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  1. Well I think Aussie men certainly see themselves that way from my experience, I always found that refreshing. Photo from Slideshow http://www.watoday.com.au/photogallery/lif...electedImage=14 I like that photo. Sexist and chauvinist? Our Gerry? Where did they get that? Flirty? Definitely. Out to have fun with consenting ladies? Why not? But where did they get it that he is sexist and chauvinist? If anything, he seems to respect women. Theresa I think they are perhaps confusing him with his character in Ugly Truth though I have to be honest, some of things he says or things attributed to him could be considered borderline sexist and chauvinist depending on the women - different women view "flirty" differently I am afraid in this PC world, not everyone has the same sense of humour. I mean that one interview with the great interviewer from Norway, the one for RocknRolla, if GB had said what he said to a different female interviewer, she may have been very very offended. The reason I found Aussie men refreshing in their chauvinism, or old fashioned views or however you want to characterize it and not all Aussie guys I met were like that just most, though back in 1988 but I have Aussie friends so it hasn't changed a whole lot, but I found it refreshing because a lot of North American men pretend to be enlightened and they aren't. I prefer "" what you see is what you get".
  2. Well I think Aussie men certainly see themselves that way from my experience, I always found that refreshing. Photo from Slideshow http://www.watoday.com.au/photogallery/lif...electedImage=14 I like that photo.
  3. In terms of correcting IMDB, do you mean the entry itself or the message board. Because in terms of the actual IMDB entry, I would think that IMDB would take note of any requests and bend over backwards in respect to correcting or deleting incorrect information from management or the agent or the production companies. They need the co-operation of everyone in the business to ensure their database is the most up to date and accurate. In terms of message boards, the only thing fans can do is try to negate the negative information but I think you have to do in a way that doesn't antagonize other people or you just ratchet up the negativity because that's how that mindset works. I think also one can send emails or comment on blogs and the like and comment that this is not true but again you have to do it in a way that is not equally inflammatory. I myself left a message at a blog yesterday about a certain story about Jessica Simpson that has grown wings apparently. The other problem is I think sometimes the PR people of certain actresses are the ones floating this crap. The if I were GB's PR people I'd be calling their PR people and saying cut it out. If you can do that, people in Hollywood can be very grudgy. I remember at another fansite for a different artist, so many fans piled onto a concert reviewer he got nastier and nastier though we rejoiced later when the guy was taken off the concert beat. Lainey the Canadian counterpart to Ted Casablanca on E! gets nastier the more fans complain depending on how you complain. She doesn't esp like GB but she has begrudgingly said nice things about him and didn't believe the Lohan story for one minute, I guess that's something. The other thing to keep in mind is that the internet gossip crowd is still not that big in the overall scheme of things but the problem is if the tabloids pick it up or as what happens, journalists who didn't bother to do their research and find out GB has already denied these stories ask him questions in interview after interview. I would also guess that the majority of GB fans don't hear the majority of the stuff except when that happens and even then, most people are not that invested in their favourite actors and actresses. You like GB, he has a movie you go see it. Full Stop. You like George Clooney, he has a movie you go see it. Long as that person keeps entertaining you I suspect the majority of movie fans don't give a flying leap about the other stuff. Not that is still isn't annoying to the actors and to the harder core fans. I like certain actors and actresses and I have no idea if they are married, or where they are from, and I don't frankly care. I just enjoy their work. Full stop.
  4. If Gerry won for 2009 would it be for Gamer? Guess I don't understand the concept. Delene Yes, I would think it would have to be Gamer. Kinda funny since it didn't do that well at Box Office, although I saw it 4 times and thought Gerry was great. He was very physical in this - alot of action....He was really bulked up for this one and looked great... There was a lot of action in LAC, but not physical action - this was more of a drama/thriller.... and TUT was a romatic/comedy. He did work hard in this one and put a lot of demand on his body, so maybe ACTION STAR award, would make it worth it... Well I guess "the people" are not too good in terms of category, it seems there are a lot of odd nominations, but to be honoured by the people is always a good thing. LAC is likely considered an action thriller though he's not the one doing the action physcially and Gamer for sure and of course many fans still associate him with 300 and perhaps Beowulf. There is some actiony type stuff in RocknRolla as well. I have noticed that the video game and action buffs do rave about this movie Gamer even if it didn't do killer box office, but sounds like it should do decent sales as a DVD, the video game set probably never leaves their computer, j/k.
  5. Just study the life of Princess Diana. She blatantly used the media to her own advantage once she realized what power she had to vent out against the Palace and Charles and Camilla but she was playing a very dangerous game. Agreed that interviewer is super, we need to clone her and send them to North America, we have a a few good interviewers but we need more. I bet most of her interviews are just as thoughtful. I shouldn't stereotype but all the Scandanavian people I have met, besides being attractive, it's a good gene pool, are pragmatic, logical, down to earth. They don't understand a lot of what goes on in North America.
