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  1. He can freak me (in and) out anytime he wants to.. :paddle: :mopboyjackie: :tasty: :jackiejricon: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif Bethy YOU ROCK BETHY!!! I screamed WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO to this one!!! I'm with you baby! :decidedlykinks: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty:
  2. Kimbo, I'm glad you couldn't ever give that up! That's friggin AMAZING, girl! Congrats! I mean, I LOVE Gerry, but still.....Carnegie FRIGGIN Hall!!!!!!!! No way, Jose! He'd totally like it! But I'd love to try and see!!!!!! Mkay...leaving that alone before I need to take it to the over-18 area..... :mopboyerik: You're too cute! ...Jackie is too psychotic to spank because he might enjoy it too much and not know when to stop! Wait a minute...or was that me??? And yes, Jen--I really would choose HRH over Carnegie Hall! Yes! Yes! A 1000 times yes! :inlove:
  3. Yeah Bethy? Is this true!? Hmmmmm??? I told Sarah just the other day that although Jackie is too psychotic to spank, I'd love to spend the day playing with him in that hot tub or bed--like with room service meals and whipped cream! He's way , and I'd like to take that towel off with my teeth!!! :mopboyjackie: :muahaha2: :spontaneous: Yes...I'm really missing that "Nibbles" thread!!! Kimbo
  4. No no Kimbo....NEVER leave BEFORE the spanking!!!!!!! :bootyshake: SHHHHHHHHHHHHH...! :mopboyerik: I didn't really leave before the spanking! I just want to be naughty and have to be caught...! :laugh4: :barebum: :bootyshake: :yippee:
  5. Dearest http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif Wow! You are absolutely correct! My avatar and trading card went AWOL, and I was so swept up in the emotions and love flowing around here last night that I didn't realize it until you pointed it out! What to do? What to do? I'm dying to hear what you're thinking of for a slice, in any case. :yippee: You're my hero! :leochest: Hanging in there? You have been surrounded in so much love today by the GALS! I had an extremely busy day at work, but in the odd quiet moment I kept thinking of you and your dear heart, and how blessed you really are...I'd give up 1000 Carnegie Hall performances for a phone call from HRH! The very idea of it makes my heart hurt. Oof! :inlove: :erikrose: **sigh** Kimbo (Feeling O so bereft and lonely without my avi and card!!! :cry: )
  6. Sorry--catching up on the day's happenings when I was off working in the salt mines-- LOVE THE ATTILLA CAPS! LOVE THE "TONGUE AND NAPPY" TALK! But...Ok GALS....I want to tongue the nappy! (...exit, stage left, before Sarah sends :mopboyjackie: to spank! :bottom: ) Kimbo
  7. Dearest Bethy http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif I was deeply touched by your post, and wondered how much more soul-wrenching your sweet spirit can take right now! I have felt exactly the same sentiments you have expressed here--that bittersweet, pain-drenched moment of feeling the loss of failed dreams mixed with awe and love for someone else who finds a way to follow theirs--and I felt the old twinge of it tonight at Beanie's news, too. When I was young, I was heavily involved in HS theatre (it was the only reason I went to school at all...), and I have always been a movie buff. Indeed, the only thing I ever wanted was to go to B'way, and then to films--I started out as a theatre major in college, but I never figured out how to support myself financially to enable me to give it my all. I was working 50+ hours/week in group homes with Developmentally Disabled adults at the time to keep a roof over my head and pay the bills, so I couldn't participate in all of the 'slave-labor' expectations for peon theatre majors to work on university productions--hence, I took all of the acting and oral interp classes there were and eventually dropped the major because of the other. I always felt deep sadness over not having any supports to help guide me and/or help me financially, and I still have many regrets about not having the wherewithal to make it work somehow. Then the daughter of a friend/therapist in my home town "made it." She's probably 10-15 years younger than me, and she had all the support I lacked. She studied, went to NYC, got roles in big B'way productions, and then began to make feature films. I remember cheering through tears when I heard a big B'way producer mention her name in his thank-you speech for his cast in winning a "Best Musical" Tony award, and even though I was happy and proud of her, I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach. I've been going through something of a midlife crisis this year--not only because it has been the worst year of my professional life (and that's saying something!)