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  1. ''thats a very nice jacket'' ''i won it in a bet'' aw he is a hottie ... !! wish he was back home in scotland!!! natalie Xxxx
  2. aw that is amazing he wrote back ! what is the address to send fan mail to i would love to write him a wee letter natalie Xx
  3. i would have gerry kennedy for his sense of humour and kindness and king leonidas for his passion .. omg it would be the perfect man!!!!! natalie xx
  4. happy new year gals! i havent been on in a while i have been unwell the last few weeks then was busy with work all last week! i hope you all have an amazing year and leave any bad memories from the last behind ! cant say 2009 was too bad for me got to meet the man himself:P but also, 2009 had its downsides... anyway back to the point yes i bought a gerard butler calender in glasgow if anyone wants me to get them a copy and send it over i wouldnt mind at all (L) Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne! For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne. We'll take a cup o' kindness yet, For auld lang syne.
  5. i am glad you all like it ! its a moment i will never forget ! i was reading comments i had left about a month before i got to meet him and i had been saying to Moira that i hoped maybe one day i would get to meet him knowing deep down it might never be the case then a month later i met him life sure is full of surprises.. life has been tough this year and meeting Gerry has really helped me and so have all you Gals so thank you all so much natalie xoxo
  6. snog i mean he is THE harry potter lol ben stiller?? x
  7. i would absolutely love to read your book ! i have always wanted a continuation to the story to see what happens to the phantom i will put it on my list for santa and hopefully he will bring me it well done Anne, and good luck for future books natalie xoxo
  8. No I have never heard it all in Scotland, if guys here said that to each other they'd be given a weird look!! Maybe younger teens/boys in ethnic gangs may use that phrase. In London and other English cities where there are more ethnic mixes it would probably be used. In Paisley and elsewhere in Scotland I honestly haven't heard it. Do the other Scots living in Scotland agree? Or is this something you hear about the place? LadyinRed nope i am 17 and none of the boys from my school say it unless they are having a bit of a joke like 'he's my brother from another mother'' for a laugh (not that its really funny) i always thought i was an american thing !! love natalie xoxo
  9. Only in specialty stores, Natalie. There's a UK grocery store in Santa Monica and when I was there about a year and a half ago I bought one. It's still in my fridge unopened. And in my freezer are a Mars bar, Highland Toffee and I think a package of those digestives. My son loves Fanta Exotic, which you can only get in the UK as well. When he was in Europe three years ago he had some and we've been trying to get him some since. What's fizzy juice? Is that what we call soda? LOL I'm so clueless on the Scottish/ UK vernacular. ha aw i love irn bru !!! you should deffinetly try it i wouldnt drink that one though keep that as a souvenir :Pbuy a new one then put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes serve it freezing cold it is amazing! have it with one of they mars bars ha fizzy juice is like cola, fanta etc yeaah just soda, i call it ginger ha ! love natalie xoxo
  10. moiraaaaa!!!!! your famousssss!!!!! great interview we are all very proud of you ! natalie xoxo
  11. some of us over here call fizzy juice ''ginger'' lol ! ''can i have a glass ae ginger maw?'' lol there some scottish for ya's do yous get irn bru in america:P? xoxo
  12. The original article/discussion is here. (I'm confused by Lady's indication that the thread is closed, as it is very open. However, since we're discussing Scottish vernacular, I won't merge the threads. (That's not to say the MS won't merge it eventually! ... but it will stay put for now.) Bringing the thread back on topic, where does the term "chuff" come from? I've seen several Scots post, "I was 'chuffed.'" I THINK that's a "good thing." As an American, it reminds me of "chaffed," which is NOT a good thing! Well ... unless Gerry's the one who's done the chaffing! ''chuffed'' means proud of in a sense like if i said '' i was so chuffed with that cake i baked'' it means i was happy with it haha any more words you Gals need help understanding ? love natalie xoxo
  13. haha i always forget how some people wouldnt understand, ''going for the messages'' lol as in food shopping i love hearing all different ways of saying things etc :-) xoxo
  14. It's a picture from the Los Angeles LAC premiere. I love it, too. Thank you! You guys are so good at this "fandom" thing. You see the most amazing things I don't until you point them out. It's like we're looking at different photos. You understand the rules, I get moderated all the time. You understand Gerry, I seem to criticize a lot. Right now I feel like a rotten fan. Maybe it's the time of day (almost midnight where I am), maybe stuck inside my home for more than a month it's taking its toll, maybe I'm overworked, who knows. I'm super emotional right not. Better keep a low profile for a while before I mess things up even more... :-( Theresa Theresa!!!!!!!!!!! dont be sooo sillly! you start amazing threads and have fantastic links to great Gerry interviews! your just having a bad day!! when that leg is better you get yourself over here!!!!!!!!!! the scottish air will do you great! and so what if you crtisise things the world is not perfect if we didnt have critisisms we would have noo improvements in making the world a better place your not a rotten fan just because you disagree, it shows you are a strong,opinionated gorgeousssssss woman who knows what she admires and doesnt! i envy you sooo much!! you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G natalie xoxo
  15. it would be my dreaam to go to the conventions in las vegas, but moneys very tight at the moment and some of my exams are in June!! do they have conventions every year? natalie xoxo
  16. ahhh i see, i am soo upset that i have never been to americaif i came over to visit i would be there every single day i've got GALS and i've got it BAD ha:P aww he is just amazing in they pics frannie made an excellent job, i was veryyy greatful love natalie xoxo
