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  1. This is what happens when I eat too much and then settle in to watch TV. I frickin fell asleep.... Maybe it will be on youtube!
  2. Yeah... it's hard to think clearly when you see that man in that suit... *SWOOOOOON* He can work it, can't he? *sigh* I think I need to go lie down!
  3. OMG he never ceases to amaze me with his sense of style. So elegant. So handsome. Work it Gerry!!!
  4. Hi Esther! I haven't been here long, but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween errrrrr-body!
  5. Good mornin'! How's everybody today?? It's Thursday which means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've had a couple of people in our area out with flu and even a couple with swine flu - it's been pretty crazy. My children were exposed to swine flu on Saturday (their cousin had it) but THANKFULLY and KNOCK ON WOOD they have not presented with symptoms. Keep your fingers crossed! I still have not gone to see LAC. I was snuggling up with the hubby the other night and told him I wanted to go see it, and he said he'd take me. Hope he doesn't get jealous! Hugs...... Kira
  6. Steph, this is fabulous. You have a way with words! LOL!!! Anytime you'd like to share, you just feel free to send me a little ol' PM. Kira
  7. They will definitely be able to count on a 'treat' from me. The link in Post #1 isn't working for some reason, so here is a link to The Shade Tree's website. http://theshadetree.org/
  8. Hey!! How's errrrr-body? Just dropping in to spread around some Gerry love!!! :wuv:
  9. Just breezing by to drop off some hugs and kisses! :wuv:
  10. Oh man. I definitely don't have the funds to bid, but I'd be more than happy to donate something directly to them.
  11. Swansong, I can't believe I missed your post. I think I was half asleep... If I had time, I'd beta your novel, and I wouldn't charge you a dime. Is there anyone on here that could read it for you? Or possibly, a local college or high school journalism or english teacher might do it for a reduced fee. I will keep my fingers crossed. Susan, please take care on your trip and have an excellent time! Snap a pic or two for us! Hope everyone has a terrific weekend. Love, Kira
  12. Happy Friday, everyone! Hugs and kisses all around!!! MWAH!!! Maybe I'll make it to the theater to see LAC this weekend. Think I could talk them out of the poster?
  13. Since my birthday is in December, I was told by my hubby that I'm not allowed to buy TUT!!! It appears that I'm getting it for my birthday. I kinda like Mike. He reminds me of my husband.
  14. OMG they're like little Gerry-Ken dolls. LOL!!! I HAVE to get one!!! Bella, look at you in Alex's shirt! So cool! Congratulations!!!!
  15. mrs_one_two

    We Want YOU!

    Well, I'll have to decline. My hubby and I will be traveling next summer for our anniversary/birthdays so an extra trip is out. Virtual Con for me!
  16. OK I must be missing something.... Someone care to enlighten me?
  17. Slap fo' sho'! Vince Neil?
  18. Sorry.... I love Gerry to death but I wouldn't make haggis, much less EAT it... ROFLMAO... You just happen to be in Starbucks, and there's Gerry. He looks upset/agitated/distraught. This is probably the only chance you'll ever get... Do you speak to him?
  19. Ahhhh POOP. My hubby and I are going on a trip for our 10th wedding anniversary next summer, so any other traveling will be out of the question.
  20. Happy Monday, everyone! Had a little too much to drink at the wedding Fri night... I was pretty much a goner on Saturday so I haven't seen LAC yet. (Trying to stay out of the discussion threads just in case someone slips up and tells the ending, LOL!!!) I did watch Jimmy Fallon and SNL.... Fabulous! Trying to walk more, quit smoking, and eat healthier. I got up and walked early yesterday morning with some co-workers, and we'll be walking after work Wednesday. Have an excellent week, darlings. MWAH! BTW... irish? I could KISS YOU for posting the kilt one... thanks!!!!
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