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  1. Hi, Caireen. Have a nice night's sleep. Rayna....so glad your Mom is getting all those nice things. Tell her Happy Birthday for me. Have a nice dinner. From POTO....the Phantom to Christine after she de-masked him. Next: "Come with me...I will take you....." (woman to man) We're supposed to get some storms. I can hear the thunder now. Pat
  2. Morning, Girls. Just about to start cleaning my apartment. I work the rest of the week...so, I have to today. From POTO....the former owner of the Opera House to Firmin and Andre in the beginning of the movie. Next: "But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound...." (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  3. Hey, Girls. Sorry I missed you, Lyn. Hope you're doing good today. Benita is with you now, huh? Hope you're enjoying your parents, Rayna. I just got home a little while ago. Had to go to a company 50 miles north of GR. Have to go back Thursday and next week, too. From POTO....Madamn Giry to Christine after her performance....from the Phantom. Next: "Is this what you wanted to see?" (man to woman) Sorry, I'm tired and I didn't feel like looking something up. Hope you all have a nice evening. Gonna go take a nice relaxing bath. Pat
  4. Morning, Rayna I have to work today. So, you're not gonna have much company. You'll probably be busy anyway. From TUT.....Mike to Abby when they're in bed together about the big "O". Next: "Oh, for God's sake...there's the first one!" (man to himself) Well, got to get going. Have a good day. Pat
  5. Hey, Rayna. Got back from Pam's a couple hours ago. Been a lazy day for me. Came home and made a burger on the grill. From TUT....."sh*t".....Mike to Abby in the balloon. Next: "Well...I think that's a very good decision." (woman to man) I'm shutting down. Talk tomorrow. Pat
  6. Hey, Rayna. Glad you made it safely and got to sleep in. Yay! Have fun today. Hope your parents are doing well. I'm going over to Pam's in a minute. From TUT....Mike to Jonah when he visits the studio....about the pizza. Next: "No, Dude....I'm the talent!" (man to man....another man and woman present) Back later this after. Pat
  7. Morning, Girls. Guess you got to Philly safely, Rayna. I have to run to the grocery and get a couple things. From TUT...Abby to her date in the restaurant in the beginning. Next: "You're looking quite fetching." (man to two women....others present) Back later. Pat
  8. Morning, Girls. Rayna...have a safe trip and enjoy your mom and dad, too! You're lucky to still have them. I know you wish they were out by you. Good luck with working on the reunion. From TUT.....Mike to Abby in her office when she tells him her cat stepped on the remote and brought up his tv show. Next: "I find it impersonal!" (woman to man...another woman present) Back later. Pat
  9. Hey, Girls. Lyn....it's so good to have you back on with us. My family is so glad you're doing so well....as well as Kristi. She asks about you all the time. Rayna....have a safe flight tomorrow,. Have a fun time at the outdoor concert tonight. After I come in from concerts...I can't get to sleep right away! Hope you can! From TUT.....Mike to the waitress at the Salsa Club...about the different kinds of waters. Abby there at the table with him. Next: "Oh, come on....I never had a chance with you." (man to woman) Gonna go take my bath. Been out on the patio reading. Pat
  10. Hey, Rayna. Lyn just asked me the last time I talked with her if you were leaving for Philly this weekend. Told her I didn't know for sure....I don't think you've said anything recently about it. If she calls...I'll let her know you are leaving tomorrow. I love Airsupply, too.....have fun! I know you will. You'll be sleeping on the plane tomorrow after getting home late tonight. Or can you sleep on planes. I can't....tried to desperately but can't From TUT.,..Mike to Ferguson on his show about women. Next: "You're wound tighter than a top!" (man to woman) Finally gonna wash my face and brush my hair. Been busy all morning doing laundry and then I made some Chicken Tetrazzini and it turned out good. Never made it before. Back later, Pat
  11. Morning, Girls. Rayna....good for you...hope you got to sleep in! Just took my laundry downstairs. It's been a couple weeks when I last did it. From TUT....the sales woman to Mike about the bra they're discussing....Abby is the one intended to wear it! Next: "Oh, my, my, my...." (woman to herself....about a man) Gotta go downstairs and put my wash in the dryer. Back later. Pat
  12. Hey, Rayna Just got in from work a little while ago. Kinda long day.....but productive. From TUT....Mike to make-up woman in the chair at the studio....Abby listening. Next: "I just told you I loved you and you give me a vocabulary lesson!!!" (man to woman...another man present) I'm gonna shut down and make some dinner. Talk tomorrow. Pat
  13. Morning, Girls. I have to work today. From TUT....Mike to Abby....talking about her ponytail when they're walking down the street after shopping. Next: "Panic? I came by your room." (man to woman) OK....gotta go. Pat
  14. Morning, Girls. I thought your clue "don't ask" was Abby. Just wasn't sure. I'm working today....so this will be it for me unless I get home earlier. We don't know exactly when we'll get off. From TUT.....Abby to Mike at the restaurant about the little boy having the remote to her panties! Next: "They say they want true love but all they want is a check list!" (man to woman...kinda) Hopefully, back later. Pat
  15. Guess I need a clue. You've change movies!
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