--but I am facing more and more of those lost dreams, and feeling the limitations of what there is left for me at my age, with my terrible finances and other responsibilities. This includes marriage, children, performing--all of the things I once thought were the most important--and that I seem to have let pass me by. I am trying to make my peace with these disappointments, and live with what is left to me--and it's very painful. (So many losses...!) So what is left? Well, one thing is that after years of thinking that the performing arts were the only talents I had, I started doing other kinds of art as well, including finally learning to do stained glass art in the past few years, which has long been a dream/passion of mine. As for work, I think that the only reason I keep my day job is that I went to school a long time to learn to do it, and I make a living at it. We all get trapped in that rut, I think, and I applaud anyone who manages to throw off the yoke of such serfdom! My spiritual beliefs are what sustains me in the end, however. I have never really stopped performing, though--at least singing--in different contexts/venues. I am fortunate to have sung in Carnegie Hall twice, and in some of the most famous concert halls in Europe (with a choir I can still travel with, if I had any money to go). It's not the same as performing solo, but I reckon it'll do. Then I think that I will do some community theatre at the very least, but I always seem too busy. Or I'm self-conscious about being fat/ugly, and all those terribly disagreeable self-recriminations that I torture myself in dark moments. Excuses! Excuses! Then I castigate myself for being such a whiny loser! **sigh** The Jazz Cabaret I performed in a couple of weeks ago was the first time I've ventured forth in this way for a long, long time, and certainly my first time performing in this town. Two professionals from NYC came to town and we had 2 weeks of "classes," then performed for the community. It felt SO good and familiar to be in those rehearsals, and putting together my songs, and the NYC pros were very complimentary, which was great. I have gotten a lot of lionizing from people I see in public--so maybe I'll venture forth again sooner than later. One unique thing about living in this little place is that anyone--and I mean anyone--can get up and try their hand at something like this. It was very moving, and very courageous for some of those folks to get up and try it, some of whom had no experience (or ability)--and they were cheered by all as wildly as the showstoppers were! I wondered about your feelings of being "rejected so many times," dearest. How? Why? I saw where you live on the other post, and it seems like there must be some regional theatre around there to explore--even if you just hang around for a summer watching (or something like that), making contacts and learning lots. One thing that stays with me, in any case, is the knowledge that even though I may not be a working actress/singer, those talents and sensibilities are part of the fabric of my being, and I can never really lose them. They lie latent within me, and within you, too, and within all of us who have ever travelled down that road, and come to life when we give them the opportunity for expression. You are such a beautiful soul, dear Bethy, and my love and prayers are still with you. Please be gentle with yourself. Like Terry so aptly said, this too shall pass, and all will get better--this current bittersweet hell is indeed temporary. Once again you amaze me with your courage in sharing your heart on this site. You have brought so much love, joy, and compassion to others, as is exceedingly evident from your deep/surprising/creative/spicy/witty/heartfelt/frisky/intelligent posts, and I think you're wonderful! (TNLW, of course...) Kimbo
  8. :shocked: :ohmy: Oooooh...Perrin's gonna get it!!! :bottom: Swan, Luv, and other Phantom Phreaks :erikrose: --it warms my heart and makes me smile to think of all of us singing the whole soundtrack as we go through the business of our every day. The image that popped into my head was glimpses of all of us singing different sections of songs in our myriad settings and situations, sorta like the crew recording of "Phantom" on the DVD--now that would be a great video to put together, don't you think!!!??? I'd absolutely love it! Beanie--what exciting news! I am PEA GREEN with envy! I hope that you'll tell us more about it--what were you doing that you just quit, and about your new adventures onstage. Since I seem to have let that dream go by myself, and I'm left with all the attendant "woulda, coulda, shoulda's" I look forward