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  1. Funny translation ^^ Thanks for all the beautifull links Lavender
  2. Haha great minds think alike, I just wanted to create a topic about the same thing ^^ Except that I hadn't found anything on youtube Thanks Lavender
  3. yeah I can't stop watching it either haha, they're both soooooooo funny and he looks oh so cute
  4. Thanks for the caps And lol, TUT is still running in theatres here while there is still no sign of LAC coming out soon. You gals have all the luck
  5. Okay, I have posted the link in the other topic about Gerry's reading Craig Ferguson but I'll post it here as well It's not my youtube channel so I'm very thankful for the one who posted it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ki65-w0PSU
  6. Yes, the ones who were watching yesterday have heard him say it The fans asked him: "what about burns" And he replied: "Burns is going to happen" Now, if Burns would happen without him, I'm sure he'd say that, but with an aswer like that, I think I may assume that he is indeed involved
  7. Don't know if it's everything but it's already on youtube Gerard reading Craig Ferguson
  8. I did my best but I must say, taking caps by hand... not so evident haha I have made 46 in total, a few look the same but I'm glad they succeeded
  9. Yeah haha, so cute and handsome as always Thank you BaileyS
  10. Hey Barb, if you're reading this, the pictures should reach your inbox as we speak Hope you can use them
  11. yeah, i can't quote him exactly but he said something like: 'I then wonder why I don't have a bigger bank account' But I think he was only joking, don't remember just what followed but I'm sure it's a joke And yes, he looked smashing
  12. No you're right, the one that won, til schweiger, that's a german actor who made a few international films as well
  13. Well he just got the award When he was still in the audience and the girls were talking about him, did you hear him laugh? haha so cool ^^
  14. I don't think they have a full screen option but I'm afraid to test it because my internet is doing weird things
  15. Oh good, I already wanted to ask that ^^ They are small caps however, does anyone have the video in large?
  16. Sorry :-( I was also too late, just by a second I think :s And yes, ads pfffffff haha
  17. yeah the girls asked: 'what about burns' and he answered: 'Burns is goin to happen' So that's good news And yep, guy in purple suit, don't know who he is but daring haha
  18. Haha I took a caption where he was saying that it was cold, picture looks funny but cute ^^ I'm going to put them al together and then I will upload them
  19. I'm watching but in periods, I have visitors :s Hope that I see him arriving anyway
  20. Aaaah I really feel sorry for him, look at him, he should get some sleep... and soon...
  21. At least you just look tired, when I'm tired, I look horrible haha But he does look tired very much, poor Gerry, hope he'll get some good nights sleep And oh yeah, he does look good, he just always does doesn't he?
  22. How cute are they So adorable and it is clear that he loves them so much and that he's proud of them. Wow :wuv:
  23. Yeah, to me he looks tired, needing a holiday or a few days off I think he looks kinda unhappy, except when he meets friends like Guy Ritchie. This is yet another job to be done, hence the pictures I think that, now with Scotland coming nearer, he really wants to go home to his family and get some sleep...
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