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  1. Morning, Girls. It was supposed to rain last evening and early this morning. Doesn't really look like it did. Looks like it should rain but weather station says "cloudy"....so I don't know if I should walk or not. I don't was to get out there and then get rained on. I'll wait a little while to see what happens. It's a little cooler today! From Attila.....Nakara to Attila on her deathbed about their son. Next: "That's the point!" (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  2. Morning, Lyn. Sorry you didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Seems to be our lot in life!!! Gonna go in an get a bath..I'm a wet mess and wash my hair. Pam is coming over after my weigh-in and then we're gonna go to Fresh Thyme and I'm getting a salad...don't know what she's getting and bring it back here. Then it's Outlander time!!! A couple of episodes anyway. From RnR.....One Two to Mumbles and HB in the car. Next: "You'll be able to afford a pair of your own in a couple of days." (man to woman) Pat
  3. Morning, Girls Getting ready to walk. It's 69....going up to 86. Gonna be somewhat higher than it's been the last couple of days. Gotta weigh in and I don't think I've lost anything. This is so discouraging...been this way for two weeks now. I'm not gaining but crazy eating what I'm eating!!! From RnR.....Lennie to Archie in the car after the Russian visit. Next: "I've got one at home just like that with a little boy fishing." (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  4. Morning, Girls. Just returned from walking.....not too warm this morning. Don't know what it's supposed to get up to....didn't look. From PSILY.....the waitress to Holly after Daniel leaves her. Next: "How did you come to be here?" (man to woman) Back later. Got some calls and paperwork to do. Pat
  5. Hey, Rayna. Getting ready....have to go to the dentist later. Got an appt to talk with him about what to do with my bridge $$$$$$! From PSILY.....Denise to Holly when they all come into her messy apartment. Next: "..... loved you....I saw that." (woman to woman....man present)
  6. Morning, Girls. Getting ready to walk soon. Sorry about your heat, Rayna. Besides the virus.....the heat has an impact on us, too! From PSILY......don't remember if it's Denise or Sharon to Holly in the Irish Bar about how long it had been since Holly had sex!!! Next: "I don't think he's here any more!" (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  7. Morning, Girls. Had a really nice time at Bill and Les'. We ate outside and the weather was beautiful yesterday...in the 80's! She had everything I could eat. We didn't leave until 930p. It was so good to get out and talk with people. Marge hadn't been in a car with someone since March. The only other person I'd been with in a car was Pam. Rayna, glad you found a washer/dryer. What I would give to have those appliances in my apartment and not have to go downstairs and pay every time. That is what I miss a lot not having. Gonna go out and walk as soon as I get dressed. From LAC.....Clyde to his cellmate just before he slaughtered him. Next: "I had ten years for vengeance!" (man to man) Back later. Pat
  8. Morning, Girls. Glad you got your AC replaced, Lyn. Too hot lately to be without one in the LR. Rayna, sorry you had to be on hold all that time with Sears. I just had that with QVC last night but I only had to wait 45 minutes before I hung up. Found another "return label" on something I had received....so I'm using that label to return my merchandise. So frustrating.....don't know how you had that much patience!!! Getting ready to walk. It's not quite as hot as it has been so I set the alarm for 7 instead of 6a. Good for you, Caireen. Bet you feel good about almost finishing your book! From NI.....Jack to the pelican when he shows up on Jack's boat....I think! I haven't seen NI in ages either. Next: "You were thinking wunderlust.....adventure?" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  9. Morning, Lyn. Sorry about your feet and the AC keeping you from sleeping. Hope your landlord can get to that right away......with the heat like it is! I didn't get to bed until 1245a....finished my wonderful book. I set the alarm for 7a to go walk but it was storming and raining so I went back to sleep until 815a. Can't walk this morning anyway. From NI when Nim steps onto the edge of the volcano and starts it spewing. Next: "I am to you!" (man to woman) Back later....eating breakfast. Pat
  10. Hey, Lyn. Glad you had a nice chat with Benita. In this heat...she ran 10 miles? You'd die here....it's so hot out. Kristi and I stood out by our cars and talked a minute and it was horrible! It's 94 degrees out. It was so nice to be out and eat something. Had grilled chicken tenders and a really nice salad with balsalmic vinegar on it. Had really delicious greens and red peppers, too! From NI.....Jack to Nim when they are opening their "care" package. Next: "I'm sorry, Luv....it's over!" (man to woman) Back later.
  11. Morning, Lyn That's early for a food delivery but I have seen Shippd shoppers getting their orders together when I go real early to Meijer! Kristi called me last night and we're gonna meet for lunch.....social distancing of course. Guess I wear a mask until we are seated??? Gonna have to ask her. This is my first time out to a restaurant. Gonna get some grilled chicken and a small salad. From NI.....the taxi driver in front of Alexandra's home to her in the taxi. Next: "No....you don't have me anymore." (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  12. Morning, Girls Getting my shoes on to go out and walk. I have to weigh-in but couldn't get in till 1130a. So I'll come home and chop my veggies up before I go. Pam is coming over for lunch and I'm having a taco salad...so I''ll get everything ready before I go. Then we'll watch an Outlander or two after we eat. From 300....the old Ephor to Leonidas when they ascend the pinnacle. Next: "Catch your breath, Boy!!" (man to man) Back later. Pat
  13. Morning,Girls.... Just got back from walking about 15 min ago and I'm dripping wet. After I drink some water...I'm going in to get a bath and wash my hair. I need to pick up a few things at D&W after my bath. Pam is coming over tomorrow and eat and watch a couple Outlanders. I'm gonna make taco salad and I need a couple things for that. From 300....I assume it's Leonidas to whomever. Maybe the Captain. It's been so long since I've seen this. Next:"Slaughtering all those men has left a nasty cramp in my leg...so kneeling will be hard for me!" (man to man) Back later. Pat
  14. Hey, Lyn. Gosh, it's hot....94 degrees out. I see you have 96!!! I went out to pull some weeds and water the flowers and it's miserable. I hate Winter but this is ridiculous!!!!! lol At least the humidity is only in the 40%. From 300.....I can't remember if this is Leonidas or Stelios??? Next: "You are generous as you are divine." (man to man) OK...back to ironing. Pat
  15. Morning, Girls. Well, I got out yesterday. I had ordered a pair of shorts and a top both in Medium which always fits. Well, they were cheap and too small...so I took them over to Les to see if she could wear them. She's gonna try them on this morning. She's so skinny now...they probably do fit. We stayed 6ft apart. When I left there...I stopped at Marge's and she was sitting outside. I hadn't seen her in ages. We sat outside 6ft apart. I must have stayed a couple hours. It felt so good to get out and talk with them. From 300....the Captain to Leonidas after Astinos' death. Next: "I would die for any one of mine!" (man to man) Back later....gonna walk. Pat
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