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  1. welcome to gals gorgeous!!

    its such a great site you will loveee it !

    its goood getting more gals from glasgow!!!!

    i'm from motherwell :-)

    hopee to speak soon

    love natalie


  2. hey!

    hope your ok !

    do you have twitter?


  3. ahhhh babe!

    i am also going on sunday !

    hope to see you and moira there !!!!!


  4. hey gorgeous!

    just thought i would leave a comment !

    so jealous you share the same birthday as gerard :p

  5. hey !

    thank you for the comment! it was so lovely of you, i love being on the website !!

    i feel privileged to be a member xx

  6. hey =)

    how you doing ?

    i see you are a fellow scot!

    x x x

  7. Aw wow! I am so jealous right now lol! i would love to meet him !! I thought that he had maybe been over in Scotland when i saw you were from fife :-P

    maybe one day i will get too meeet him lol! x

  8. hellooo :-)

    i am just new to this was just wondering how you got that pic with gerard ! i am sooo jealous :Pxxx

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