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  1. I just and The man looks more beautiful and sexy EVERY TIME I SEE HIM!!!! GAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Stace... this was wonderful. You have a way with words, my dear! (Oh and HAPPY DAY, this is my 500th post!!! WOOT!)
  3. I cannot, repeat, CANNOT, wait to see this. My hubby and I watched the trailer on Movie Trailers On Demand, and he says it really looks funny. I think he might take me to see it. First, Gerry is so good comically. Second, Gerry is just so good in ANYTHING. He's that damn good. (Yes, Gerry, you are, and don't you friggin doubt it for a MINUTE.) Third, I LOVE Jennifer Aniston. I thought one of her best roles was in "Marley and Me". Love that movie. They are going to have fantastic chemistry onscreen, just like him and Katherine Heigl. Kira :wuv: edited because I can't spell
  4. I LOVE SCRUFF. I think I need to join scruff lovers anonymous, if there is such a thing. So sexy when a man has that rough, scruffy, 'I didn't give a crap about shaving today' look. Sexy thang. edited because I can't spell.
  5. The generosity, kindness, and sweet spirit of this man never ceases to amaze me. Gerry, you are so very special... don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't! Kira
  6. Oh, YAY GERRY!!!!!!! :pointy: I am so proud of you!!! Here's a big squishy hug... Kira
  7. Awwwww my lordy, she is the cutest thing. I have a friend who raises pugs, and she says they are "people dogs" and very loving towards their owners. I believe it! I've seen hers and that is the biggest baby I've ever seen.
  8. Unfortunately, I missed the telethon - I did see Alicia Keyes singing for a few minutes though. I love her - she is wonderful. (At least I think it was Alicia Keyes - looked and sounded like her ) I think it was just wonderful for all the celebrities to participate. Shows that they are people too, and they have the capacity for love and giving just like the rest of us. My company is offering to double-match all donations by employees for Haiti relief - and so many other organizations are pitching in. :wuv:
  9. I don't know what it is, but that scruff drives me WILD!!!!
  10. POTO did it for me. I had seen him in other movies (even 300) but never made the connection.
  11. I would love to have The Stranger's jacket. Nice and warm.
  12. I know I'm cheating on OneTwo but I'd have to say Mike Chadway. He's just so..... naughty.
  13. In South Carolina we just say "I gotta go to the store". Soooooooooo boring. But we do call all carbonated soft drinks "coke". "Hey... get me a coke, will ya?" "Sure. What kind?" "Sprite."
  14. Excellent article. He is so intelligent.
  15. Everyone's body chemistry is just a little different. Three people could all wear the same perfume or cologne and it would smell slightly different on all three. And it's wierd, I have to wear scents that are warm or spicy. Flowery stuff turns bitter on me. I love the smell of Ralph Lauren Romance, but on me it smells like donkey butt. Jo Malone, huh? I think I need to check that out. ETA: Just checked out Jo Malone. A wee bit expensive! Here's the link to the collection if anyone's interested. http://www.jomalone.com/templates/fragranc...ID=CATEGORY7581
  16. He is an absolute sweetheart! A precious man with a precious heart.
  17. Gerry wears Burberry Brit?? OMG!!! So does my husband!!!!!!!!!
  18. LOL!!!! Don't you hate getting birthday/Christmas presents?!!?!

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