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    i enjoy, socializing,shopping, singing, badminton, swimming, drama <3<br /><br />love all the girlie things! <br />fashion fashion fashion!!<br /><br />hoping to go to Caledonian University in Glasgow<br />and do fashion marketing!<br /><br />but my real dream would be to go to LA and become famous!<br />if Gerry can do it<br />then why cant i?:P

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  1. you glad to be on holidays? I mean..study leave!!! :)

  2. Hello Natalie! You are so lucky to meet the G-man. That's a great pic. Hopefully we can meet when my sister and I go through Scotland next year.

  3. ''thats a very nice jacket'' ''i won it in a bet'' aw he is a hottie ... !! wish he was back home in scotland!!! natalie Xxxx
  4. aw that is amazing he wrote back ! what is the address to send fan mail to i would love to write him a wee letter natalie Xx
  5. i would have gerry kennedy for his sense of humour and kindness and king leonidas for his passion .. omg it would be the perfect man!!!!! natalie xx
  6. happy new year gals! i havent been on in a while i have been unwell the last few weeks then was busy with work all last week! i hope you all have an amazing year and leave any bad memories from the last behind ! cant say 2009 was too bad for me got to meet the man himself:P but also, 2009 had its downsides... anyway back to the point yes i bought a gerard butler calender in glasgow if anyone wants me to get them a copy and send it over i wouldnt mind at all (L) Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne! For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne. We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, For auld lang syne.
  7. Thanx for adding me as a friend! Nice to meet you =)

    My name is Irene. I'm from Ukraine.

  8. i am glad you all like it ! its a moment i will never forget ! i was reading comments i had left about a month before i got to meet him and i had been saying to Moira that i hoped maybe one day i would get to meet him knowing deep down it might never be the case then a month later i met him life sure is full of surprises.. life has been tough this year and meeting Gerry has really helped me and so have all you Gals so thank you all so much natalie xoxo
  9. snog i mean he is THE harry potter lol ben stiller?? x
  10. i would absolutely love to read your book ! i have always wanted a continuation to the story to see what happens to the phantom i will put it on my list for santa and hopefully he will bring me it well done Anne, and good luck for future books natalie xoxo
  11. No I have never heard it all in Scotland, if guys here said that to each other they'd be given a weird look!! Maybe younger teens/boys in ethnic gangs may use that phrase. In London and other English cities where there are more ethnic mixes it would probably be used. In Paisley and elsewhere in Scotland I honestly haven't heard it. Do the other Scots living in Scotland agree? Or is this something you hear about the place? LadyinRed nope i am 17 and none of the boys from my school say it unless they are having a bit of a joke like 'he's my brother from another mother'' for a laugh (not that its really funny) i always thought i was an american thing !! love natalie xoxo
  12. Only in specialty stores, Natalie. There's a UK grocery store in Santa Monica and when I was there about a year and a half ago I bought one. It's still in my fridge unopened. And in my freezer are a Mars bar, Highland Toffee and I think a package of those digestives. My son loves Fanta Exotic, which you can only get in the UK as well. When he was in Europe three years ago he had some and we've been trying to get him some since. What's fizzy juice? Is that what we call soda? LOL I'm so clueless on the Scottish/ UK vernacular. ha aw i love irn bru !!! you should deffinetly try it i wouldnt drink that one though keep that as a souvenir :Pbuy a new one then put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes serve it freezing cold it is amazing! have it with one of they mars bars ha fizzy juice is like cola, fanta etc yeaah just soda, i call it ginger ha ! love natalie xoxo
  13. moiraaaaa!!!!! your famousssss!!!!! great interview we are all very proud of you ! natalie xoxo
  14. some of us over here call fizzy juice ''ginger'' lol ! ''can i have a glass ae ginger maw?'' lol there some scottish for ya's do yous get irn bru in america:P? xoxo
  15. The original article/discussion is here. (I'm confused by Lady's indication that the thread is closed, as it is very open. However, since we're discussing Scottish vernacular, I won't merge the threads. (That's not to say the MS won't merge it eventually! ... but it will stay put for now.) Bringing the thread back on topic, where does the term "chuff" come from? I've seen several Scots post, "I was 'chuffed.'" I THINK that's a "good thing." As an American, it reminds me of "chaffed," which is NOT a good thing! Well ... unless Gerry's the one who's done the chaffing! ''chuffed'' means proud of in a sense like if i said '' i was so chuffed with that cake i baked'' it means i was happy with it haha any more words you Gals need help understanding ? love natalie xoxo
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