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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. what a wonderful article! after reading it, i can say i adore him even more ... congrats for the up dates girls, they are very very vey very good! ^^
  4. wow! i've just loved the pic .... listen, i know that i might be a litle nosy but , does anybody knows if there is a adress to send gerry a letter? i really don't wanna send him an e-mail ... can somebody help me? pls
  5. hey u!

    tks for adding me!!! ^^

    kisses in ur hearth!

  6. hmm...

    does Gerry posts here?

  7. awwww... it's really bad to be so far away from LA, NYC, or wherever they are ... i'm very obsed about this ... TT.TT
  8. i haven't met him yet, but some day i will!!! i'm shure of that!!!
  9. hmmm...

    sorry, but ...

    am I the only foreinger in here?


    oh my ...

  10. Gerry!!! ur birthday is comming! it's YOUR day!!! and to us, is a very special date .... ty for ur life ... =D
  11. why is this man so wonderfull ??

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