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  1. Suzie!!! Did you just wake up???? I noticed that too
  2. Sorry if its already been posted elsewhere, I missed this today so here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOoERRCMdTE enjoy!
  3. if she needs help holding his kilt up or the spanking of his perfect bum then I am MORE than available! NAUGHTY BO THAT HE IS...mmmm well I hope so anyhow
  4. I voted fr Gerry wherever I could and voted for "other" and put him in wherever I could
  5. THANKYOOOOOOOOOOOO I personally dont think he was teling the truth over the 3some thing, within the last year as such BUT it wouldn't suprise me, as he is a grown man's man..a famous brilliant gorgeous actor we all love, but human after all, and if he has done this then so what..most men would, and lets face it he above all is in the best position to fulfill his fantasies, and if they were all consenting then go for it. He isnt in the wrong for answering, if anyone was (tbh I thought it was a bit of fun), it was MTV for allowing that line of question at that time in the day.
  6. Lunch Would you be Gerry's secret sex slave?
  7. thanks for the link...that man is SEX on legs!
  8. oooh not sure...ah go on snog. Vince Vaughn?
  9. No 1 in my book, of course I am bias, but fair enough in top 10 Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, James Macavoy, Hugh Jackman BUT George Clooney? Alan Rickman and sorry the guy at no 2?? come on..........who did the voting? Gerry beats them ALL hands down!
  10. Loved this film, only seen it the once as yet but LOVED every minute of it..and no it has Nothing at all to do with the fact that 2 yes 2 of my favourite men star in it..Gerry of course but along side him is the WONDERFUL, talented and heartstoppingly GORGEOUS Tom Hardy, watch out for him ladies .. WOW!! ps Tom Hardy...Handsome Bob (aint that the truth)
  11. WOW thanks for sharing, very very lucky lady
  12. how gorgeous!! both of them, can he get anymore perfect ? stunning to look at, fab actor AND he loves dogs! PERFECTION
  13. Hi Im from England, North West..Lancashire.
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