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  1. My Mistake, it's tomorrow (Thursday) he's on Paul O'Gradey !
  2. Hey, As you all probably know Gerard's been in England this week doing interviews and things, there's a few i haven't seen posted up here so thought i'd let you know, i notice you already have the GMTV one, if you can't find a link it's available on you tube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOoERRCMdTE He's also been on Radio One - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00nv...ns_us_for_cake/ That's the podcast, it's a really good interview and GB Gals even gets a mention! He's also been on Friday Night with Johnathan Ross which can be seen on you tube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yZq1W83uLI another great interview, and theres a GB teddy bear that screams 'This is SPARTA' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AziWx_NaRSo And he was on The Paul O'Gradey show on Tuesday - Which i can't get a link for but should be a good interview as Paul O'Gradey is very good! Didn't know where to post this but hopefully somebody will see it and let the others know, not fair that you should miss gerryness !
  3. I haven't seen it yet but i'm dying to ! Only found out he stared in it like a few weeks ago (It was in the 90's and i am 17!!!) And i've only found the aussie DVD on ebay but dont know how to convert it to work on a UK dvd player!! Though Marian Keyes is one of my favourite authors and i've read and re-read the book many many times! In the book it explains that Gus came from a violent drunken family and that he himself is an alcoholic, as you discover Lucy's father is also an alcoholic and she begins to understand that's why she's attracted to them kind of men because she belives she can 'fix' them. I don't think Gus is evil but with any addicition you do become greedy and selfish, putting that habit above anything else. I mean look at real life? Some People lose Their partners/homes/jobs/kids before of their addictions. I just don't think he knew any better, he's been brought up like that. But i also don't think he loved lucy, i think he may have cared about her deep down but not as much as the drink (Or Gambling in the film ?) which is why you sometimes saw him feeling guility. She was just a free ride! I do love Gus though when he's being all funny and cute and irish, i think Gerry will have been especially great in those parts!
  4. I've come up with a GREAT idea, well i think it's great anyway, im sure it's been done before! I'm a fashion student so im thinking of designing & making him a t-shirt or something, i've got the perfect idea of what to put on it but i dont wanan spoil it yet! Gifts have a higher priority right? So even if my letter dosen't make it through hopefully he'll get the gift then like the t-shirt and wear it and that'll be great enough! Oh but does anyone know what size he'd be? He looks like an L - XL with all those big lovely muscles!
  5. Lol thank's for all the responses, i don't think im holding up much hope that i will get a response but unless i send one i have zero chance! I used to be totally in love with Michael Owen (English football player for the American Gals, he played for liverpool) and i wrote him my first piece of fan mail, like two weeks later i got back a letter and a signed photo, i was sooo over the moon, i didn't even realise when i aw the same pre signed photo for sale in shops, untill like last year my sister told me it was actually my parents who had wrote the latter, they hadn' even sent it! Lol always been too heartbroken since! Needless to say i won't be mentioning im going to write to Gerry! I do wonder though what it would take to stand out from the crowd !! I just cringe at the thought of somebody else reading it while they're sorting through it!! You American fans are soo lucky! You have the GB fan convention, he's always on US tv and magazines AND he spends most of his time there. We hardly have him! Lol mind you even if he was really attainable i'd still have to fight the rest of he girl off!
  6. I want to write some fan mail to Gerry because i really really love him (who dosen't!?), i was going to send i over the summer but as the old fan address went out of service i had to wait for the new one. Thought must say i am a bit gutted that the new fan male addy is american whereas before it was british, i understand that most of Gerry's work is based in the US but would hate for him to sell out on his roots. He even said 'butt' on live british breckfast tv!!!!! Annnnyyyyyway, i know Gerry is extreamly busy so he can't answer every single peice of fan mail and even if he does it could take months to do. But i was curious to see if anyone has actually received a personal reply from Gerry, not just a presigned photo and a note with something like 'Gerry appreciates all the support....' on it ? x
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