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  1. So Gerry has already been spotted in Glasgow, good to hear Becks2802 [Glasgow, Scotland] seen Gerard Butler at work.looking good!yum yum!!! about 2 hours ago from web guess the .net news is a chance to win a date with Gerry, oh my, American fans only?
  2. As a Canadian I quite disagree with your above statement, there are some very good reasons why people from all over the world come and want to come to the US, Canada as well, including GB and I can wax for hours on all the positive attributes and contributions of the USA, currently and historically, people tend to forget that all countries and cultures like human beings have strengths and weaknesses, have warts in their history and triumphs as well. I do admire the fierce pride of the Scottish and the fact of the matter is the Scottish have made a large contribution to the founding of Canada and the US to perhaps a lesser but important extent. Our first prime minister was Scottish, a Glaswegian no less. Probably why our banking system is so conservative, bwah. However we shall continue to concentrate on the positive attributes and contributions of a certain Scottish actor to the world of entertainment.
  3. OMG, I swear I got goosebumps when I read that, that would be so sexy, Gerry as a hockey player, that's two fantasies in one! :-) I think hockey players with all their gear look as the most masculine, sexiest athletes. When they skate into the rink at the beginning of a game, my heart skips a bit or two (as you can tell, my Canadian husband has done some great work with me :-) ). Anyway, I was thinking Slide could be about an ex hockey player instead of a baseball player. Gerry certainly has the physique for it and hockey uniforms are so much sexier than the baseball one. :-) Theresa Can Gerry skate though, aye there's the rub. But yes the thought does get me hyperventilating. When I was a teenager my crushes were on NHL hockey players not actors or boy bands. Can we be cast as puck bunnies? Bet some of the overseas lot never heard that expression before, bwah. The thing is in this multinational multicultural world now you can have a Scottish guy in your office, in your classroom, on your police force or even acting a district attorney whether it's London or Toronto, New York or Sydney - all the countries where English is the official language are very multicultural in their population base, more so than any other countries I would dare to suggest. We got Scots all over the place in Canada who have never lost their accents or at least not to my ears. I have a friend that used to work for a multinational IT company so even though she was transferred to Zurich, there were so many people from all over the world, including our Scottish friend [Aberdeen boy] and our Iranian friend, they were all transferred from Toronto to Zurich in one package so to speak, that English was the language of the office. So you could justify Gerry keeping the Scottish accent in many instances. I imagine the director along with Gerry would decide what their vision is for a character and it also depends on how true you want to keep the original script esp if it based on a novel, a iconic character or real life people like a biopic. Ghandi is just not going to work with a Scottish brouge, bwah.
  4. First of all I totally agree that the best line in Bram Stroker's Dracula is "I have crossed oceans of time to find you." I mean if that isn't a line to make a girl melt, I don't know what is. I have this film of course along with the behind the scenes documentary - there is a great part where they are rehearsing that very scene, trying it different ways, different intonations, oh that was hot. The screenwriters and Coppola agreed that they wanted to make Vlad aka Dracula a tragic and romantic figure and the movie succeeded for the most part. I thought Sadie Frost was fantastic as well if I might add. Gerry and Gary are true actors - first of all they live the character, Gary might be more obsessive about that but they inhibit the character. Anyone can play themselves which is what some actors do, they just rely on their charisma. Boring. Gerry is more a leading man with a character actor's commitment. More amazing given that he never had the training that even Gary Oldman had from drama school. And another key is the eyes. It is so cliche but it is all in the eyes. On such a large screen, it is the actors and actresses who draw you with with their eyes, with their face, eyes that show all the emotions and vulnerabilty. It is what makes the characters believable. I also know that Gerry and Gary have some common demons and issues [both having fathers that abandoned the family at young ages for example ] and when you know their history and you look at their body of work you can see where they were drawing the emotions from. They are not afraid to go there, to put a little bit of themselves into the character but still playing a character. They are fearless.
