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  1. Hey everyone!!! :wave: :wave:

    Ohhhh Leslie, could it be his adorable little chin??

    Bailey, those are some precious kids! I know they love their Auntie Bailey!

    Lisa!!! Lookin for you woman!

    Amy, praying for that sweet little nephew of yours. He's a cutie!

    Damn I'm leaving too many people out. So, LOVE HUGS AND KISSES to everyone!!!

    I do try to pop in and catch up. There's just so much going on right now. I'm still here in spirit!


    Kira :wuv:

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh it's fookin LOVERLY to be back in the SPC! I'm so sorry I've been negligent in my posting, but real life is a betch, if'n ya know what I mean. :lol:

    Hope everyone is well. Noticed we have some posters I've not met - hi, Melodie! Hi, beacon! Nice ta meet ya!

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED LAC. OMG. OMG. OMG. i just :poof: ed all over the place. :lmao:

    Anyway, got to finish supper. Love to all!!!

    Kira :wuv: :wuv: :wuv:

  3. My ovaries totally fried when I saw those thumbnails of him without his shirt... holy heavens... :poof:

    I registered for an account. :lol: However, there was something strange that happened - when I changed the country view to United States, I was only able to view 7 pages of pics... wierd huh? And the ones of him changing were not on those 7 pages.

    The account won't be valid until sometime tomorrow, hopefully.

    We'll see what happens!

  4. Thanks ladies!

    We are definitely hitting the British Museum. They have an Egyptology collection and a dinosaur collection, both of which we want to see. Probably going to be an all day thing. We also are taking a nighttime Jack the Ripper tour, and heading out to Bath and Stonehenge one day. Definitely going to sit in a pub on July 4th and have a few beers and chuckles. (My husband said he REALLY wanted to be in England on July 4th. He's such a smart a$$.)

    And then in Paris, we are going to the Louvre because I have to see the Mona Lisa. It's on my bucket list. I also want to see the impressionist collection (Monet, Degas) because they are my faves. And of course, probably a river cruise down the Seine. :wuv:

    Our travel agent has a private guide in Rome, and he is taking us on a 4 hour tour of the city. Our hotel is a 5 minute walk from the Spanish Steps... *sigh* and of course we have to see the Sistine Chapel. She gave us some street maps of all three cities so we're studying those, and I will definitely take y'alls advice and research!

  5. Good morning all! **stretches and yawns** **takes a sip of coffee**

    AHHHHH. Much better.

    Hey, the piercings didn't hurt at all when I got them. I want a navel ring, but after two kids? Feck that. :rotflmao:

    I seriously want a tattoo. I even found a picture on tattoojohnny.com and downloaded it. It's a dragonfly. It's on my work PC (:lmao:) so I'll have to bring it home and post it. I'm thinking left shoulder.

    Why a dragonfly? They are small, dainty, beautiful, and have a bad rap, I guess. :lol:

    To those who are sick, I send healing vibes. :kiss:

    Sending lots of :hug1: from central South Carolina on this chilly mo'nin.

    Love y'all...

    Kira :wuv: :wuv:

  6. I didn't want to spam the Siggy Piggy Clubhouse, the Gutter, or anywhere else with talk of me and my hubby's first trip to Europe, but I thought anyone who was interested or who has any recommendations can join in the convo. :)

    My mother in law wanted to send us on a trip for our 40th birthdays, so we decided on Europe, more specifically 5 days in London, 3 days in Paris, and 3 days in Rome. We got an excellent deal with a local travel agent, so it's not costing anyone an arm and a leg. I've never been out of the country before, except to the Bahamas, and that really doesn't count because everybody goes to the Bahamas... :lol:

    Just applied for my passport so it should be here in a month or so. We don't leave until June 29, and we'll be back July 11. While we are in London I'll have internet access, so I'll be able to chime in here every so often.

    If anyone has visited or lives in any of these cities, please, I'd love to hear about them good or bad. (Forbes girl, I know you've told me of your travels to Europe so please tell me some more)

    Right now the plan is to do some sightseeing but also relax because this is our summer vacation for the year. We talked about hitting Ireland and Scotland, but that's going to have to wait for another year. We just won't have time. And when we do, we'll spend a week in Ireland and a week in Scotland. :)

    So, more to come as the days progress.

    I can't wait!

  7. Hey Cheryl, tell us how the movie was! I want to see it but hubby says he heard it sucked a$$. :lmao:

    You know... some people get tattoos. Some people do other things. I get my ears pierced. Age 13, both lobes once. Age 28, right lobe a second time. Age 33, left lobe pierced a second time to match the right. And, finally, age 39, right cartilage just to be different. And today, I finally found the perfect ring for my cartilage! Hubby even had to help me because it's a thicker gauge than what I had it pierced with, and it HURT LIKE SHET.

    Actually thinking about getting the right one done again. Double ring. Why? I dunno. Guess it's because I want pink hair and I reaaaaaally can't have that at my job. (professional work environment and all)

    Anyway, poor hubby is freezing to death so he's taking a hot shower.... I told him maybe a good cuddle would help. :cunning:

    I'm so bad.

  8. BTW Kira, I meant to tell you and Beachie....I LOVE YOUR SIGGY!!

    Ohhhh I do too!!!! I hope she saw my post where I immediately ran to photobucket. :lol:

    THANKS AGAIN LINDA!!!!! :kiss:

    (Frannie, I'm glad you're starting to feel a bit better.)

    Y'all, we have officially booked our trip to Europe. Reservations will be made Monday! :yahoo:

    We leave June 29 and return July 11 and will be visiting London, Paris, and Rome. The trip is actually a gift from my husband's mom for our 40th birthdays. I don't want to hijack the clubhouse, so if y'all want some details I'll post a thread somewhere in offtopic. :lol:

    Since we have the kids next weekend, and it's Valentines, I was thinking of 'celebrating' with the hubby this weekend. :cunning: So, if y'all don't see me tonight, you know exactly what's going on! :lmao:

    Later y'all.

    Big hugs and kisses to everyone.

    Kira :wuv: :wuv: :wuv:

  9. I cannot, repeat, CANNOT, wait to see this. My hubby and I watched the trailer on Movie Trailers On Demand, and he says it really looks funny. I think he might take me to see it. :lmao:

    First, Gerry is so good comically.

    Second, Gerry is just so good in ANYTHING. He's that damn good. (Yes, Gerry, you are, and don't you friggin doubt it for a MINUTE.)

    Third, I LOVE Jennifer Aniston. I thought one of her best roles was in "Marley and Me". Love that movie. They are going to have fantastic chemistry onscreen, just like him and Katherine Heigl.

    Kira :wuv: :wuv: :wuv:

    edited because I can't spell


    I think I need to join scruff lovers anonymous, if there is such a thing. So sexy when a man has that rough, scruffy, 'I didn't give a crap about shaving today' look. :lol:

    Sexy thang.

    edited because I can't spell.

  11. Kira, here is a present for you, if you want it!



    :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

    *runs off to photobucket to save and post pretty new siggy*

    Oh hey everyone! :lmao:

    I've had a shet long week, still brought work home, and I'm tired as feck. Here's a big :kiss: and :hug1: for everyone... y'alls siggies rock...

    I'll be back.... :lol:

  12. Helloooooooooooo just a quick drive by :wave: I worked late a lot last week - so this weekend I caught up on my sleep. :lol:

    Just finished dinner and my TV shows are on tonight - NCIS, NCIS-LA, and White Collar. YUM. I love me some Neil Caffrey!

    So, piggy :hug1: and :kiss: to all, and to all a piggy night!


    Kira :wuv:

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