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  1. Morning, Girls. Hope you get your class, Rayna. Gonna iron a couple things to pack. Got my suitcase out of the closet yesterday and I think I'll start packing after I press a couple things. Usually, I don't until the day before. From Attila.....Galen to Nakara near the little stream.....talking about loving Attila. Next: "You've never loved then." (man to man) Everyone have a great day. Pat
  2. Morning, Girls. Gonna do my laundry this morning.....can't go down until 8a! Apartment rules! Did my tax stuff last night and have to take it to my accountant this morning, too. Also, made some spaghetti salad yesterday and it made so much....gonna take some over to Bill and Les. Busy morning. I had no notifications from either of you in my Spam! From Attila......Honoria to her friend when Attila and Aetius ride into Rome. Next: "How's it done?" (man to woman) Have a good day. Pat
  3. Morning, Girls. Well, got lots of things to do today. Gonna make some spaghetti salad to last a few days. Get my suitcase out of the hall closet and gonna do laundry tomorrow morning. Still snowing a little.....supposed to stop soon. Glad Ed's group pulled a lot of people in!!! You had a busy weekend, Rayna. Caireen, sorry about the job. You'll find something you love soon..... From Attila......Galen to Nakara by the little stream. Next: "I'm through with you woman.....never speak to me again!" (man to woman) Everyone have a good day. Pat
  4. Morning, Girls. Was supposed to go to Marge's church for a breakfast.....so many good foods. Well, we got almost a foot of snow last night. I'm not going out and Gary isn't coming into town in it either. Bill said he wasn't going....Les will go out in anything....so we'll see about her. Marge just has to go a couple miles and she isn't sure yet! I laughed so hard yesterday when my fuse blew. I was talking to the manager and she said the box was in every apartment. I forgot I had it covered with a large picture to hide it!!! The "light" came on in my head and I laughed telling her this. The picture has covered the box for 15 years and I had forgotten!!! Duh!!!! Anyway, flipped it and of course the outlets work now! lol Felt so stupid!!!! Hope Ed had a good turnout!!! From Attila....Attila to Aetius when they're watching the soldiers march by. (I think) Next: "How am I supposed to find it before sunrise?" (man to woman) Have a great day. Pat
  5. Morning, Lyn What a morning! I was making Goulash for Gary in my large electric skillet and warming a cup of coffee in the microwave. They both went out!!! I tried putting the skillet's plug into a couple other outlets.....no go! Had to take it into the bathroom to continue cooking. Nothing like cooking in the bathroom! lol Gotta call the manager now. Have to get my hair cut/colored at 12:15p......it sure needs it! From LAC.....Dunnigan to Nick in a phone call from the slaughter scene. Next: "We have him locked up and he's still killing people!" (woman to two men) Have a great day, Pat
  6. Morning, Girls. Gotta run to D&W and to the bank. I didn't have to run my shorts out to Pam. She is out this way today and she's stopping by to pick them up. Supposed to get a little more snow later so, I want to go before that happens. Also, Pam will be here around 1130a. From LAC.....Clyde to Nick in the room at City Hall......about his wife and daughter's murders. Next: "No.....96%!" (man to man) Have a good day! Pat
  7. Morning, Lyn. Food delivery......and cleaning! Lucky you! I'm gonna go out to Pam's this morning to take my shorts. Hopefully, the roads will be cleared by then. Hope we don't have bad weather when we take off for FL next week! Yeah, let us know....Caireen! From LAC......Sarah to Nick.....walking in the hall talking about her ex! Next: "I can pretty much do whatever I want!" (woman to two men) Have a great day, Pat
