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  1. I haven't been around much, but I did send some money via PayPal on Gerry's BD! Hope it helps...it was all I could afford right now.
  2. A very Happy Birthday to our O so beloved Great Scot, and a big hello to old GALs buddies!!!
  3. Hello Swannie, Susan...everybody! i also say a hearty spanks a lot for the website...i know i'm not on like i used to be, but i still consider myself a GAL, and still promote our beloved Gerry as much as possible. i still laugh to myself when i see Gerry and think of the thumb slots, nuzzling his chnuzzle, and following the treasure trail......and i am very excited that he is now enjoying mainstream career success!! So.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALS!!! kimbo
  4. Ahhhh...my Dear Mr. Butler...you take my breath away, and bring me joy. Every time I see your face, my heart beats a little faster, and I just have to smile. How wonderful is that? YOU are wonderful, and I wish you the best of everything always, and especially on your birthday. Don't let your young cousin have ALL the attention at your party, now... Kimberley
  5. Hello everyone...realizing that most people have no idea who i am...and sending warm hugs and smooches to those who do... Today i went to the new Tarantino film, and there were TWO Gerry trailers...one for "Gamer," and one for "Law Abiding Citizen." i was very excited indeed. Just needed to share that. kimberley
  6. Hey Spotty, Barb, and Mel... Spanks a lot for the updates...so glad everything is going well, and everyone is having fun! ...can't wait to hear the phone call! Looking forward to more... Smooches , kimbo
  7. i haven't been around here in a long time, but i still adore His Royal Hotness... A shout out to any of my old friends...long time, no see! And i hope that all of the Gals going to Vegas have a GREAT time!!! As for hot...it is so hot and humid in Indiana that i spent most of the day in my panties and a wet t-shirt in front of a fan!!!
  8. i haven't seen Nim's Island yet, but i'm trying to find the time!!! But it is indeed an inspired idea to make a "Dear Frankie" sequel...that would be delicious and enchanting. *sigh* kimberley
  9. It may be the first time I wished I were a dog named "Lolita!" That lucky, lucky pooch. Think of where she must sleep!!! *sigh* Kimberley
  10. Hey Groovy GALS! :inlove: Long time, no see, but I still come by at least weekly to lurk around, play Trivia Challenge, or Vote for GALS! I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I'm missing y'all these days, but work and moving has drained my time. *sigh* I also just saw P.S. at the theatre, and I'm in that lazy, hazy Gerry daze...he was SO terrific, wasn't he??? I dragged 2 friends along, and wore my self-satisfied, "See? See why I love him now???" smile all the way home! lol Can't WAIT till the vid comes out and I can watch it all the time. I hope that all of you are well and happy, and having a wonderful Christmas! Kimberley
  11. Hey again, Susan and Abrock! OOF! Spanks a lot for that boob-squisher! I needed that on a TGIF kind of Friday like this! Well, right now I'm working in Indianapolis at a community mental health center, where I'm getting quickly burned out, and most of the time I live in Anderson, IN with my boyfriend. I just bought a house in my hometown of Bloomington, though, and I go down most weekends to paint (every single room and ceiling...), scrape off cheesy wallpaper borders, rip up nasty carpet to get at the hardwood floors, get repairmen in, ETC. It's slow going because I'm mostly doing it myself, and after a long week, I'm already pooped! I keep plugging away at it, though. Maybe I'll even get to move in someday soon! *gasp* I'm hoping either this month or next. Boyfriend will stay in Anderson, and that will be somewhat a relief for me. He's a great guy, but he's just not "the one." August in Indiana has been horrible weather-wise: mid-upper 90s and heavy humidity. I wish I could just wear something like this :mopboyjackie: everyday, but oh well. (Or was it climb into arms like this? Ride...? I forget...the heat is getting to me!!!) :spontaneous: Anyway, I look forward to getting my stuff out of storage--some of it I haven't even seen in 5 years, so it'll be an adventure. And then, maybe I can get my life back post-Alaska, and get back to work on stained glass projects! I haven't forgotten that I'm going to make you a seahorse suncatcher for "Dear Frankie!" I see that your husb is well for your other journeys--thank goodness for that! Hope you are well and happy, and again, I am amazed by the journeys you take. I wish that I could go, too! :yippee: OK...I'm at work on my lunch hour and I need to clean up! Smooches, Kimbo
  12. Hey Susan! Grrrrrreat pics! I am so amazed that you always manage to do these amazing Gerry-related things. Thank you for sharing them with us so that we can live vicariously through you. **sigh** I haven't been through the Support Center in awhile--glad I stopped in today and saw your tours. OK...hope I remember how to post this! Smooches to you and all the other GALS. Kimbo
  13. I'm happy that our boy will be in Burns too. But..."legendary director Charlie Martin Smith" ??????? He's a nice guy, I'm sure, and a very good actor, but certainly not legendary as a director! Sorry, but I had to chuckle.