  6. Just a note about the powerful gossip columnists from back in the day - that is the only good thing with the decentralization of the media, no one really has that kind of power anymore. I have some issue with whether everything they printed was true per se. I would guess that all of those columnists were publishing items in cahoots with the publicists of certain studios and actors to make their clients look better than they actually were - like Joan Crawford, isn't she just the most wonderful mother and reporting on Rock Hudson and his various lovely actress dates when they all knew he was gay. And that really has not changed, that still goes on. I find fake puff pieces almost as offensive as the untrue negative items.
  7. Well even the interviewer admitted she read the trashy tabloids but didn't take it too seriously. Just buying the taboid feeds into the machine. We all probably feed the machine in one way or the other. I mean Gerry said it himself he will read goss on other celebs and think oh my. I believe that gossip is a part of human nature and in certain societies at a certain level it played a part in the social structure. For example in a very religious community, even the hint or suspicion of adulterous behaviour could ruin someone and that would keep everyone else in line. Reference the Scarlet Letter. The problem is what was whispered over the fence [though could have been just as damaging in those contexts] is indeed now blasted over the globe in seconds. It is not just the internet it has been the cult of celebrity because we don't seem to have or value real heroes anymore. Maybe Andy Warhol should have never spoken those words about everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. And frankly I don't think Warhol was that brilliant an artist, a promoter yes not an artist and that's a whole other tangent. Now the problem is you have people famous for being famous without any skill or talent attached except attention whoring. Reality TV is cheap to make so the networks continue to churn it out so now you have reality "star" standing next to someone like GB at a premiere. That just diminishes the people who deserve to be celebrated. So if no one bought the magazines or visited the gossip sites or demanded higher standards from journalists maybe we the people could force change. The reality is even once legitimate respected mainstream media has lowered their standards for two main reasons - more competition so they have to get the stories out sooner if they want the scoop which means not fact checking or sourcing properly and money, almost all news outlets have laid off staff and are barely surviving so they don't have fact checkers or enough editors. And other outlets don't care so long as they don't cross the legal line and some even cross that line because they know some celebs cannot sue EVERYONE. Look at the various scandals over the past decade at the NY Times including the guy who was writing fake stories and didn't get caught for almost a year or two. Okay time to get off my high horse.
  8. I do not think this would pidgeon hole him, and he has never let himself be pidgeoned holed, bwah. As you recall as well, the people are the ones that also chose the nominees. If you look at the other nominees, many of them are not what I would consider typically action types, not like Jason Stratham or Vin Diesel or Stallone or Swartzenegger when they were making movies. I mean Shia LaBoeuf??? How did he get into that category? Clearly more a function of the movie or movies you are in this year. I never think of Christian Bale as an action guy because he has also done some very diverse roles like Velvet Goldmine, American Psycho - I love that movie and so funny now Bale says he patterned it on part on Tom Cruise, bwah and The Machinist. I can't watch that last movie for more than a few minutes, he looks so emaciated and pathetic. Think Gerry would do that for a role? Bwah. And Bale has bulked up and then starved himself several times - not good for your overall system and perhaps not for your temperament.
  9. I think the more legitimate mainstream media is not the ones twisting all the gossip around, they usually try to follow the rules of Journalism 101. So in the long run being honest and frank has been actually good for GB because I think it goes without saying that he is one of their favourite people to interview. Add the fact he is articulate and passionate about his craft which you can't say about all actors, ehem, and that is good for his long term career. Many actors behave like any interview is like having a root canal or beyond them. Though again he has noted his own words have come back to haunt him because either the interviewer didn't appreciate his sarcasm [let's face it not all so called journalists are quick witted] or as he has said sarcasm often doesn work in print and the other reality is some journalists go into an interview with a pre-formed image of someone and edit their interview to match their pre-formed opinion. Even so called legitimate mainstream journalists. I always love it when a journalist admits to it and that they were charmed and won over. He shoots he scores. But gossip and journalists with agendas and misquotes have always been and will always be a part of the business since it began. Look at the power of Walter Winchell in 1940's Hollywood who ruled the radio and entertainment print media. He could make and break careers. The question is how do you handle it all in the best possible way. Not an easy answer because you need the media to promote your work. