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  1. Hey, Rayna. Just returned from walking. It's beautiful out...not so hot but I'm wet! I've been going since my dentist's appt at 800a. I woke up at 4a and couldn't go back to sleep so I just got up at 5a. I'm getting sleepy but don't want to shut my eye or I'll never get to sleep tonight. Got my temp flipper, it's called but I don't like it. It's like the old fashioned false teeth with the plate at the roof of my mouth. It's actually cosmetic so my gap won't show when I talk or smile. It fits OK but it's the plate that bugs me....I almost lisp if I'm not careful. They want my gum to completely heal before the permanent one. I tried to eat a little crab salad I got at Meijer and it gets under the bridge and the plate. Ugh. I'm thinking I'm not gonna be using it that much. I'm home most of the time anyway. Sorry about your gas being out. You fixed it though...thank goodness! From BH.....Milo to the bad guy holding a gun on him in the depository (can't find my list of characters) Nicole is across the room. Next: "Actually, Gelman, the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet....until now!" (man to man) Back later. Pat
  2. Morning, Girls. Drinking my coffee. Have to go to the dentist this morning early to get my temp bridge in. Then in 6 weeks, I'll get my permanent one in. Then I'm going to Meijer after that. From BH.....Sid to Milo when he finds Milo in the office sleeping on the couch. Next..'We're actually doing this" (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  3. Morning, Girls. Well.....we finished Outlander yesterday for Pam. The last episode she thought was not needed where Claire was raped and then her dreamscape! I guess I never thought about it one way or the other. The dreamscape was a little offsetting! But I loved Marsali in this when she killed Lionel (the bad guy.) She thought it should have ended with #11....when Brianna and family didn't go back to the future. It would have been a cliffhanger! I guess to each his own! From TR2.....Reiss' man to his men on the hi-rise in China about going after Lara and Terry when they go off the building in their squirrel suits. Next: "Oh....having two faces doesn't count." (woman to man) Back later. Cleaning out some things today. Pat
  4. Morning, Girls. I had a nice time with Marge yesterday. She's in the same boat as both of us, Lyn....she lives alone, too! She hasn't gotten out too much except doctor appts, dentist and grocery....like us! Anyway, it was nice to eat lunch outside and she had me a light margarita. Those frozen ones. I hadn't had one of those in ages. We had a nice talk....got up to leave and helped her clean up and I'd been there 3 hours....couldn't believe it!!! From TUT.....Mike to Abby in her office when she had called Colin and was waiting for him to return her call. Next:"No, Dude....I'm the talent!" (man to man....another man and woman present) Back later. Gonna have some coffee. Pam is coming over after church to see the last two Outlanders." Pat
  5. Morning, Lyn. Hope it goes well for you....keeping my fingers crossed. Tell Tracy hi for me. From TUT......Mike to Abby in her apartment when Colin is at her door. Next: "Oh....my, my, my!" (woman to herself) Going over to Marge's at 2p. Taking some chicken salad on buns and cake over. We'll sit outside. She has a nice covered area with picnic table. Back later. Pat
  6. Hey, Lyn. I didn't walk earlier. Was sleepy and laid down for a bit. I'm going now after I get dressed. The weather looks so good. Glad Tracy is gonna come and you'll do a "run through" tomorrow. I'd hate to see you not be able to drive though. But you have to do the safe thing. From TUT.....Abby to Mike after she'd run her finger down his chest....in her apartment. Next: "Beats the **** outta me but....I am!" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  7. Morning, Girls. You girls were busy yesterday with quotes. My foot is just a little tender this morning from being poked and prodded.....doesn't really hurt though. I'm gonna have a cup of coffee and then go walk. I opened my slider and it feels cooler.....so nice. From TUT.....Jonah to Mike when he visits Mike at the studio. Next: "No....you hate yourself because you're so shallow!" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  8. Morning, Girls. I got something in the pad of my right foot....feels like a splinter. Pam tried to get it out last week and she couldn't. It must be deep. I'm gonna have to go to the Med Center and let them do it. It's really painful if I step on it in the wrong place. Hate to do this but if I step on a hard surface, it really hurts. On the carpet...it doesn't hurt. I just don't want to get an infection. More money out!!! I don't know what else to do. From TUT.....Mike to Abby when he's first introduced to her. Next:"They say they want true love but all they want is a check list!" (man to himself) Back later. Pat