  8. Morning, Lyn. Thanks! Pam was gonna cut and sew my new shorts for me. They're way too long but it's snowing heavy and I'm not going out on the road. She lives a little distance from me. I marked where I want them cut off. It'll have to be another day. She's a good seamstress! Marge and I had a really nice day yesterday. Went to PF Chang's for lunch.....I had Spicy Chicken Bowl. It was delicious....along with a cup of Hot and Sour soup. After, we stopped at TJ Maxx and then went to Aldi's to pick up a couple things. Came back to her house and had a nice hot cup of tea......hit the spot!!!!! From POTO.....Raoul to Christine on the rooftop! Next: "I'll be in Australia!" (man to two men) Hope your feet get better.....soon! You poor thing....those feet give you so much trouble!!!! Life sucks sometimes! Everyone have a good day. Pat
  9. Morning, Girls. Gotta go wash my hair. Marge and I are going to lunch (last lunch out before our trip) and I am picking her up at 11am. From POTO......Raoul walking along with everyone from the opera house about how to trap the Phantom. Next: "You alone can make my song take flight......it's over now......." (man to man and woman) Have a great day, Pat
  10. Morning, Lyn. Sorry about your feet! Hope you can take a nap later. I woke up at 430a again but fell back asleep. I have to run to D&W to pick up a couple things. Kristi is coming over for lunch. I made some ham salad and it made a lot....so she's coming over. Going to give her some to take home. Just gonna be simple soup and sandwiches......we're on WW's! From POTO.....Raoul to Madamn Giry in her dressing room about the Phantom. Next: "Is this what you wanted to see?" (man to woman) Have a nice day. Pat
  11. Morning, Girls. Didn't sleep well last night.....been awake since 4a. I decided to just get up and balance my checkbook and a few other things. My lunch with Gary yesterday was wonderful. The oyster po boy was delicious! Gary had fish and chips. I have some piles of clothes out and some have to be pressed. I never can pack except right before I leave. Don't look forward to the long drive down to Florida. We usually fly but everything has gone up in price and the rental car was so expensive....so we're taking Pam's car down. Hope you slept better last night, Lyn. Bagel's good last night? From TUT......Abby to Mike talking about "flicking her bean!" Next: "It's the same thing.....isn't it?" (man to woman) Have a nice day. Pat
  12. Morning, Lyn. Gonna go take my bath and wash my hair. Gary is taking me out for my birthday lunch. Going downtown at this seafood restaurant. They have the most delicious Oyster Po Boys! On WW's.....so have to watch my points. I can do it. From TUT.....the sales lady to Mike in the dress shop! Next: "I had a really good time tonight." (woman to man) Hope Ed is feeling better after seeing the doctor. Everyone have a nice day. Pat
  13. Morning, Lyn. Well......woke up to snowing....not heavy though! Back to winter! The guy from Comcast didn't call me yesterday...now, I have to try again. He was seeing if they had any promotions? Yeah, right! I get no notifications either. Rayna....hope Ed feels better today. You, too! From TUT......Abby to Mike as they're walking across the lobby in the hotel. Next: "Well then.....maybe you heard I turned it down!" (man to woman) Have a nice day. Pat
  14. Morning, Lyn. I had such a wonderful birthday. Kristi called and ask me to go to lunch. went to Wing Doozy....best chicken wings ever! Then went back to her house and I got back into WW's! So easy to keep track of daily and look up items! Had phone calls from so many friends and family. It was so nice and thoughtful! Talked with my grandson who is in college in MD! He loves it and hope everything goes well for him! Sorry about Ed not feeling well, Rayna. Hope you both get better soon! From TUT......Abby to her date in the restaurant! Next: "I'm smarter than everyone else!" (man to woman) Have a great day. Misting here! Pat
  15. Morning, Girls. Thank you for the card, Lyn. Bill, Les and Erin took me to dinner last night. It was delicious....steak, potatoes and zucchini and got a complimentary dessert for my birthday......cannoli! Couldn't eat it all.....brought over half home. Nice dinner again tonight!!! From RnR......Stella to One Two when he comes into the restaurant and she sees that he's been roughed up! Next: "Hello.....I sense a bit of competition here." (man to woman) Have a great day. Pat
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