  14. Hello dearest GALS, :inlove: Kimbo here...trying to catch up on the thread. I just don't have much time to keep up or send all of the hellos that I wish to--but for everyone who has waved to me recently and said, "hey! nice to have you back..." and all that--THANK YOU FOR WELCOMING ME!!! It means a lot. It feels like a whole new website, and I can't seem to get a hold on it all yet--I snatch brief moments during my workday to check in, but seem to lose the time trying to surf around and take in a new feature, and then I have to click off and get back to work. I long for a day to really figure out the site and catch up on all the threads so that I can get to know all of you again...BUT! I wonder when that will be! I have to get up so early to commute to my job, and then I get home, eat, and have to go to bed early so that I can get up and do it all again. :bleh2: [i am SO loving all of these new emoticons...cheers to whoever put them together!!! ] BTW...Thanks for the "comment" Swannie--that was another totally new feature I had never seen. I'm not sure I have figured out how it all works, but it was sweet for you to introduce it to me. I look forward to catching up on your posts RE Nathan--is he well? Is he happy? I surmised from recent posts that he no longer lives at home? I also note with interest that it seems like all my old buddies are now MODS...Jenn, Perrin, Spotty, Jill... hope y'all are enjoying your new roles on GALS! Congrats! Well, gotta go soon already--my computer just froze and I lost several minutes as well as this whole post, but then I was stunned that Mozilla Firefox "recovered" this page and I was able to post it after all! (Wow! What a great feature on Firefox!) Almost forgot!!! Alice!!! So sorry about your laptop! I just started a new job in January, and on my 3rd day there my purse was stolen right out of my desk drawer when I was in a meeting--it was SUCH a misery! My wallet, money, debit cards--jumping through the hoops of police reports and dealing with possible identity theft--much less all of the irreplaceable personal stuff that was lost--what a misery! My heart goes out to you! OK...gotta go! If I ever figure out how to use the new features on the indiv profile section, like the blogs/comments, etc, maybe I'll write a post about where I've been and what I've been doing for the last 8 months! Special smoochie woo woo woos to you Cat...you have been in my thoughts, and I'm so sorry that I've been such a lame correspondent! Please forgive me, Sweetie...! Ditto to you, Jill. OK...now I REALLY gotta go! Have a great weekend, GALS! Kimberley
  15. Hello Midwest Classy Lasses... Some of you may know me, most probably don't...but I joined GALS last year while living in Alaska, and I have now relocated back home in Indiana. Can I join y'all for Midwest gatherings and all that? I have been away from the website for several months, but I'm getting really excited about 300 :leochest: , and it brought me back home to GALS--I just realized that I don't have to be such an isolated GAL now that I am off of that island in Alaska! So...I'm from Bloomington, but right now I'm living in Anderson with my boyfriend, and I work in Indianapolis. I'm planning to make a move to Indy sometime this spring, boyfriend or no, but any Indy events would be great, and I'd sure travel longer distances to see you! I look forward to meeting you soon! Kimberley
  16. OK...well, I've just been saving pics from 300 interviews and the Berlin Film Festival...and I am :spontaneous: I could only murmur over and over again, "OMFB!!!" Cheers, Kimbo
  17. Hello everyone, Hi Swannie and Jill-- Spanks a lot for remembering who I am! I'm back in Indiana, and I've been away from the website for a long, long time as I've tried to sort out my life after Alaska...but I'm getting very excited about 300, so I'm hoping to stick around. GALS has never left my heart, in any case, and neither has our beloved HRH. :leochest: :inlove: I hardly recognize the website, but it's beautiful! More to come...and smoochie woos...