to living the dream vicariously through you! Brava! You are very brave. Terry--feeling any stress relief? Suz--hope the mouse is far, far away. (The toothpick thing was delightfully twisted, however...) Sweet dreams! Sarah--sorry you're hurting--are you SURE it's your back??? Maybe Jackie got hold of you instead of me...! :barebum: :mopboyerik: :muahaha: Gabriel--what on earth is a PAL? Love your Scottishness, in any case. Now, are you really in Scotland, and are you really a Scot and are you really a guy??? :scotland: :yippee: Abrock--I've decided to stop venting my spleen here, at least for now. It's bad enough to storm through my day radiating enough heat to warm the building, but geeez! Let's just make that mosaic together, eh what? Would you like to make a stained glass mosaic stepping stone for your garden? (...and BREATHE...!) :: Mish--and now that we've all discovered the abbreviations, we'll drive each other crazy with them! And yes, HRH is wondrous RE the matched contribution. He is indeed too :cool: to be true! :inlove: to all, and much love...TNLW, of course!!! Kimbo
  9. I echo the thanks, Mish! I thought I'd never figure out what it meant when Bethy says "OMFB!" in her posts! It's been driving me crazy, but I didn't want to keep pestering Mods with silly questions. Love "HRH" too! Hugs to all-- Kimbo
  10. I've got to go to bed, too! But...Bethy http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif I got to download/hear the first one--I was so impressed! It was very courageous of you to record that a cappella, and share it with us! You have a very sweet voice, and it was O so good to hear you laugh. It truly warmed my heart, right down to :mopboyerik:'s cockles! I will have to get to the others tomorrow, though. (And how do you find all these hosting websites??? I never even knew they existed!) Sleep well, m'dear. You're still my hero! Swan--thanks for including me in the Phantom Phreaks...:erikicon: will always completely own my heart! So...which parts are you singing? I understand about froggy phlegm, believe me--I almost didn't sign up for the local Jazz Cabaret recently because I was still junked up from what we call "the Ketchikan Crud" up here--bronchitis, sinus, hacking, asthma attacks--ICK. I generally sing alto in choirs, and in individual performances I stay in a comfy, lazy midrange, but technically I am some sort of soprano. I used to sing along with Sarah Brightman on the B'way CD, but there are definitely notes that I cannot even squeak towards, like that last soaring note at the end of POTO (song)! I still haven't gotten much of a head voice back after being sick in December, and even singing with young Emmy is a stretch. **sigh** You just can't help singing along, though, can you? I sing with absolutely whoever is singing--Erik, Christine, Carlotta, Firman/Andre--anyone. It's impossible not to! Wish I could hear you in the Vegas show, and I wish that I could join you. Boo hoo for me! :cry: Sarah--thanks for all the help on PMs--hope my humble efforts met with your approval! My NZ friends are all in Christchurch, but they are American expats (since 1983) who reckon they've found paradise. From the pics I've seen, they are right. (Wow. I'm stunned to see "since 1983" there--it seems impossible! I guess it means that I've been saying I'll visit for over 20 years now, but...haven't. Money, time, excuses, excuses...!) Where are you from in NZ? OK! That alarm will ring WAY too early for me, and I have to get to work on time... :swear: Goodnight Dear GALS! Sweet :erikrose: dreams! Surrender! :inlove:
  11. Hey all you Groovy GALS! Been catching up on the thread, loving the deliciously gooey gushings about our beloved Gerry. Swan--loved your poem. Congrats on a day of productive, satisfying writing--when I finally get a break, I truly look forward to reading your Phantom Romance. And BTW...remember that I too am a "Phantom Phreak!" I'm still unable to listen to any other music right now, in the car, my office, this computer, etc., nothing but the Phantom special edition soundtrack CD! (Constant for 3 weeks now, I think...) I have the "Angel of Music singing songs in my head" constantly during waking moments. **sigh** :mopboyerik: :inlove: He just kills me! Dr Em--good to see you on the thread! I liked what you said about the difference between really knowing a celebrity vs. his public image and the characters he plays. So true! What did you mean about being in "semi-seclusion?" Whenever I see your posts, I think about how generous you are with your time/efforts for this website! I haven't had time yet to figure out the whole GBcast thing, but I'm looking forward to it. Sounds great! Dawn--congrats! Hope you win the big enchilada on Monday! Irish--did I add my "welcome" too??? If not, then...well, you know! BeCozy--whew! That leather crotch shot was HOT! and I love the pic of Gerry biting his lip and making a face like he's in the early stages of saying "Fookin'______!" Congrats on having a productive day, and letting your artistic endeavors run wild. O how I wish I had the time/energy to work on some of my current art projects! (Yet here I am practicing my addiction...