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  1. Très nice! My guess is that he's in Paris to catch some of Roland Garros He did hang out with Novak Djokovic in Serbia right ? I'm just fine with him hanging out around the Meditarranean for a while longer. I'm going on a Meditarranean cruise this Saturday. Gerry, Barcelona next Friday?
  2. Thanks for posting, too cute! I had no problem watching it, and I'm outside the US.
  3. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been here. Real life got in the way. Gotta love working with a bank that's merging with another bank..... NOT! But the pics on here have made life soooo much easier I hope everyone is doing well. It's a beautiful sunny day here in Holland. And 3 days off, oh joy! Only 3 more days of work left and then : holiday! Counting down? Me? Nahhhhh. Have a lovely weekend
  4. Love the pics! Nice to see some of his face again, although that full beard looked reaaaally good on him. Hmmm, you think I can persuade him to stay in the Cannes area a bit longer? Like... for another 2 weeks, since I'll be there then? No? Bugger.
  5. Hi everyone! Haven't been in for a while. Real life got in the way, grrrrr. Work has been crazy busy but today was my two-weekly Monday off yay! Spent it cleaning, goodyyyy. I just finished watching The Proposal. I love that movie. Nice cup of tea, cat sleeping next to me. *sigh* I hope everyone who's been coughing, sneezing etc. is feeling better soon. I would say *hugs* but I won't... germs you know. Can't wait for spring to arrive x Esther
  6. I'm joining the SLA as well (Scruff Lovers Anonymous like posted above hehe). I never ever have liked facial hair in any shape or form on any man, but in Gerry's case.... Although I like the fresh clean-shaven look as well. It makes him look fresh, boyish, cute. It kind of depends on my mood I guess. Am I in the mood for the cute boyish Gerry, or the rough manly Gerry.
  7. wow. that was so impressive. I've heard about KKC but to see those kids and to see what it means to them, brought me to tears. I'm putting it on my Facebook page, because I think more people should be aware of this. Looks like it´s a US charity only, it would be so great if they would expand this to other parts of the world. So many kids could benefit from this. Who knows, one day. Go Gerry for being involved with this charity
  8. Dutchie

    Gamer DVD

    Does anyone know if there are different versions of the DVD, for different countries? I got mine today and the only special features I see are : Behind the Scenes and Interviews Cast and Crew. Or it could be that I'm just stooopid.
  9. Dutchie

    Gamer DVD

    It won't be coming out here until next week, but I've pre-ordered my copy, yay! It should be delivered to my office on Tuesday I might just skip the film and go straight for the extras
  10. Hello everyone I haven't posted in a while, I'm in England now, staying with a friend. Had a wonderful Christmas, with lots of pressies and I'm going back to Holland on Sunday. Back to work on Monday urrrhhhhgggg. Although with the weather forecast, I wouldn't be surprised if I can't make it home ontime, lol . I was lucky to get to England in the first place, because lots of flights were cancelled. Mine was delayed big time and in the end it took me about 12 hours in total to get there.. I definitely had my Gerry fix though. We went to see LAC (my friend is now traumatised for life as she wanted to go see Alvin and The Chipmunks....... you get the idea ), I got a Gerry calendar and she got me the One More Kiss and Butterfly On A Wheel dvds I hope everyone's had a great Christmas x Esther
  11. Just popping in to say hello. So... hello Life's been chaos with work and studying for work but I'm counting down the days before I go to England for 2 weeks, to spend Christmas and New Years with a friend and family. 3 weeks to go yaaaaay I hope everyone is doing well
  12. ahhhhh what a way to start my day! Thanks for posting.
  13. Congratulations to all the winners! Well done!
  14. Great article ,thanks for posting! Awww celebrating his birthday with his niece, that's just too cute! I usually have like 4 or 5 birthday parties, starting in June and sometimes going on until September. Celebrating with different groups of friends, workmates. Going out to dinner, drinks. I like that better than one big birthday party where everyone is having a great time eating and drinking and I'm running around all evening, making sure everyone is having a good time. I'm glad he gets to spend his birthday with his family. He needs a lot of TLC. And sleep!
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