  5. Having spent some time in Australia, I picked up the term grid iron football which is what they call North American, NFL-CFL style football because they have soccer aka football, rugby and Aussie rules football aka footy. I like that, grid iron football, sounds very macho however they don't understand the helmet and the padding, think it is a bit sissy. If one is fortunate enough to travel, you pick up words from all those places and after all that is how English became the rich language that is, picking up words from here and there and the constant reinventing of old words and making up new words. And you don't even have to travel to places. I picked up Crikey from the Crocodile Dundee movies and I pick up words from movies and TV all the time. I picked up the phrase parental unit from The Coneheads on Saturday Night Live. I just love words I guess. Words and accents. I suspect or I hope that Gerry was being a bit tongue in cheek/sarcastic about some of that. A few weeks in the homeland and the accent should be back up to speed anyhoo.
  6. Well my hairdresser is on Team Butler - she had just seen LAC and was gushing away - she knows not my new current obsession so it was funny. Hmmm both Clooney and Pattison have new movies coming out of course. Okay Pitt has made it twice and so has Clooney. Come on third time for George, please. Richard Gere made it twice though once with Cindy Crawford as Sexiest Couple- wonder if either of them had a film out at the time.
  7. Clooney has already had the honour hasn't he? I don't know girls those Twinky fans are rabid. However it's SEXIEST MAN not BOY. So we can keep hope alive. Bwah.
  8. I have a friend who basically celebrates her birthday for one week every year, not just milestones like the big 4-0, because she usually is celebrating with her family and different groups of friends and workmates every night for about a week and so she calls it Staceyfest. So really then this is Gerardfest or Gerryfest. The diet always begins again the day after Birthdayfest.
  9. I do agree with Abandon Thought, there are some roles where he can get away with the Scottish accent but getting the American accent down will improve his chances of getting other roles in Hollywood, it is as simply as that. You are really at the mercy of the director's vision. Just living in the US tends to water down the accents of a lot of actors. An ability to do different accents is part of the actor's arsenal of tricks and actors that can excel in that ability have more options and opportunities to them if you want to work in the wider cinema. And the accent like the physical can actually aid you in developing the character. Gary Oldman is another one of my favourite actors, and he is a whiz at the accents. After all he had to unlearn his own natural accent at drama school. I love his small role in the film True Romance where he plays a white pimp that thinks he is black. He developed the accent first and the rest of the character flowed from there. There are some roles where you have to be authentic or the movie won't work. Kevin Costner with his horrible English accent in Robin Hood? Sorry Robin is English, American accent does not cut it. Even more cringeworthy when you have to see Costner in the same movie as the great Alan Rickman. Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder in Bram Stoker's Dracula, I cringe every time they came on the screen. I've noticed that Gerry speaks lower when he does the American accent and I have to say I find that hot. I can't wait for the Canadian accent, eh? He's be natural for a Newfoundland brogue. We need a good movie about sexy hockey players.
  10. Dichotomy Paradox Contradiction all equals Complex Complicated Alluring Hot
  11. I think Gerry is like a lot of actors especially where they have had to struggle to get to a certain level of success and no doubt the agents and managers are emphasizing the same thing. The old adage in Hollywood is to strike while the iron is hot and so many actors are afraid to slow down because the industry and the audience is fickle and overall has short attention spans. Yet there are some actors who are at the peak of the mountain and still can't or won't slow down because staying on top is harder than getting on top, does that sound a bit rude, pardon me. And it just may be that successful actors and actresses are Type A personalities at heart.
  12. I feel like such a technotard sometimes, how do I share that file, upload it to photobucket or such and give a link? I think the files are too big to email unless I zip them? Not that I know off hand how to do that either. My problem is I have 50% of the knowledge when I need 100% bwah. Sometimes news videos don't hang around for long so it is nice to have the capability to grab things right when you came across them.
  13. Someone mentioned Replay on one of the threads here, it is not free unfortunately,. the demo is, but I have been looking for a program that captures ALL THE POSSIBLE FORMATS with EASE for a while, converts them to any format you want and it also indicates it could capture live streaming events like that GQ live stream yesterday AND an ability to edit those videos. When I have time I'd like to edit those videos and put just the relevants bit together in one file. I have tried some free programs but didn't get the ease or results I was looking for. The Replay Media Capture picked up all the GQ videos in HQ with ease.