**sigh**) FP--Yes, I think you are right--there must be something askew in the "global electromagnetic energy" field, because I'm still QUITE stressed! I'm ready to sic any number of Gerry's dangerous boys on my new boss! Suz--so sorry you've been under the weather --but not so weak and miserable that you can't be excited by :erikrose: ...I mean your cold medicine! YOU CRACK ME UP!!! Thank you for that--it really helps. Maybe the mouse that leaped out at you was a woozy cold medicine hallucination. If not...EEEEEEE-YEWWWWWWW!!! You need to borrow my kitty--she's quite the little huntress. Anyway, hope you don't have to hear the *snap* of a trap, or worse, clean it out. Dearest Bethy http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif --loved your Gerry gushing. So articulate, so accurate, so heartfelt. (Not cheesy, though--sorry!) Otherwise, hope you're hanging in there. You are loved! I also thought that Lish's suggestion of taking POTO on CD/DVD and pics of His Gerriness on the plane to Vegas was excellent. If it were possible for me to go to Vegas and meet all of you, I'd be there even if I had to swim! Tis not meant to be, however, at least this time around. **sigh** Can't wait to hear your American Idol audition! CFAB--really loved the haiku, which are much more difficult than they seem. Brava! Hey Abrock!!! You expressed the smouldering anger I came home from work with quite eloquently, and you made me laugh, which diffused much. for that! I loved the bit about the plate-smashing--honestly, I was thinking about the mosaic possibility myself when you popped up again with that one (I'm a stained glass artist, and compulsively keep all scraps of glass/china for mosaics...)! WELL...my boss called me on the carpet at 5pm with some extreme micromanagement RE my work hours. I could feel the heat radiating off of my cheeks, and I told her directly that this sudden attempt to bring everything under her personal control by micromanaging us is really quite annoying, especially us exhausted, burned-out, shell-shocked professional staff, who are accustomed to flexing our schedules in creative ways to manage all of the demands on our time. I also noted that if she wants rigidity, she'll get a rigid schedule from me: no staying late, no taking work home, no offers to help out beyond the 8-5...ETC. I came home fuming!!! :spontaneous: HOW PROVOKING!!!!! If I have to listen to her mouth tomorrow, I'll be doing this: and thinking this: Grrrrrrrrrrr... :tig: :mopboyjackie: :boink: :muahaha: Rush--Stuart Smalley...? Here??? What a hoot! :headspin: TW--I too am quite impressed that you are now Terry's Kinky GAL! WOW!!! Well, we already knew that, didn't we??? Wind--hilarious story--what a great kid! You must be very proud, indeed. Awwwwwwwwww shucks! Sarah--did you get my reply to your PM? Sorry about the heat in Australia--I keep forgetting that it's summer where you are! I'd love to visit Australia in the WINTER--I have a few friends there, but more friends in New Zealand--but I'm a fair-skinned redhead, and I don't do heat/sun particularly well. I'm in an Alaskan rainforest, and it's the only place I've ever lived where I could actually tolerate summer. Down south (Alaskans call everything in the lower 48 states of the USA "down south") summers in Indiana are sweltering hot with 100 percent humidity--BLEAH! I always call my summer struggles my "sumo wrestling with the sun," but this is rarely an issue in a rainforest. Go figure. :cool: What did you think of the pics, despite their size? Ok--off to try out Bethy's link for Black Velvet! Then to bed, since my :swear: boss expects me in the office a good hour earlier than I am accustomed to. Love to all-- Kimbo
  12. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the welcome, and proffer of tea and biscuits! I'm still reeling from your Scotland stories, and *gasp* your encounter with Gerry's mom/family. So...do you mean ask on the list, or you? I'm looking for "One More Kiss," and "Little White Lies" and possibly "Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married"--I even have a lead with an eBay seller presently--the same seller I bought JOTS from. What do you think? What do you do for work? I am working SO hard to restrain myself with my new boss' micromanagement presently--and I'm getting increasingly annoyed by multitudinous picky e-mails right now!!! Every time another one pops up on my computer screen to interrupt when I'm typing my progress notes, I just visualize that wonderful :tig: pouncing/mauling! :muahaha: :muahaha: :muahaha: If it doesn't stop soon, I'll have to send Jackie Jr down the hall to open up a can of whoop-arse! :mopboyjackie: :boink: Kimbo
