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    Haha, that's how I felt last year when I turned 30 ^^ I didn't want a 3 , wanted to keep my 2
  2. Yeah I have my reservations about this one as well. Don't get me wrong, whatever role or movie he will do, I know I will love it because he really is a great actor who gives everything while playing a part and I will support him but... Shakespeare is a very dangerous thing to do. I love Shakespeare, but what I've seen so far with adaptions is that it is or very good or very bad I've seen so many of them and so few I liked. On the other hand, it's Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgrave and they really know their stuff. I just hope this will be good, very good cause have you seen the video of 'coffee with'? He talks about all the hard work putting in a role and being so dissapointed if the movie doesn't do as well. I really hope for his sake that this is going to be a succes...
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