  9. Morning, Girls. Gonna go out and walk after I get ready. Beautiful morning! From TUT......Abby to Mike. I think when they were walking along the street after her shopping trip. Next:"Panic? I came by your room!" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  10. Hey, Girls. Kristi called and wanted me to meet her at OG. I went and just had some soup. It felt good just to have lunch with someone! Rayna.....I go back to the dentist next Tuesday to have my temporary bridge put in. They made impressions before my bridge/tooth was removed. I'll keep the temp one for about 6 weeks so my gums can shrink back to normal. Then I get my permanent one. I'm doing so good.....no pain at all. From NI......Alex to Alexandra....can't remember the scene exactly. Next: "You seized the moment!" (man to woman....another man present) Back later. Pat
  11. Morning, Girls. I'm doing great. It started hurting a little around 5p yesterday and I had been icing it and just took a couple Tylenol and that did the trick. The extraction wasn't bad at all and my wonderful dentist had no problem. When I went to bed I had to switch to my left side....it throbbed if I slept on the right affected side. Feel great this morning! Caireen....good luck! From NI...Alex to Alexandra when he's trying to coax her out of the house. Next: "No....it doesn't feel just great!" (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  12. Morning, Girls. Well, today is the day.....have to have my bridge removed and my eye tooth extracted. Hope the dentist has no trouble removing it. My teeth are so hard to pull. Not looking forward to this. At this age.....I can't believe I have to put that much money into this!! This is from NI but can't remember the scene. It's just been too long since I've seen this. I can hear it in my head. Guess I won't leave a quote so you have to answer two, Lyn. Back maybe later before I leave at noon for the dentist. Pat
  13. Morning, Girls. Hope you had fun seeing the kids, Rayna. I get to see my great grandson when Natalie puts pics of him on FB. He's so cute and getting so big! I take pics of them and have them on my cell! He'll grow up not even knowing me....sad! From NI....Nim to Jack when he tells her she is just like her mother.....when he's taking off in his boat. Next: "This is it.....you're tasting adventure!" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  14. Morning, Girls. Thanks for the new thread, Rayna. Rayna....glad everything went well for you. I'm hoping the same for me on Monday! Yeah, I texted Pam asking her if she was off yesterday. She was....so she came over and I made some burgers and she had some pasta salad that she brought and then we watched two Outlanders. We have two left to watch....the last two. From 300.....probably, Leonidas to either the Captain or Stelios. Can't remember exactly. Next: "Everyone but me." (child to man) Back later. Got a load of sheets to wash. Pat
  15. Morning, Girls. Getting ready to walk. It's a little cooler out this morning....feels so nice. From Dracula......Mary to Lucy in her bedroom. Next:"I swear to God.....he doesn't care!" (man to man) Back later. Pat Post 289
  16. Morning, Girls. On my way to Meijer. From Dracula....Dracula to the image of God on the rooftop in N.O. Next: "You haven't been feeding her!" (man to men) Back later. Pat Post 276
  17. Hey, Lyn. Got back and I lost 23 all together. This was my last week. She gave me some papers on how to maintain. Lost 4 1/2 at waist, 3 1/2 on hips, 1 on arms and thighs. She said that was good for my age and with the two surgeries in the last year, too! I still want to get down to 130 or so. Stopped at D&W to pick up a couple things......and stuffed peppers from Stouffer's. From Dracula....Mary when she was dreaming about Dracula and she told herself to wake up. Next: "I said he guards it like it was gold." (woman to group) Back later. Pat Post 269