  14. Okay that Replay software is brilliant - I am now kicking myself, I probably could have recorded that GQ live stream if I had had this yesterday, doh.
  15. I thought it was clever, sorry, those are really the two toughest characters played by each actor and besides this is Shakespeare, we know who wins in the end.
  16. with photobucket I believe you either have to delete some older photos or upgrade your account to get more bandwith
  17. That is a very interesting suit - did he pick that up from Tom Ford? Oh some new fans in training. Gee when you are getting three generations of women all excited, bwah.
  18. This site has 2 clips http://www.rtl.de/exclusiv/exclusiv.php Under Video Highlights 1. Das sind die Manner des Jahres GB at 1:30 mark Bob Geldof was clearly the bad boy of this event, ha! In this clip you'll see why. 2. Schweingegrippe? GQ-promis GB in beginning, 0:52 and longer section starting at 1:18, you can actually hear part of his speech
  19. Craig and Gerard could do National Lampoon's Scottish Vacation? Perhaps?
  20. This is funny tidbit from a Google translation, clearly not wholly accurate translation Ceremony "GQ Men of the Year Award" Sylvie warms the coolest socks [silvie is a Dutch actress, I knew her accent was off] The coolest sock on the red carpet was definitely Hollywood star Gerard Butler ( "300"), an international award for film. He was obviously not from the swingy long night of partying before, eventually, he distributed there still clock in the morning until 3 truffle pizza to beautiful ladies of his choice. Butler picture: "I can not decide which type it should be. I just love all women. " One, whose beauty drove him yesterday certainly bring tears to your eyes, was Sylvie van der Vaart. In her Gucci dress she showed a great deal of skin, her cancer is it certainly did not. http://www.bild.de/BILD/unterhaltung/leute...-der-vaart.html The coolest sock? ETA Ah, Sylvie was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, not sure if she is done or not, she is married to a famous Dutch soccer player. Hup Holland. Some better photos, tons of them of GB, from the GQ Awards at the Rex Features site, too bad there are just thumbnails, I love the photo in row 3, photo 1, hee hee http://www.rexfeatures.com/search/?kw=GQ+2...rch_oldest.x=-1 Naturally the English photographers knew who to take photos of....... bwah. Beter than Gettys, you can really see his suit, with the shiny lapels so much better........ This is cute http://www.rexfeatures.com/images/thumb/1028716e.jpg
  21. Yes he is adorable when he is nervous and giggly. So refreshing as well. More photos here Gerry with Tom Ford and Til Sweiger http://www.fem.com/fileadmin/content/1_Sta...eiger-GQ-AV.jpg http://www.tikonline.de/stargalerien/bilde...r_Schweiger.jpg Gerry arriving getting out of the car with his lovely overcoat http://www.fem.com/fileadmin/content/1_Sta...rard-butler.jpg Cute translated paragraph from story The boys from next door For example, Gerard Butler: International named by GQ in the category of "film", he is with his dimples and a wink any more of the "cute guy next door", as a deluxe Lady Killer. Group shoot http://www.tikonline.de/_data/GQ-Gruppenbild-gr.jpg Another group shot, red nose on the host guy http://static.rp-online.de/layout/fotos/dd...af1471906cb.jpg http://www.welt.de/multimedia/archive/1257...Wis_949216g.jpg Red Carpet http://www.tikonline.de/stargalerien/bilde...rard-Butler.jpg
  22. That Vox video is absolutely hilarious - what a gem to find!!! How did the rest of the paps miss that, hmmm, may need to check the Germany media more closely. Getting ready for Xmas Gerry? The red noses are around 0:30 - 0:34 mark, FYI but Gerry is sprinkled throughout the piece. That is the guy who is a talk show host in Germany, with the red nose, he had the crowd is stitches, the Jay Leno of Germany, maybe Craig Ferguson since I think Craig is funnier than Leno and Letterman combined. Ah, Gerry was sitting beside his friend Til Swieger in the front row. Was Bob Geldof on the other side I wonder?
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