  18. Happy Birthday Gerry! ...and I send you my gooiest , most loving and affectionate :wub: good wishes for a stupendous year to come! You are, and ever shall be, my Hero. :inlove: ( ...with much love from... ) Kimberley
  19. Having just finished all of the Outlander series, I am still reeling from the immensity of the saga and the many emotions that linger beyond the last pages. I really loved these books, and they are uppermost in my heart and emotions at present. I must say that before I read the Outlander series, however, I have read and reread the Harry Potter books myriad times in recent years, and I would have opted for them before I read the Outlander series. OK...exhausted from Vegas, falling asleep at the keyboard while watching "Dear Frankie" on cable. I don't know if I'm making any sense at all! Smooches Kimbo
  20. Hey all you groovy GALS Sorry I've been so AWOL lately...but I'll be arriving at LAS Monday (yes, tomorrow) at 2:05pm. Can't wait to see/meet all of you. Mega-smooches, Kimberley
  21. No! Of course not! Yer such a hoot, Dawn... So I'll say it again... I LOVE YOU--ALL OF YOU--GALS!!!!!! :inlove: What did I ever do before I discovered Gerry??????? Smoochie woo woo woo with lots of Gerry goo, Kimbo p.s. I see you Celine! Have a great day, Sweetie! Think of lots of Euro-dirty words for me!!! :headspin: ...and spanks a lot for that "extra special hug" I get because you forgot me... :bootyshake:
  22. Hey GALS... Katie Songbird... please accept my belated condolences for your father, Sweetie. I was so wrapped up in my excitement and relief that I really do get to go to Vegas after all that I missed your post altogether. It is indeed a shock to lose a parent. My mother died 2½ yrs ago only 4 mo after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and then my big brother dropped dead of a sudden heart attack only 2½ weeks later, and noone knew that he had a heart problem. Talk about shock! I'm still reeling from it even now. That sense of sudden realization that you will never see them or hear their voices in this lifetime still lurks quietly for a long time, and leaps out to surprise you from time to time. Making peace with it is quite something else. **sigh** You are so lucky that your and your family have no unfinished business and regrets with your beloved father--truly, what a blessing that is for all of you. Susan and Beachie and Suz are so right about saying "I love you" to the people we care about. I want to add my voice to the chorus of GALS singing that love song to each and every one of you--I don't know what I'd do without the wonderful, amazing women on this website. I LOVE YOU, GALS!!!!! (TNLW, of course...) And I LOVE GERARD BUTLER!!! :gerryblacktrunks: :wub: Suz, my cheeks are still radiating angry heat over that stupid WANKER blogger--who the fook does that pusilanimous little slimy worm think he is to criticize our HRH with his illiterate, obtuse posting??? Wuss my...eye. That blogger has NO BILLY!!! Grrrrrrr..... :angry: Sorry that you didn't get to lay your eyes (or any other part of your anatomy) on Gerry either...I'd be feeling just as bereft as you are, I'm certain. I like that "walk in their footsteps" idea, though. That is inspired, Ally!!! BTW Ally...congrats on receipt of your Marek doll...now are you going to give your Marek a tatoo like Jenn is??? :: ) Celine...will you teach me how to talk Euro-dirty, too??? :mopboyerik: I'll take a rain check on that can of whoop-arse, however. :muahaha: Jenn, my beloved...How is your mama doing, dear precious angel hunny lamb? My heart and prayers are with you both, Sweetie. Susan...Are you doing ok, too??? I totally lerve your Gerry McManly's wardrobe! TW...what a total bummer about your poopy 'puter poopin' out. Sorry, Sweetie... Perrin...feeling prudish tonite??? heh heh heh (((OO))) Land Baroness...HI DARLIN'!!! Bonnie Swannie...lerve you sweetie...I'm still blowing kisses to you and Nathan and Bill! Spotty...I'm so excited :yippee: ...you are my hero!!! Spanks a lot GALS for all the cheers for my Vegas trip...I am SO relieved, I don't mind telling you! Hey Barb! Long time, no see! The wet billy bulge pic is in my TOP FIVE FAVORITES!!! :tasty: All the mopboy story writers.... Oh yes...Oh yes...Oh yes.... I'm thinking about my own fantasy...and it seems to be with mopboy Terry...hope I have time to write it down before the floor closes!!! Ok...back to the unpacking...maybe...or maybe CHAT!!! Smoochie woo woo with lots of Gerry goo... :inlove: Kimberley
  23. Hey GALS!!! :inlove: Good news... I GOT THE LEAVE TIME APPROVED FOR VEGAS TODAY!!!! YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! More later... Kimbo
  24. I echo what Beachie just said, Dear Susan. ((((OO)))) to you, m'dear. Thank you for sharing your story of Big Steve--life is indeed fleeting, as you said, and none of us know what our own end will be. I guess God took Big Steve in His time, and I agree that it was a lovely, divine gift that Steve was among all of you for an event he loved when his own end came. I understand your regret not giving Big Steve that hug, but he assuredly knows your heart, Susan. Whether you send your love to him "up there" or "down here" doesn't matter. He was and is well-loved, and that love is what goes on without end. Your post was poignant, but far from a downer. Lerve you, Sweetie. :inlove: Kimberley p.s. Beachie...I can't wait to hear more about my lovah, Terry...!
  25. Thanks for this heads up--I have just adapted Bethy's letter to expedite my own response to 2 Alaska senators. My mother died of breast cancer in November of 2003. Seems like yesterday. (((OO))) Kimbo
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