  13. Hey! I resemble that remark!!! :gerryholic: :headspin: :yippee: Congrats on a great night's sleep Abrock! Ok...back to the salt mines... ...before I get caught! It's nearly lunchtime in Alaska, anyway. Kimbo
  14. Hello again... Off topic, but to check in further... In other news, so sorry that your day was horrific, dear Terry, and that you've been going through a tough time. You have my complete and utter sympathy, believe me! **sigh** I am sending you a "boob squishing hug," ok? :hugsandsnogs: I believe that :cookiemonster: has something for you, too. Sorry that you're not sleeping, Abrock--tinkering with meds is such tricky business, and O so frustrating. I can certainly relate your exhaustion. I send you a lullabye, and he'll :mopboyerik: sing it to you! Suz, hope that your day calmed down to a yoga moment of zen peace, :prescription: with gentle thoughts of to bring his quiet dignity your way. I also wanted to extend heartfelt concern about your blue days of late. I'd surely send you a card too, if I knew your address! You have brought me much joy on this website during the past couple of weeks, and I'm very grateful to you for it. Susan...I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! :worship: Sarah, you are such a computer whiz...how dare it thwart your e-mailing??? Don't kill it, in any case--we would truly be bereft without you! Just let this "hacker" have a go at it...:reddeathsword:..."he's a genius, monsieur, a genius!!!" Dearest Bethy http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif , the prayers are still coming. How are you doing? MishW--I'm eager to try my hand at some of the fanfic, but I'm just too overwhelmed with work at the moment. I haven't even been able to get to the fanfic sections yet, much to my own disappointment. Boo hoo for me! I'm really looking forward to it, though! As for me, my new boss has taken to micromanaging :whip:--which I don't usually respond well to (grrrrrr :tig: )--but I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt RE her need to figure out the workings of our place. I'm terribly behind on paperwork, however, which means that I will have to start bringing work home every night until I get caught up. Well, tonight I decided to give myself the night off after my own last week "in that darkness deep as HELL," and I'm going to watch a little of "The Jury" before I go to bed!!! OH! and I bought a Region 1 DVD of "Jewel of the Sahara" today on eBay! :yippee: Can't wait to see it! :JOTSGerrycamel: Spent a ridiculous amount of money on it...but we live once, eh what? :muahaha: BTW...Love the new Archie emoticons, but I have to say that the slick-haired-lamb-chop-funky-wild-eyed-grin Archie makes me think of Mr. Hyde, of Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde fame! :archiesmile: SCARY!!! Good night, all you groovy GALS! Kimbo
  15. Hello all GALS! Another long day, finally home, the grocs put away, my beloved kitty fed and cuddled, the catbox cleaned (what a terrible mommy I've been! Yikes! Peeeee-yewwww! ), the trash out, and cheap, disgusting convenience food being nuked as we speak!!! Thanks to all for the kind words on the last thread. I care about all of you, too--it's so wonderful to find this GALS world, where such terrific, passionate, intelligent women just open our lives and hearts to one another with trust and compassion! Now to me, that says something about the beauty of Gerry's heart and soul, that our mutual love for him is a point of connection, which then extends freely to each person here with remarkable generosity of spirit. I am quite moved by the very eloquent sentiments expressed here today, when it is nearly impossible to define something that is by its nature so ineffable. Many of you have brought tears to my eyes with just how wonderfully you have expressed those sentiments today. **sigh** I think of Gerry, and I think of all the love abounding here, and I just keep saying, "beautiful." "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful." :erikicon: I also love all of the posts today about the way he treats his fans, and the way he thinks about us and includes us in his life--how he is clearly so able to be with us in very real ways without being overwhelmed by us. (I only discovered him this month, after all, so "I have much still to learn..." from