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  1. Good morning, afternoon evening Ladies, Just another quick drive by. I was supposed to be driving over to Pinedale WY (kinda by Jackson Hole WY) today to spend 4 days with the hubby, but ewww white out and black ice on a truely tiny road. Sooo nope I'm staying home. I will try again tomorrow. Hubby's not soo happy but he gets why I aint goin! (I'm a big chicken) Hey there Celine I saw ya *big squishy hugs* how ya been? I took a quick trip to the gallery...........HOLY HANNA! Now of course I will have to mop up around my pooter before something shorts out! (Its a new pooter, can't have it dying before its paid for haha) You GALS have a great day! Toni
  2. Hi GALS' Wanna see a blast from the past??? That would be me *hahaha* I did a quick and random drive by of my favorite place and what do you know... we are now over 6000 strong! HOLY COW! I can still remember the first day we were officially "on our own". (We did some serious celebrating I can tell ya). Dana girl look what you GALS have done. A world wide meeting place for fabulous women (couple of men too huh). Hi Swannie, and Ms. Sporran yours were about the only names that I saw and recognized (oops still cant spell) HUGS to yas! well I'm off to look around a bit more..... sooo many drooly pics and sooo little time! Toni
  3. Swan, Good Gal. Don't let the nitwits stop you from sharing "our collective soul". I cannot count the number of times that I have read something you have written, and been so very grateful that you put into words all the joy that is my heart. (And always so much better than I could have done it myself) Never take to heart the nasty pettiness of those people who have nothing to believe in and no one to share it with. LUVS ALWAYS TONI
  4. Yesterday when I got home from taking my daughter Tarin to her doctor. I found a small box sitting on my diningroom table. When I opened it I found a beautiful silver pendant, with my mothers intial on it and a rose. The Mods and you Gals are wonderful. It is the perfect way for me to keep the memory of my mother close to my heart. You have made this painful time in my life so much easier to bare. I know that I'm not posting nearly as much as I used to, But I still check in every day. You amazing women are always making me laugh, are always giving out hope and love and friendship. Thank-you doesnt seem like near enough, But those simple words are very heart felt. LUV YAS
  5. Valets in small leather thongs pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!! This one works for me! hehehe Twinks misses you too. I am surprised you arent recieving tons of text messages from her. Ever since she got that phone of hers, I am pretty sure it only leaves her hands while she is in the shower.
  6. Well Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wy, Montana, Nevada ....... Have I forgtten anywhere? hehehehe I think I need a laptop and internet connection in my car
  7. See somehow I knew you would all understand. Swannie I miss you too, and I am soo glad to hear that you are still writing. One day I WILL buy that novel in leather bound hardback How is your Nathan doing? He is so talented he deserves only the best. (You too) Song thank you for letting me keep my head,hahaha. But you know Attila would have been nice too :greatking: I heard from Chris that you havent had the best year either hugs to you too. I missed Vegas but I am soo there next year. Chris and I both so start preparing yourselves now.... Jill thanks I miss being on the boards and our gals crazy antics
  8. I have missed you all so much, and I wish I had more time to get to know all the new members, but things have been a crazy for the last year. I hope you all forgive me. My oldest Tarin is getting married and I have a new grandson. His name is koshon and he just turned 3 years old. Tarin and her almost hubby have going to rounds in a custody thing that finally got settled about month ago in time for his 3rd birthday. She is also defying the doctors and having a baby of her own (due in Sept. but expected in about 3 weeks) She has agreed to move home for the birth we have much better doctors here, but they will be lliving with me. Its not a huge secret that Mark her hubby-to-be and I arent the best of friends soooooo this will be intersting. My Mom Patsy moved in with me about a year ago, she has senile dementia, and about a month ago I decided she needed more attention and care than I could give her. I have been working 4 days and 10 hours a day now for awhile but with the drive time I am gone almost 13 hours out of everyday, The state stopped providing a nurse to help, and with Britty being 15 and Ethan being Ethan, I have been a bit overwhelmed. My oldest brother found her a great place (verra pricey but worth it) closer to him and we moved her in there. They require a complete no holes barred physical which turned out to be a good thing, because we discovered that my Mom has pancreatic cancer. She is staying pretty upbeat, but her time is very short. I spend a great deal of time on the hiway between Blackfoot and Ogden. If anyone needs to know where the worst of the constrution is let me know My hubby Jeff found a really good job (really good money) but its out of state. So lately I see him only on weekends,and I am missing my own Scott pretty bad. But for mothers day he bought me a new Honda Ridgeline pickup.