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  1. Morning, Girls. Happy Easter to everyone. Rayna....I know you had Seder last night. Hope it was wonderful. I'm getting ready to drive out and pick up Gary for Mass. From Attila....Gaylen to Nakara...can't remember where this occurred.....! Next: "....and I thought I was the one in a hurry!" (man to woman) Back later today. Pat
  2. Hey, Lyn Went to Meijer, the bank later and then had to go to D&W to pick up something I couldn't find at Meijer. I hate that!!!! lol Then I've been cooking all day. Finally laid down on the couch for a little while. Gonna go take my bath and wash my hair. I have to pick up Gary for Mass around 7:30a and he lives 20 miles from me. After Mass, he'll pick up the ham and come back here. From Attila....Attila to his last wife asking for his oldest son. I haven't seen this in years. Next: "Will you be riding next to me on a horse of your own?" (man to woman) I'm shutting down and take my bath. Everyone have a nice evening. Pat
  3. Morning, Girls. Going to Meijer...getting food for Easter. Guess it's Gary and me. From TUT.....Mike to Abby....about Colin. Next: "You are totally just trying to kill my buzz!" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  4. Morning, Girls Getting ready to go to the office. From TUT.....Abby to Mike when he's in the little jello pool with the twins! Next: "Well then....maybe you heard I turned it down!" (man to woman) Everyone have a good day! Pat
  5. Hi, Rayna. Gonna go fix my hair....just wanted to stop by and check. I am gonna try the soup soon. You make yours from scratch? Probably much better than the box. From B&G.....Wulfy to the old fisherman on the beach. Next: "I'm told you know of things to come." (man to woman) Shutting down. Gonna fix my hair. Everyone have a nice evening. Pat
  6. Hi Never had matzoh ball soup but I always wanted to try it. It just sounds so good!!! I even bought a box of matzoh ball mix but never made it. From B&G.....Wulfy to the old fisherman on the beach. Next:"Don't forget....I know how you die!" (man to woman) Back later. Pat Yes, I did mean woman to man! Sorry! I'm shutting down. Gonna take my bath and wash my hair. Have to go in the office in the morning.
  7. Sorry.....dozed off again. Clue: turned off light! Don't know how else to give you a clue! Pat That was right, Rayna....when she gets up to turn off the light. Your's is from PSILY and is it Patricia to Holly when they all walk in Holly's messy apartment and find her singing? Next: "It happens every now and again....not often!" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  8. Morning, Lyn I didn't get home until 3:15am ish. Couldn't get to sleep so I read until 4am. Just got up! Didn't want to sleep too much or I won't be able to sleep tonight. It's raining a little now. From PSILY....Gerry to Holly when she is in the hospital....I think! Next: "That's a good girl!!" (man to woman) Back later. Having a little breakfast. Pat
  9. Morning, Caireen. Getting ready to go in the office and enter the tests we did last week so we can let their Safety Mgr know how many shifts their employees had in their hearing since last year. Then Kristi and I have to go back to Gary's company tonight from 9:30p to whenever we finish....sometimes 4am. From PSILY......Holly to the guy delivering the balloons....I think! Next: ".....or the other kind is fine!" (man to woman) Everyone have a good day. I'll probably be back early this afternoon. Pat
  10. Hey, Rayna. I'm sure they're really grateful to have you help them! Have fun this week, Caireen. From NI.....Alexandra to the Captain of the ship that they landed on. Next:"I saw her....she's real and she's on the ......!" (boy to woman...others present) Gotta go to work. Doing hearing tests where Gary works. Everyone have a good day. Won't be back until late this afternoon. It's 20 miles east of GR! Pat
  11. Hey, Girls. Just got back from Lansing. It went well.....just tired! From PSILY.....Holly to Gerry in her dream of them on the couch. Next: "He's not here....I'm not here!" (woman to woman) Back later. Pat
  12. Morning, Girls. Have to run out to the office and pick up a sharps container. Amanda forgot to put one in the bag. I just thought of it early this morning. Now, I have to pick one up. So that did a lot of good to go out Saturday and pick everything up (I thought was everything.) Looks like we maybe, had 3 inches of snow overnight. Hope the roads have been salted! We have to go to Lansing this morning! From PSILY.....Holly to the prospective female buyer of the condo/apartment! Sharon and the woman's husband present, too. Next: "I've been so around!" (man to woman) Hope you got a good night's sleep, Lyn.....after your busy weekend! Everyone have a good day. Pat
  13. Morning, Girls. Rayna......I bet the concert was good last night......love live music! Gary is coming over later this morning and we're having burgers, baked beans and curly fries. Made some pumpkin bread yesterday. Lyn....guess your kids are leaving today. Bet it was nice having them come Thursday, too. From 300....Stelios to the guy whose arm he just cut off! Next: "You'll have a grand tale to tell.....a tale of victory!" (man to man...other men present) Back later. Pat
  14. Hey, Lyn. Hope you're having fun with your family....I know you are. I walked for the first time in Michigan in quite a while. Did in FL! From 300....Gorgo to Leonidas in their bed....on their last night together. Next: "Then why so distant?" (woman to man) Shutting down....everyone have a nice evening. Pat
  15. Morning, Girls. Gotta run out to work to pick up supplies for Monday. Glad you had fun yesterday, Lyn. Hope dinner was good. From Attila....Rua to Attila and Bleda when Attila returned from pillaging Nakara's village. Next:"I think that's the first sign of weakness I've seen in you!" (man to man) Back later. Pat
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