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    A galaxy far, far away! lol
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    My hubby, David..my angel...my inspiration and my soulmate...Thanks to him I can indulge my love for fictional FBI agents and Vampires, run around having adventures with my sister Tamara (my hero, my best friend and my "partner in crrrrime")and follow my dreams and *our* dreams knowing that he believes in me and wants my happiness and peace of mind, heart and spirit unconditionally. What a gift and treasure that is!! I absolutely adore my GALS and my Anam Cara, my precious and beloved SiStars~ they bring such joy and *healing* into my life...**We are all connected**Writing and making art..any creative expression... is my passion and incredibly blesses my life! I love storytelling in it's many and varied forms (music, books, theater, movies,t.v.,etc etc)...my favorites of the moment~~Charlaine Harris and the *Sookieverse* and True Blood (I love my Eric!) The Artist's Way, POTO, The Jury, Dear Frankie, B&G and Wrath of Gods, PSILY, RnR, the X-Files, Solarcade, INXS, U2, John Waite, Harry Potter, LOTR, The Matrix, Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., The Da Vinci Code, It's a Wonderful Life, Everything is Illuminated, Greg Iles, William Diehl, Anne Rivers Siddons, Ranier Maria Rilke, Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda, almost any 80's music, Say Anything, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Out of Africa...this list is could not possibly contain all that I love...it would be way too freaking long!LOL and, most important of all...Gerry...storyteller extraordinairre, ambassador of *love*,the conduit to absolutely endless *connections* and one of my favorite human beings ~ever.

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  1. Greetings...David has been working since the end of June, finally at a permanent job after 5 long years of searching...I have not been well, but I am staying strong in my spirit and keeping to the Light...with all my love xoxoox

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