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  1. Morning everyone! Hope today is better. It's Friday, at least! I recorded Jimmy Fallon last night but haven't had a chance to watch it yet... so I'll watch it sometime tonight after we get home from my best friend's wedding. And hopefully me and my other best friend can go see LAC tomorrow. She loves G as much as I do! MWAH!
  2. Oh I'm a lover not a fighter. coffee or tea?
  3. That is totally true! LOL TGBM loves chocolate ice cream.
  4. In a New York minute. Do you prefer the beach or mountains for vacation?
  5. Saw the promo clip and this is gonna be a HOOT.....
  6. The critics always give the great movies crappy reviews, and the crappy ones good reviews. As long as the viewers give it good ratings, that will be good enough. I'm in a really pissy mood tonight. Had a crappy frickin day at work (couldn't get a damn thing done) and then had to try to find my daughter something to wear to my best friend's wedding tomorrow night. Anyone taken a 14 year old shopping? I'd rather pull my teeth out one at a time with pliers, then poke my eyes out with a pencil or other sharp object. This child is going to have to learn very very soon that you can't wear @#%@!(*&@# jeans and tshirts everywere you go. So I told her not to speak to me anymore tonight and to decide which summer dress she wanted to wear... the black one or the navy one. Her choice, and I don't really care. And if she gives me any more crap, I'll make her wear one of MY dresses. (one of her comments was "if I wear that, I'll look like YOU.") Sorry to vent, but it's just been one of those days. If any of you see the G-man, can you send him my way for a neckrub?
  7. Good morning!!!!! MWAH!!! Hope everyone has a fabulous day! (I'd rather get back in my bed and go to sleep but... oh well!)
  8. I would LOVE to see that! You know what? I have a good friend that knits... I think I'm gonna get her on that!!!! hehehehehe
  9. snog Trent Rezner (sp?) of Nine Inch Nails
  10. I can't wait to see this one!! Never seen Gerry play a crazy freaky nut, so it should be hella good.
  11. Oh, babes, my mind is ALWAYS in the gutter... so you're in good company!!! I hear that there is an Over 18 board here, but It might be too tempting for this wild Dixie girl... I still I'll just stay "topside" for now...
  12. I'm not an action movie kind of girl, even with Gerry, LOL, so I think I'm going to wait until the DVD comes out for this one.
  13. I saw it in 2007. I was totally blown away by his performance. Now - keep in mind - I hadn't seen 300 or PSILY at this point (I think it was getting ready to come out) but I never made the connection until I actually saw both 300 and PSILY on HBO or Cinemax or something... but by then I had the soundtrack and was wearing it out, and had Phantom screen caps on my PC desktop.
  14. Hands down one of my faves... love me some OneTwo! Anybody got a screen cap of the "I'll make it worth your while" scene? Another one of my favorite scenes... the call he places to Archie. "I've goat Lenny's bi' o' scrrratch... it's berrrnin' a hole in the floooooor, so you be'er come ge' it before it melts mah buuuuuts..."
  15. My husband actually took me to see it when it came out... he loved it just as much as I did! I was loving that elevator kiss... and the salsa dancing?? They were both so good at it, so perfectly natural... But then again, it appears that there is NOTHING that Gerry don't do good!
  16. I am definitely putting this on my birthday list.
  17. Is this like the big greeting place? Still kind of getting my bearings... this is a BIG board... Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday/Hump Day. Weekend is just around the corner! Love to all... Kira :wuv:
  18. How about a slightly chubby, almost-forty artificial blonde? :lol:
  19. Too funny! I think it's gonna be fantastic!!!
  20. One of these days... *sigh* I will have my few seconds underneath that big, strong, warm arm.
  21. I am screaming! GAWWWWWD how precious!
  22. Hmmm... this could be fun... how about... Gerry's Dixie Darlin', OneTwo's Range Rover
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