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  1. Morning, Girls. Going into the office to enter some tests. Hope you had a good time at Laura's party last night, Rayna. Lyn, hope you've been able to sleep better. From 300....I think this was when Leo says this to his men when they found all the dead people in the tree. Next: "It's quiet now." (young child to man) Everyone have a good day. Pat
  2. Morning, Girls. Hope you all had a good Sunday. From 300......Leonidas to the Messenger walking together. Next: "It was an honor to have lived by yours!" (man to man.....others present) Back later, Pat
  3. Morning, Lyn. Slept later again but I didn't go to bed until 2a. Glad you both had a good day yesterday/last night. From Dracula.....Dracula to Mary. I think in the cemetery. Next:....."You don't mean that.....you love me!" (man to woman) Later....Pat
  4. Hey, Rayna. So glad you and Renee got your badges. Glad she could go, too! The mall we went to yesterday was the Outlet Mall. Les got Merrel hiking boots. Brain was fried earlier! lol Just finished all my paperwork and balancing my checkbook! Yay! From Dracula.....Lucy to Mary in the upstairs hallway talking about Dracula. Next: "This is how you die!" (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  5. Morning, Girls. Had a really nice time yesterday. Went to the new mall first. Les wanted some Merren hiking boots and found some....really good price. This new mall is all cheaper stores. So many name brand stores! I'd like to go back again. It's south of town and a little distance for me. Then we went to see Harriet. It's the Harriet Tubman story about how she saved many black people during the Civil War.....really good. We went to this movie theater downtown. They just finished it a little while ago. This really was needed for all the people who live downtown in condos and appartments. I had tickets which I received for Christmas last year from our employer, Spectrum Health. After, we went to this restaurant attached to the theater. I had Shrimp and Grits, which was delicious....rivaled some I'd had in Louisiana when we lived there. Les had a Crabmeat sandwich with fries and Bill had a Pulled Pork sandwich with a small salad. All were really good. Then I came home. From Dracula.....Mary to Simon in the church library about Dracula speaking the foreign language. Next: "I said he guards it like it was gold." (woman to group) Back later. Pat
  6. Morning, Girls. I'm off today. I could have gone in to enter the tests Kristi has been doing but I'm "tested" out!. lol Bill and Les asked me to go to a new mall I haven't been to yet and then get a bit to eat and go to the movie to see Harriet. So, I'm going with them....have to be at their house at 9:45a. From Dracula.....Drac to Lucy at Lucy and Mary's front door. Next: "You haven't been feeding her." (man to man....woman present) Back way later. Pat
  7. Morning, Girls. Going back to the company north of here again. After we return...we'll go into the office. Rayna's quote is from PSILY....Holly to the woman she and Sharon are showing the apartment to....or vice versa! Next: "That's because I am." (man to woman) Back later today. Sorry I haven't been on much these last two weeks....working lots. Everyone have a nice day. Pat
  8. Morning, Girls. Guys, I don't hate my job....just some of the hours. Lyn worries about me.....and yeah, I don't know how long I can work. But while I can and make a little money....I'll still do it. I still feel good...so!!!! Glad you got home, Rayna and back to your routine. Happy your folks are doing good. Lyn, I hope you feel better today. I know you will but just rest! From PSILY.....Gerry to Holly on the road in Ireland about "the wild Irish dog." Next...."Oh, please.....I've been so around!" (man to woman) Gotta get going....going in the office to enter and then at 10a....have to go across town to do blood pressures. Then back to the office. We did 5 days last week....I'll be on #4! Pat
  9. Hey, Girls. Glad you got back, Rayna. Yesterday's weather was horrible. Had doctor's appt at 9a and had to leave at 745a and got there right at 9a. The roads were not good even with salting. My icon for sliding was on most of the time. Got finished and stopped at home to get all the tests we had done last week. Didn't want them sitting in my car. Not that anyone would be out in that weather to steal anything but I just thought we did 500 tests and the thought of having to do all of them again.....no!!! Anyway, got to work at 1030a. Really busy. At least it's not snowing today...so far. Kristi and I have to go north 20 miles and it's supposed to be really cold. My mantra.....I hate winter!!! From PSILY....Holly to Daniel....at the Irish Memorial in NYC....I think. Next: "You look good." (man to woman) You all have a good day. Pat
  10. Hey, Lyn. Have to work this morning...entering all the tests we've done last week....over 500! I don't know when you're returning home, Rayna. Maybe tomorrow. We're getting snow here for about an hour now. Supposed to get 2-5 inches. Let the fun begin! I don't know this quote, Lyn. Won't see you all......working all day. Pat
  11. Hey, Lyn. Didn't sleep real well last night. Just laying on the couch. From PSILY......Denise to Holly in the bridal shop. Next: "Please feel free to stay till morning." (woman to man...other women present) Back later. Pat
  12. Morning, Girls. Boy, Rayna....what a jam-packed day you had yesterday. Have fun with your cousin this morning. From PSILY......Holly to Gerry when she first meets him on the road in Ireland. Next: "Gerry loved you....I saw that." (woman to woman....man present) Back later. Pat
  13. Clue.....two men talking about when it's time to attack Rome!!! Pretty much gave you the answer....just have to guess who??? Back to cleaning. Pat
  14. Morning, Lyn. I'm cleaning this morning. Just put my throw rugs out on the patio....brrrrr, it's cold out there!!!! From Attila....Attila to his young wife asking the his son be brought to him and she asks which one. Thus, his answer. Next: "When I say it is." (man to man) Back later. Pat
  15. Morning, Girls. Glad you had a good time and liked the play. We saw that this year by our local theater and they did a great job, too. But in your case, Rayna. There's something about being in NYC that can't be compared!!! I don't know Caireen's quote. Of course it's Attila! I don't remember ever hearing this before. I'll let you try, Lyn. Back later. I'm gonna clean this morning. Pat
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