montreal is a great party city though so I'll bet he traipsed up there a few times in his wonton youth.
  11. I think the thing is and I have been there with my work and school, sometimes you have no choice but to go hard for a period of time KNOWING THAT normalcy or a long break is coming and you just push through - what I find though is I almost always get sick the moment I relax after a period like that. Presumably he has probably a couple month break coming as in he doesn't appear to have any obligations related to a film beyond trying to get new projects off the ground for a few months. It looks like March will be the gear up month. That is when the Anniston thing comes out and presumably shooting for Coriolanus begins around that time or shortly thereafter. Not sure if he will be required to do anything special to train for the role in Coriolanus and I'd feel better if we'd heard they have got all their financing in place. Might be worth researching, maybe the Fiennes fans have some more word. But I also know as someone who is not sleeping too well myself, part of it is a lack of discipline, you need to make yourself get a proper sleep esp before important events, because they say that you never gain back the benefits of getting a proper sleep just by sleeping longer later. Let me rephrase that. Everyone has different requirements and you need somewhat less sleep as you get older but on average you should be getting no less than six hours, eight is preferrable but for every hour less than that, the effects on health are cumulative, supposedly you can't get that back just by sleeping for 12 hours on the weekend. I know this but I still give into my insomnia. He is also working much harder this junket because it is his baby and so you want to make sure you did everything you could to make it a success which it appears is the case so now Evil Twins Productions are in a good place to get going on the next project. I'd probably be doing the same thing if it was my baby and I'd be worried and unable to sleep until I knew the numbers were going to be good.
  12. I caught the interview where Melissa DiMarco interviews Gerry at TIFF RocknRolla premiere and she says he smells good what is that and he says Lobster and Onions and then she goes in for a better sniff, am I jealous yes. I know a lot of women who prefer men's cologne. I remember when Dolce & Gabbana first came out with its first perfume, it was unisex, I loved that perfume. I bought it yes I admit this because In Style said that Isabella Rossellini AND Gary Oldman who were an item at the time BOTH wore this so I checked it out, loved it, got lots of compliments on it. D & G then branched out into men's and women's lines of perfume, I like the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue right now.
  13. I realize MJ fans will be offended regardless. I enjoyed his music in his heyday but was always a bigger Janet fan because she at least seemed grounded in reality and preferred her music because it reflected that. I lost respect for Michael a long ago around the time of his " issues" with little boys and faux marriages so I would be a hypocrite to feel any differently now that he is dead. So fans and non-fans will never agree on this. And I will leave it at that. TMZ, yes I dare mention that word, actually thought it was one of the best photos of the year and as they gathered, likely correctly, that he was joking with the paps and fans down below. And Gerry has never been one to be precisely Politically Correct, this is not news and frankly Politically Correctness has gone so far people have lost their senses of humour. I also agree that the UK press could find fault with Mother Theresa or name your saint - it is what they do. They make the North American press and paps look benign so there is almost no point trying to make them like you because it will backfire. They either like you or they don't according to their own whims. Which is odd because I find the people of UK are so warm and friendly but their press is so vicious.
  14. Yes he must have the "I am so exhausted I am now getting giddy" thang. You know when you are really tired and everything seems hysterically funny, even dead sober. And when there is a bunch of you in the same position, like exam time at uni, and you all can't stop laughing. Fun times.
  15. If you joked about MJ before he died, I don't see the difference joking about him after he has died. A death to which he was partly responsible for, IMO. Murray may have been incompetent but I suspect Michael was having problems finding good doctors willing to do his bidding. Sometimes money doesn't buy you everything.
  16. I find it very funny. No doubt there is a pack of rabid UK razzis parked outside his hotel. I am worried that his comment about having secret girlfriends might be inadvertently throwing down the gauntlet to the razzis though esp as GB's star is rising. Good thing he isn't based in the UK because they could pick up the gauntlet and be relentless. I have no problem poking fun of Michael Jackson, dead or alive, esp that stupid stunt he pulled with his own kid.
  17. Gerard Butler Hangs Baby Outside Window À La Michael Jackson Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/11/18/ge.../#ixzz0XF4vwZS2 Crazy boy.
  18. well I could rumple him up in no time, I volunteer for cupcake minder and official rumbler, bwah.
  19. Well I would rather Depp than Pattison but that's a bit out in left field. Of course People would have made far more money putting Pattison on the cover with the New Moon hysteria so at least they didn't opt for bucks alone. Frankly GB could sell far more magazines than Depp if they were basing it just on $$$. Does Depp even have a movie coming out or when was his last movie?
  20. Well the reality is our own family last name, which is Dutch, has an Canadianized pronounciation and even that is hard for some people to grasp. My father who came to Canada in 1952 clearly either never bothered correcting people or gave up or happily accepted it, since the name itself is a Dutch version of a German surname, because in the 1700s, if you weren't Dutch you weren't much, bwah, well our ancestor migrated to Holland and changed his name, even his first and middle name to Dutch versions. Us kids learned the Canadianized version of our last name so never knew any different until going to meet the rest of the clan in Holland and learning a bit of the language. In respect to Gerard, I do tend to blame Gerard Depardieu and perhaps the French Canadians because he really was the most famous Gerard, certainly in the acting field, in North America for the longest time around here until GB showed up, unless we've all been calling GD the wrong name but knowing French, the emphasis is on the second syllable. Since GB lived in Montreal for a time I can imagine they were driving him crazy too.
  21. I'd be happy to take that job for next to no pay - come on now Gerard you know I have to strip search you several times a day, there is no telling where you are hiding those cupcakes....
  22. Gaelic in all its forms indeed has a lot of gutteral sounds. And the Celts did live on mainland Europe and then migrated to Ireland and Scotland so the similiarities to German and Dutch is not surprising. In fact I just read that some scholars believe the first Celts lived in what is now Northern Germany/Eastern Netherlands [Hmmm no wonder I sometimes think I was Scottish in another life, bwah ]
  23. Well this is a good question - my general belief and understanding was that usually photo shoots are done around the time of the actual interview or at some time thereafter. You got your subject there and these are busy celebrities though if everyone is based in LA, there is less urgency. Now magazines are planned a fair bit in advance of their release date but not too far ahead because you still need to be fairly current and you only put someone who is hot right now on the cover as your feature and 2009 is the Year of the Butler. However I suppose that does not preclude the use of an older photo shoot especially since this is not Vanity Fair or some such magazine who have a large photography staff. Can't imagine being too far back though. Every photo seems to be retouched this days - I mean come on Oprah who are you trying to fool on the cover of your magazine every month when you are on TV everyday. I remember when Cindy Crawford revealed that one of her covers had been retouched in 60 different ways so she says even I don't ever look like that. However skillful photographers and the right lighting alone can do a lot to bring out the best of someone in a photo shoot. I have a friend who has a photography studio and has just been getting into rock photography, not just concert but doing candid and editorial photos to go with interviews or to be used for PR - one of her photos made a CD cover recently and she just has this knack for making the rockers she photographs look especially sexy.
  24. Well you must have missed the news segments on the New Moon premiere but no otherwise screaming is usually reserved for music types like American Idols and such.
  25. Now that was a well put together piece - I love that music they played as they showed the footage at the beginning. Nice to see Ireland representin' as they say.
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