Gerry and all of you.) I am stunned and thrilled and utterly awed by your experiences in Scotland, Susan and clan--and O how I long to have those experiences, too! Yet, I think I would be reduced to dust and utterly humbled in the presence of his mother and family. :spontaneous: How did you ever manage to walk and talk and everything when you were with them??? :: I echo everyone else in that Gerry's acting ability is phenomenal, as far as I'm concerned, and I am deeply impressed with him in every new performance I see. He has such depth of understanding of the roles he plays, and inhabits them with such subtlety that without exception, I have been drawn to his character's commanding presence, completely mesmerized, and cannot look at anyone else when he is on the screen. He fascinates me with a flicker of his eyes, or the way he holds his body differently in each nuanced performance, and with the magnetism he exudes. He is always, without exception, the best thing in any film he is in. As far as I'm concerned, he is the only thing that makes "Timeline" watchable at all--and O my my my--what a beautiful, romantic, compelling character he is as Marek! :mopboymarek: :inlove: Like many of you, I came to Gerry via :erikrose: , and it was because the beauty of his soul touched me deeply--I was so moved by his performance that I had to search for him, and didn't even know what he looked like! I was delighted to discover that he is indeed physically beautiful, but it is not even remotely the most important thing about him. Now that I'm getting to know him better through his films and this website, I find that when I look at him, my heart aches a bit, and he takes my breath away, but the way he affects me from day to day goes way beyond the physical to the beauty inside and the whole man. And yes, I too love the beauty of his kaleidoscope eyes, and how they seem to change colors--but I mostly love when they are that beautiful green, and reflecting the depth and power of his beautiful soul. This picture is most certainly worth a 1000 words! OK! :yippee: :headspin: :inlove: ...and I'm proud of it! I am lucky to have found our beloved Gerry, and all of you, too. Kimbo
  16. OK GALS...! I can't leave without nibbling! :droolicious: :gerbidinous: I want to start by kissing that cute little exposed belly, and move up and down the treasure trail :treasuretrail: from there! I'm really short--only 5'00''--so that belly is just closer, you see. :laugh4: If I were a tall, leggy sort, maybe I'd start on those luscious biceps, and work my way inward towards the chnuzzle! (Is there a chnuzzle under that sexy scruff???) :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Kimbo
  17. Hi GALS! Back after an extremely long, difficult week, which has left me utterly exhausted! This is the first "down" time I've had in days, wherein it isn't 3am and I'm online only to get my Gerry fix before I collapse into bed--make that stupidly online at 3am to get my Gerry fix, since I still had to work the next morning!!! :erikicon: :inlove: There's too much to tell, but I'll try to be brief ("brief" doesn't come naturally to me...). I'm a psychotherapist in my day job, working in a community mental health center that went through a complete administrative meltdown this past year, with lots of angst, icky politics (anathema to me), and staff turnover--kind of like that old Far Side cartoon of the crisis clinic on fire going over the waterfall! :ohmy: This has been quite the protracted mini-drama since last March, and we are still short-staffed; those of us still here/still standing are pretty shell-shocked and burned out for the most part. Our new director finally started last week, and although it's too soon to know what she'll be like, I'm hopeful that we'll get some more staff in and settle down into some semblance of normalcy soon. But I've been quite overworked generally, and this week I have been very busy on-call for psychiatric emergencies for the city in addition to my daily caseload. It's been a very weird week of traumas in this town, I'll tell you! **whew** That's all I can say about that, obviously, but I'm pooped! I can't wait to hand over that pager to someone else tomorrow morning! I've been sad about my own mini-dramas this week too--most importantly, a nurturing mother-of-choice-type-friend moved to another state last Sunday :cry: , and the 17 yo daughter of another friend was in a very tragic car accident (brain injury, ventilator, not much hope for recovery, etc.)