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  1. I haven't seen the movie. But I have seen previews and it look very interesting. I wish I can find a website that I can see it for free like stagevue. I have seen attila on the site and POTO
  2. I know what flick my bean is but what does the others mean?? Anybody care to share?? Clueless for sure.
  3. CocoBliss

    We Want YOU!

    I wish I could go next year. If I was working I would save and go. I love the idea of the Big sis/Little sis. That would be fun!!
  4. Awsome. I was not up at that time. Love the interview. Glad I got the word out on time.
  5. You are Becozy!! Glad you saw this in the nick of time!!
  6. Thank you TheBlond. Thanks for passing it on.
  7. My radio station 98.5 KLUC is doing an interview with Gerry at 6:45 am give or take. If one of the mods would like to record the interview go to www.kluc.com to hear it live 10/13/2009. I won't be up that early so I would love to hear it. Thanks
  8. Thats a shame. I really don't like jamie's attitude. It has changed over the years.
  9. I just saw the promo tonight when I was watching Heroes. And it said it was comming on tonight. I won't be up then can someone record it for me please??
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