  17. I agree with Steph, you two looked very natural together, like the photos we see in the magazines. I told you so long time ago. Now all we have to do is get you in the same room with him but under better circumstances. Then again, I believe there's a queue (myself not included), so you'll have to work something out with Gals that were here first. :-) Theresa ha awwww i love that you think we look natural together lol ! haa i dont mind letting the other gals have him! if he had wanted me i'm sure he would have made a move:P but i'm still a single pringle ha ! maybe one day i will turn his head in a goood way ha love natalie ps Theresa I have mailed you did you get it, it was last night i think xoxo
  18. right gals i am slightly confused:P is this flats in america that you can buy ?? ha love natalie xoxox
  19. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!! thank you steph ha !!! my mums friend said that aswelll hahaha! i was like .. oh THANKS !!! ha i think gerry looks fantastic with every girl !!! we can all share him natalie xoxo
  20. That's so cool! It's nice of you not to leave your friend alone. I'm sure next time we will manage to chat Did Gerry speak to you?Did you ask him something? I love your siggy. i had a birthday card for him but incase i didnt meet him i gave it to his security guard who i was having a good laugh with lol the banter was flowing! i was walking down the stairs and i was right next to gerard i actually started shaking ha so i was like ''gerard, i have gave your card to your security guard'' he laughed and was like ''what?'' i repeated what i had said and it was obvious he couldnt hear me he was like ''i dont what i said'' i laughed i was like ''you didnt say anything'' we just laughedd then i asked if there was any chance of a picture And he was like ''wait i will get you outside'' with his cheeky wee grin then when he came out he was like ''picture now?'' so the first pic he didnt know what cam, which is why i am pointing then the second pic was fine:P i was sooo nervous and shaking then i just went ''gerard,'' he was like ''what'' laughing i just looked at him and was like ''your just amazing'' he laughed and was like thanks ha love telling my wee story ! natalie xoxo
  21. Yes i was wearing a black jacket ! my friend and i had been in the hotel across the road having a few drinks ha and we just walked over and into the pictures:P it was surreal i can hardley remember walking in, all the cameras flashing but i proberly did see you!! its such a shame i didnt get to speak to any of the gals! would have been good if you could have stayed longer i am sure he will be back then we can go out after it, i had a ticket to the after party but only had one didnt want to leave my friend!! love natalie xoxo
  22. thank you moira, i think they would have offered him it on the house but he might have refused and payed for it lol ha lol lucky them i spend a fortune when i go to the pictures on they pik 'n' mix's ha !! love natalie xoxo
  23. "Husband"? Wow, I'm impressed! If you managed to make him overcome his "commitment issues" then you are definitely worthy. I was sure he would know a good woman when he saw one. Was there any Scottish cooking involved in making him propose? He seems to me like a man whose heart is reached through his stomach. :-) Maybe his Mum gave you her secret recipes in an effort to ensure that he marries a nice Scottish gal? Any Scottish babies yet or are you both focused on each other and your careers for the moment? I hope the razzis are not giving you as hard a time as they do with Bradgelina. Hey I even have a name for you as a couple: Gerrynat. :-) Do tell us about the proposal; was it awfully romantic? Theresa yeah he took one look at me at my audition and said ''dont i know you?'' i smiled then he said ''i would never forget those eyes, your in!' we went on a few dates and he was just besotted by me. ''i always wanted a nice scottish lass'' he told me then when we were at a ceilidh on st andrews day he purposed, with a £2000 Ring The wedding we kept quiet at a wee Chapel in Scotland then had the after party at Parkhead in Glasgow (Celtic Football Park) One of our favorite places!! He Sang '' I'll Love You Till The End'' And We danced our first dance to ''Feels Like Home'' by Chantal Kreviazuk Then we Spent A month in Hawaii Just Lying by the beach watching the days go by No kids on the way at the moment i'm a lot younger than him so we have plenty of time ! hahahahahahahahhahahahaahha we can all dream i suppose !!! THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY .. or is it ? love natalie xoxo
  24. First Of all i would like to thank my family, they are amazing people even though they didnt believe drama was the right way for me they still stood by me. Next i would like to thank my Husband and Manager Gerard Butler, He has always been my inspiration he always made me believe in myself and last but certainly not least i would like to thank all the lovely GALS from GerardButlerGals.com they where all so amazing and looked after me when i needed it at most! Love U All ... *she wishes* lol love natalie xoxo
  25. well my story i dont find as interesting as all you gals! i was about 12 when POTO came out and my nan rented the film one night i was staying over at hers And we watched it with strawberries and chocolate ha in our pyjammas, my first reaction was that i was quite scared but by the end i was crying to my nan like ''why is she not staying with the phantom?'' i was such a deep emotional child lol. though if i am being honest after that i kinda forgot about the film! then about 2 years ago my dad had 300 on, its not my kind of film but i was like wow he is gorgeousss!! then about a year ago i was in my cousins in the isle of man and my cousin fell asleep so i picked a dvd to put on which was PSILY and that was it i was hooked on to him!! ''and i ask you friend whats a fella to do cause her hair was black and her eyes where blue'' favourite scene in the movie. When i found out his hometown is literally 20 minutes away from mine it made me believe in myself more i have always dreamed of being an actress and never told anyone and i always wanted to sing at school but had no confidence in myself when i read Gerards story i decided to take drama at school, against my parents wishes lol and joined the choir i recently had my acting prelim and the teacher told me she was amazed by my acting ! and i have a singing concert next friday !! so i want to take this moment to Thank Gerard for giving me the inspiration to do what i have always shyed away from sorry i have went right off the subject ha ! love natalie xoxo
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