--when we were still reeling at the death (illness) of the woman's husband just 3 weeks ago. The situation with Bethy's mother deeply moved me, and I found myself grieving more/again for my own mother, who died 2 years ago of cancer. My mom was a hospice R.N. herself, and she was diagnosed the week after I moved to Alaska. She died just 4 months later, so I never saw her again until her funeral. It was so hard to be so far away at the time (I'm from Indiana), and no one expected it to be so quick. I wish I'd been able to be there for her like Bethy has been for her mom, even though I know that her hospice colleagues most certainly rallied around her. I lost my big brother less than 3 weeks after my mom died, when he just dropped dead of a heart attack at the age of 46. No one knew that he had any heart problems at all. So much sadness...and of course, like anyone else, when I feel a loss, I never feel just that particular loss, but the many other losses I've had in my life, too. I really miss my mom and brother. On a brighter note, I'm usually a bit of a hermit--I like to be at home working on my stained glass art projects, and other stuff--and I know that after focusing on and listening to other people all day, I covet my privacy and quiet time. But I stepped out last week to perform in a jazz cabaret, which was lots of fun, and I've been kinda lionized by the community all week as a result, which is fun. I belted out the old torch song, "The Man That Got Away," and it was a real hit in the show. :blushing: I am an actor/singer from heavy theatre involvement years ago, but I don't do it much anymore. This weekend, in addition to the on-call stuff, I also served as a judge for a HS tournament of Reader's Theatre, Oral Interpretation, and other Dramatic Interpretation, which was likewise great fun (before I got called out to the ER...)!!! SO MUCH FOR BRIEF!!! Sorry about that. Well, I just want to say to everyone that I am extremely grateful that I found GALS, because my new Gerry addiction and the humor, fun, and support of this website has truly been the bright spot in my everyday lately. I know that I haven't really been posting my woes and struggles to access that support thus far, but I love the support I see extended to others on a daily basis, and that cheers my heart, too. I deeply appreciate all of the belly laughs this week--especially on the "nibble" thread--that have re-energized me in my most weary moments, and made me howl and hoot with laughter on very humorless days! from the bottom of my I hope to get to know everyone much better, and I hope that you get to know me better, too. :: Still praying, Bethy! My heart is with you. And...my heart is most definitely with :erikrose: :inlove: **sigh** Back to the SAG awards, and here's hoping for a decent night's sleep! Kimbo
  18. So who is the good twin, and who's the evil twin? Hey! Wait a minute! I thought that I was your "good twin" Sarah!!! (Yes, we already established that you were the "evil" twin, you delectible dirty perv, you...) So does that make us triplets or what??? Just wondering... :poke: Kimbo
  19. Hey Bethy! :worship: http://www.gerardbutlergals.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/cleo.gif Been thinking about you lots. My prayers are still coming your way daily, and my heart is with you. It's been a crushingly busy week for me...so I've been up into the wee hours (like an idiot) to get my daily fix of GALS--but then, at that hour, I've got no presence of mind to do any real posting! I've been enjoying the posts of all GALS, though, and exploring other fun threads, like the photo captions. When my brain is working again (i.e. sometime next week...?) I hope to add to them--I must say, that yours always cracked me up! To echo everyone else here, GALS has been a priceless ray of sunshine on my own dark days of late--I can always count on some hoot-out-loud belly laughs from the GALS at the abundant, amazingly consistent, creativity, humor, and sexy, sexy fun with our beloved Gerry. :mopboystranger: to all for that! You make my day on a daily basis! Speaking of which, Bethy, it was great to see Gerry/Tigger today--I just love those!!! Any chance of making both of them emoticons??? (please? please? please?) :yippee: Cheers and to all, with special hugs for you, dear Bethy. You are so courageous, and such a lovely soul--you're my hero! :: TGIF! Kimbo
  20. :funnypost: Swan, this made me howl a :Yee-Haw: and way too loud for my neighbors at this hour! Of course, I've taken to wearing the kind of lipstick that you can't even chisel off, so I'd have to do some playful BITING to leave my mark! :barebum: :biteme: :bootyshake: :biteme: :barebum: And in no time at all, our beloved Hottie Scottie would be looking something like this: and then I'd burst into joyous, rousing chorus of... :boner:!!! :yippee: :meninkilts: :mrkilty: Kimbo p.s. Will someone tell me what a "thumb slot" is, please???