  18. Morning, Girls. Gonna go walk. Then this morning, have to go for my weigh-in. From Dracula.....Lucy to Dracula on the stairs at Mary's home. Next: "No.....but he can!" (woman to man) Back later. Pat
  19. Morning, Girls. Rayna....I don't know exactly how long it's gonna take from beginning to the end when my permanent bridge in put in. Yeah a few bucks for both of us!!!! I'm not working yet so, I'll be able to heal. Gary work such long days....12 hour days! But he works a few days and then he's off for a few days. He works every other weekend. I should be OK. If I can come back home after surgeries....this should be OK. Good luck with yours. From DF....Janet to Lizzie when Lizzie runs out of the hospital after Davey's outrage!!! Next: "Did you do this?" (man to boy) I'm going to Bill's to copy a bill and a form I have to fill out regarding my shots I've had to take after my surgery in December. They are vaccines and some are covered and some not. Anyway, have to send the original form and copies of the bill back to my insurance company. They're trying to get all the shots covered. The bill was almost $900!!!! They should have left my spleen in!!!! lol Pat
  20. Hey, Rayna. I'm going to bed in a minute and I stopped by before I turned the computer off. You mentioned your tooth. I have to go to my dentist next Monday. I have a bad eye tooth under my bridge. So he has to cut the bridge off and then pull my eye tooth. Then let it heal before they put the temp bridge in. They'll put that in until the permanent one is put in. All in all, it's gonna cost me for everything about $6,000! I could have cried when I heard the amount. What can we do when it needs to be done? I'm not thrilled about getting the tooth pulled.....my teeth are really hard to pull. I'm a little nervous but what the heck can I do? Just what I need....to put out this much money! I'm 82....who wants to spend that much money on your teeth??? From TR2.....Lara to Terry on the upstairs porch on the second floor. Next: "What time do you want me to be there?" (man to woman) See you all in the morning. Pat
  21. Morning, Girls. Gonna go walk and it's really humid out. Rayna....hope your new washer and dryer worked well for you! Dresden is so cute. From TR2.....Lara to Terry when he's bandaging her arm. Next: "I'm tired of you pointing that thing at me.....you ok?" (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  22. Morning, Lyn. Sorry about your sleep last night. I woke up at 630a and got up and walked. It was sooo humid walking...I was almost drenched when I got back home. We are having thunderstorms now. It died down a little from what it was about 30 minutes ago. It's 78 supposed to go up to only 83 today. We'll see! From TR2....Lara to the Greek guys on their boat. Next: "But I'm still gonna kiss ya!" (man to woman) Gonna do some paperwork. Back later. Pat
  23. Morning, Girls. Gonna go walk.It's 68 going up to 89. I heard it was supposed to go up to 94 today. Pam's grandson is getting married today in a park at noon. Ugh! From POTO.....Christine to Raoul on the opera rooftop when they are leaving to go back down. Next: "Say you want me near you.....here beside you." (man to woman) Back later. Pat
  24. Hey, Lyn. Well, I just sliced a whole cucumber and onions....put them in a bowl with the lid and poured vinegar and a little water and put it in the fridge for dinner Came back and reached over it to get a bottle of water and knocked it out and onto the floor. Of course, the lid came off and there was all that all over the floor. My rug is now outside drying with vinegar on it. It wasn't a rag rug where I could wash it. No, it's wool braided. Now, I have to go clean the floor up that I had just scrubbed yesterday. Did you hear me screaming? lol Of course, I had to pitch the cukes!!! From POTO.....Firmin or Andre to the former manager who had introduced them differently! Next: " I had rather hoped that you would come." (man to man....woman present) Back later. Pat
  25. Morning, Lyn I didn't set my alarm...I was reading late.. Caireen.....contrats on being close to finishing! I can only imagine how that feels. From POTO....the Phantom to Christine when he pull her necklace with the ring off her neck...."your chains are still mine....you belong to me!'" Next...."Calls for charm and appeal." (man to himself) Back later. Pat
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