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  1. Definitely scruff Walk in the park or walk on the beach
  2. Ow Moira, you pulled me over I already have my tickets, just need to print them out and I'll be there I arrive sunday the 15th at 11:25 and have a flight back the next day. Got my tickets to celebrate my birthday which is 3 days later. I'm so ecstatic and I can't believe I'm doing this, oh my gosh
  3. Ooooohhhhh reading all of this, I'm thinking of coming too. I already was but now that you gals are going, it would be easier for me because I would be coming alone as well. I'm going to see for a plane ticket now. I'm not sure yet but I really want to go
  4. I must admit, I've only seen it once because of what it does to me. I cried my heart out and movies like that still have effect on me days after I see them :s Maybe I do have to watch it again, maybe this time it won't affect me this much... but I doubt that...
  5. Wow, this was beautiful Steph. I really like the way you write, you make me want to read more. Well done, really
  6. Casual Morning person or evening person?
  7. Thank you very much for the interview And wow for the pic Too bad they made a typo (Gerald )
  8. blueangel


    Yeah, it can be so hard these times, I wish him all the best of luck in his new job
  9. Not even once, it still isn't out here yet TGBM thinks GB's eyes are mesmerizing
  10. Oooooh snog Matt Damon?
  11. Wow, thanks Steph, the title didn't ring a bell but seeing those clips now, I've seen that film, well both parts. I didn't know Gerry played in it, wow, so weird that you don't remember and then all of a sudden you see his face turning up somewhere in a film that you've seen once and didn't even remember or something like that :s it's getting late here, think I'd better get to sleep haha I'll look out for it as well
  12. Hi MoAnamCara I didn't know you but still I'm glad you're back Beautiful nick btw, I love Gaelic and used the word m'anamchara an awful lot for someone special in my life. I agree with everyone, you're in the right place here But I also want to say a little something more. I'm amazed how wonderful and sweet you all are, it's really a pleasure to come to this board. It's easy to get GALS, if not for Gerry, then certainly because of all of you. I for one, am glad to be here and to have found kindred spirits So again, MoAnamCara, a very big welcome back
  13. Oooooh, that counts for me as well, I'm a scorpio ^^ And I must say that I'm planning a lot of changes so thank you for the heads up
  14. Pfff LAC isn't even out here yet, If I have to wait any longer I will have to cross borders to see it Think that it will come out in January or so Can't wait to see it
  15. Okay, I'll give it a try as well... As an actor, I love your diversity, that you portray a different character each time, that some people have to look twice or three times or a whole lot more to see if it's really you. You not only look different each time, you are different, you don't play the part, you are, for a short term, the character that you portray and while watching a movie, you are able to pull me into the story and I always seem to forget for a short while that it is a movie. Not many actors can do that so that's a big big compliment to you ^^ You lay your whole persona in a role and I love it! You also seem very down to earth, a trade I admire. (Now, I will not speak of your eyes although they are GORGEOUS ^^ nor will I mention the cheekyness or the fact that you're scottish, which is a very big plus point in my book ) haha But I think, what mostly stands out for me, is that it seems you have a passion for everything you do and that my dear Mr Butler is something I hope you'll never lose
  16. Oooh maybe a snog ^^ Not that it is possible haha but Michael Jackson?
  17. Well yes I do TGBM has seen all of GB's movies
  18. Kiss on the cheek David Bowie
  19. blueangel

    Yes and No

    Yes I would be honest but in a gentle way But no need for that because the man dresses fineeeeee Wow to think of a question is hard :s If Gerard would want to jump out of a plane with you (skydiving), would you do that?
  20. I listened to it and while the dj's are jerks, I think he handled it quite good actually And although it sometimes gets really rude, you do get an inside of how he is. He answers the questions he wants to answer, he laughs (genuinely I believe) with a lot of them and the things he doesn't want to answer he simply doesn't. He is honest and you could hear the frustration sometimes but he doesn't hide it, he tells them what he thinks of the questions and I think that is really cool. I think even more of him now (if that is even possible ^^)
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