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  10. Very true Swansong. I thought I was already cynical and seen it all, I have been a fan of other artists who have suffered to a degree but they were also fortunate enough that they hit the zenith of their fame pre-internet and before the explosion of media and TV channels, all hungry for content. Once you are no longer the IT band or the IT actor the attention generally falls away unless you do something that catches their attention again and of course we have those people who continue to try to keep themselves in the media even if they make fools of themselves in the process. See Kardashians. I will say and duck on my way out, because he has perhaps mistakenly been flirty and flip with question of women in the past, trying to be funny, trying to be himself, that to some extent he has helped cultivate the image of the ladies man so then the media defines you in a certain way and the reality is that helps you promote your movies or your records or ratings for your TV show. McDreamy and McSteamy are part of the reasons for the success of Grey's Anatomy. Sex and sex appeal sells. It's cliche but the advertising and entertainment industry know it very well. And the reality too is sometimes this kind of stuff is purposely put out there by the PR people of the actors and studios themselves, again something Hollywood has been doing since Day 1 but then you can create a monster you can't control. I still remember when Simon Cowell said to Kris Allen the fellow that won American Idol this year that he should not have told everyone he was happily married because he will sell less records - I couldn't believe Simon's cheek in saying that on air. In the older days, artists were told to hide their wives and girlfriends. Tom Jones, Welsh ladies man, hide his marriage for as long as he could and kept his wife out of the public eye on advice of management. However what happens is now in the age of the internet and instant communication that image of a ladies man/heartthrob does and can spin out of control. I think some actors and musicians think it's great at the beginning but then all that attention is not so great and the focus does tend to move away from what is important, your work. I think that Rob Pattison kid is having real trouble handling the barrage he is facing and he hasn't even proven himself as an actor yet, not in my view. And he really did nothing to encourage it. But the Twilight PR machine certainly has. He did not expect that Twilight was going to blow up like it did. At least someone like Gerry had time to prove his acting chops and has built his career gradually, learning how to deal with the media, though still learning and only now it has exploded. I think it really shows that if you are a young actor starting your career you really do have think carefully about what kind of image you want to project because once you get boxed into a certain label, it is awfully hard to shake though the reality is there may be nothing you can do, like Rob Pattison, but that which you can control one can only try. And you also may be able to change perceptions over time as well not that is easy. And I think from that interview it was clear Gerry now feels he has to be more careful than ever what he says in interviews all the time now, reluctantly, sadly. And of course the interviewer is saying Don't change, please. I agree, it would be nice if this interview was all over YouTube for a change, I suspect a Norwegian site won't be too concerned about copyright issues or might in fact be pleased at the interest. Maybe shoot a copy over to Just Jared not that the snarkers will change.
  11. 100 Sexy Men in One Minute? One minute is surely not long enough, bwah. I get exhausted just thinking about it. I think what I don't like about the photo of GB is they were using large closeups for just about everyone else and his picture was smaller and from farther back almost, mmmm. Not like there are not hundreds of great closeup shots out there.
  12. I think they are passing off old photos as new ones in order to plug the Ugly Truth DVD release - it appears to be the same, even the running shoes are the same - the photographer may have taken 30 pictures and certain sites only picked up 10 for example and then say this site picked up a few more photos. After all Gerry is now telling us the blackberry jam story isn't true. ETA What becozy said....yes if the scruff matches!
  13. If you notice that interviewer is in the cute picture to the right, with Gerry at the Oslo premiere, not quite sure what he is doing, with that apparently Fergammo suit on, though Tom Ford has almost the same suit in his collection, those designers must all steal from each other, so question is was that before or after the interview. Intelligent questions also helps your mood for sure. Ah the translation says the interviewer had already interviewerd Gerry before in London for RocknRolla. She did a good job. There is a cool Canadian chick, her name is Melissa DiMarco. She is an actress also former TV entertainment news reporter who put them together in her own show - she really interviews celebrities but it is in the context of her own TV show which is basically a comedy made to look like a reality show, the behind the scenes look of a TV entertainment news reporter. Funny show and I just caught a snippet of her interviewing Gerry, and just the snippet looked very funny on one of the fan videos. I'll bet it is in the archives here somewhere. I think because it is for a TV show she puts more thought into her questions and she tends to be rather flirty herself. Ha. Back to the interview, I think that if people didn't keep bringing up the questions, you could ignore the crap to a degree because you know what to avoid in terms of the print and TV medi and I don't understand how anyone who is a true journalist and did their homework before an interview would even ask him about any of the rumours he has clearly already denied categorically in public. All you have to do is take about 15 - 30 minutes tops on Google and you are basically caught up on all that. It is really sad though when even an innocent story about the blackberry jam is false. But wow incredibly insightful [NOT inciteful duh] and introspective.
  14. Hmmmm does Borat/Bruno/Ali G know this? She clearly likes her men tall, bwah. And it's always the wee petite women - there should be a law.
  15. Try a different browser, I was not getting the submit button to materialize under Internet Explorer so I popped over to Mozilla Firefox - I often use the latter for slow moving sites etc. and it worked.