  21. OH BETHY! These are hilarious!!! I'm howling! In thanks, here's the song that goes with it: The wonderful thing about Tigger/Gerrys :tasty: Is Tigger/Gerrys are wonderful things Their tops are made out of rubber Their bottoms are made out of springs They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN! But the most wonderful thing about Tigger/Gerrys :mopboyerik: :mopboystranger: :mopboyattila: Is HE'S the only one!!! :spontaneous: Kimbo
  22. Terrific and fun assessment, Ashley! LOL Kimbo
  23. OK....favorite characters...? :mopboyerik: Erik has captured my heart for simply years--he moves me to the core of my being with his passion, intensity, power, genius, his crying out for love, and his all-around depth. I would serve him and sing for him through all time and eternity! :Draculababy: I have had a bit of a thing for Dracula for years as well--and Gerracula gave me thrill chills! I love the power that radiates from his presence, and the magnetic pull of his eyes. Another tortured soul who needs to be joined and adored by someone who understands him! Terry is so hot and sexy that I can't take my eyes off of him for even a moment! Every word that comes out of his sexy mouth mesmerizes me, and I want to be the one he truly "missed." There's something about his power, spy-type-skills, and intelligence as well that fascinates me--as do his character flaws! **Hubba Hubba** :tasty: :mopboyattila: Atilla is beautiful, powerful, extremely sexy, and good-hearted--I'd follow him wherever he leads! When I watch that miniseries, I am always screaming for it not to end the way it does! It just makes no sense!!! How could anyone not love him and/or be utterly devoted to him!? I love his body, and his intense, beautiful, eyelined eyes, and the intelligence that is reflected through them. I love his delight and sense of discovery in enjoying the hot tub, and his power to unite others (albeit after he "conquers" them...LOL). He can "conquer" me any time, any place! :mopboymarek: Marek is, as many folks here have said, is a truly wonderful, chivalrous, romantic knight in shining armor--and I love the idea of him bringing his education and intelligence to a simpler world without destroying it in the process. He is truly a cutie patootie! (I know! I know!) As far as I am concerned, he is the only only only thing worth watching in that film!!! The other characters from the future, and the actors who played them, really disappointed, distracted, and completely annoyed me. The Stranger was such a delicious surprise! What a kind, gentle, perceptive man--and yet the intensity of his way of looking at you--those eyes, that "draw you right in"--seemed as though he was aiming his laserbeam intelligence into your soul and discovering all of your secrets. I loved him, and felt impatient for his return from sea, and I was ready to trust him and put all of my hopes in his hands! I have to admit that Jackie Junior is definitely someone I want to go to bed with whenever he comes to town--which I hope is often--but not spend so much time with him that he has a chance to get psycho where I'm concerned! I have a rule about alcoholics, though--Johnny is precious, but I'd likely be his therapist, not his lover! [i'd add cute emoticons for Terry, Jackie and Johnny, but I can't seem to get the "show all" link to work right now! Boo Hoo!] Cheers! Kimbo
  24. OMG Dawn! I screamed with laughter at this, and I know I'll never get that dirty little ditty out of my head tonight! Speaking of ditty, how about some... with sweet little tongue circles....? :prescription: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :greatking: :inlove: Kimbo p.s. Love that photo you posted, too. **sigh** That, my dear, will teach you to perv at work! And you, my dear, are quite correct! Consider me :bottom: ...but only by you-know-who!!! :mopboyerik: Kimbo
  25. Hey you Groovy GALS!!! I'm at my office, trying to tear myself away to get some lunch and get some work done, and y'all are killing me! I'm walking down the hall laughing out loud, and I don't know how I'll keep my mind on my clients!!! I LOVE the new tiger icons!!! :tig: I can identify with that leaping tiger...right onto ...and the mouth-mauling would begin!!! :mouthmaulme: *whew** I'm going to need Bethy's hose again before the day is out! :mopboyerik: I'm at work doggone it!!! :headspin: :gotgals0ll: Kimbo OMG! That pic! :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: :tasty: Here ya go - he's HARD! And he's wet.... (like me!) Sarah, you're killing me with these pictures!!! :teasequeen: !!! Kimbo
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