  16. Totally agree. And might I also add that over the years I have noted that Italian magazines have the sexiest photoshoots. The photoshoot Gerry did for Italan Vogue,
  17. Thanks Rubee! Nice to hear a castmate giving GB some public love.
  18. I didn't take it that way, I think he was alluding to the fact that the Scottish have ripped shreds out of other Scots who have gone to America and lost their accents and in particular picked up American accents and worried he is going to be subject to the same treatment. Of course I would just showcase that middle finger as he can do so well to those who have a problem. Part of that is the Scottish pride thing and the other part is that the UK press including Scotland tend to be very anti American, anti Hollywood on a good day. Not sure if all the UK actors taking over North American TV are getting the same piss taken out of them like Hugh Laurie, Tim Roth and Joseph Fiennes. [Thank you UK, Ireland and Australia, keep sending them over, please] In fact Laurie and Roth have their shows back to back over here. Most Amercians are shocked that Hugh Laurie, aka House, is British. I sometimes forget myself and I know better [i've been a fan of Blackadder].
  19. I remember that Anne Rice was not happy with Tom Cruise being chosen as Lestat, she was jonesing for Gary Oldman apparently however I could see that Gary would not want to repeat himself for one thing, especially since Interview was just right after Bram Stoker's Dracula, and Cruise would be a bigger box office draw, BY FAR. However I have to say and Anne Rice also conceded later that Cruise was pleasantly surprising in that role, though I had not read the book when I saw the movie, it is still on to-read pile. But I did read another book with Lestat, Memnoch the Devil, loved that book, wouldn't work cinematically, too cerebral, but now I am not sure who really could have do full justice to Lestat, not even sure, don't hate me, if Gerry would have been though he'd have been much closer. I see Lestat as possessing far more salacious charm than Cruise can ever portray.
  20. Isla Fisher, the lovely actress who is engaged to Sasha Baron Cohen, [she was hilarious in Wedding Crashers] has tweeted for the second time that I have come across something very nice about GB. This is the latest. IslaFisher1121 @BLeigh1130 I am a big fan of Gerard Butler. I can work with anyone but he was wonderful. about 14 hours ago from Twitterrific I just need to figure out for sure if this is the actress and when they ever worked together? ETA Her account does seem to be verified as her.
  21. Thanks Jeb and Dr. Em for all the info. How interesting that they used Gerry's behind the scenes footage for Timeline. Might mean he has a good eye as they say in show biz. I envision directing in his future too.
  22. Just checking out the IMDB page for GB and I noticed a few things that were curious First of all he has a Thank You Credit in respect to a movie called: Everything's Coming Up Rosie (2009) Anyone know why? A movie about an autistic girl? Naturally I'll give it a google in the meantime. And he actually has some camera operator credits? Talk about multi talented. And co producer on Wrath of Gods.
  23. Well I think Gerry will be tickled pink about this Same league as Sir Anthony Hopkins.
  24. That is the very tactful definition of puck bunnies bwah. In terms of baseball, are the Scottish big on cricket or is that too English for the Scots? That would prepare one for baseball to a degree. In terms of accents, I agree that those actors that either have to continually change or suppress their accents and/or have relocated to the US tend to lose some of the accent. Gary Oldman is another example. Mel Gibson people forget was originally American, picked up the Aussie accent when his family moved there but then lost it to a great degree if not all when he moved back to the US. What I do find though is when these guys return to their homeland to do a film or for any extended period of time, as when Gary Oldman was doing Harry Potter films, the accent tends to get heavier again. I've also noticed this with non actors. I will still never forget meeting a man in Barbados. He was originally from Sheffield England but moved to Barbados, married, and now owned and operated a resort. Big cricket test match was in town, island was crawling with Brits and we had run into some guys from Sheffield, well we kept running into them and their accents were new to us. We were all talking to this man one night at his bar and he could flip into that thick Sheffield accent and flip back to his Bajan accent, a more genteel accent, like a light switch and we were flabbergasted.
  25. Bram Stoker's Dracula was the first novel I ever bought as a kid, before that it had been library books or books my mother had bought - we had a paperback book club at school so that was always a special novel because it was my first independent purchase of a book but also because the book blew me away and started my own fascination with the Dracula and vampire legend. [i had also read my mother's copy of The Godfather even though it had been forbidden and that started my fascination with the Mafia and gangsters - hence why I love the Guy Ritchie films including RocknRolla but I digress.] I heard an interview on the radio recently with a descendant of Bram Stoker who has just written a sequel, Dracula UnDead, supposedly based on Bram Stoker's own notes. Apparently came out in October. Not sure the critical reaction to it but apparently two studios were chasing after the movie rights.
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