(i love it) But the poor thing had to have an oil change before the 1st payment was made cause of all the miles I have put on it already. My job kinda bites, they are making the compliance metics so high that no one is hitting them anymore. My supervisor thinks they are trying to close down our center, withou having to pay fines to the union. I think he is right about that. But honestly I am hoping that they fire me. I could use the vacation. Poor Mel I bet when you asked where I had been you didnt expect me to write a book about it huh. I do come in and read try and keep up with all the new goings on. Our beautiful Boy is doing soooo well cant wait to treat myself to another New Gerry Movie (Pam woman we should all go again that was fun) Mostly I try and keep up with all of you. I miss you more than you know, and just knowing that you are all here,gives me more comfort and strength than you know. LUVS ALWAYS Toni
  9. It feels so good to have the internet back at home too. I can do a lot less lurking and lot more playing Still trying to figure out all the new stuff but hey I got time. Swan sorry to hear about your hubby, but I'm sure you will have him up and about before long. How is Nathan? Hi Susan I see you here too. Thank you for the warm re-welcome? Ladyfran I look forward to meeting you too. Hugs to everyone Toni
  10. I have been wondering the same thing. Not that 300 wasnt a truely gorgous film I just think that the BOW story is a bit more my speed.
  11. I think I have a lot of catching up to do... I have no idea where to go or say oops (hahahahha) Missed you gal friend. hugs

  12. Hi all I know that it has been awhile since I have been around. Just a quick note to let you all know I LOVE the changes, this place is still the most user friendly Gerry Home ever, and I think that I may have gotten things calmed down enough around to come back and play. I have missed all of you so much and the craziness too. I did get to see Pam and go and see 300 with her and Chris, (Pam thank you so much I am currently smoke free almost a week, couldnt have done it without your help) Gonna go run around a bit now and see if I can't figure out all these cool changes. Hey Merge miss you!!! LUVS AND HUGS TONI
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  14. Just a quick drive by to let all you crazy beautiful Gals know that I am still alive and kicking. New job has been keeping me really busy. But soon I will be back!!! CAUSE......... I MISSS YOU ALL SOOOOOO BAD!!!! :wub: HUGS AND STUFF ~~~~ TONI
  15. *sneaks in with only minutes before the dreaded work day starts* HI YAS!!!! Just a quick drive by to let you all know that 1. I am still kicking it around, (just been too tired to post) and 2. (this is the important one) I MISS YOU!! School will be starting for my children soon, work is getting less nerve racking and I have finally hit the numbers I need. So soon I will have a bit more play time and less stress time!! I can't wait to meet all the new members, and run around giving big squishy hugs (watch out Spot and Perrin, you two are the first ones on my list!!) Swan we will need to sing some major hims in chat church soon too! hehehe I havent been just wasting time though...... 3 of the ladies I work with have started borrowing my Gerry movies..... I think I am converting them *evil grins* Hugs and Luvs to everyone ~~ Toni
  16. Oh Terry it is good to know that I'm not the only one who has been MIA lately. I do try and lurk and read every night, and I miss you all so much!!! New job is great but the homework learning all the new systems is kicking my um ....er....."little" butt :: I can't believe we are at One year already. So many changes in one year.....It is really amazing. Thank you every single Gal and Pal everywhere, you have inspired me, lifted me up, and made me believe that I can do anything!! Luvs you all.... :inlove: *I really do* Toni
  17. Just a drive by while I drink my coffee.... I miss having the chance to post more and really get to know all our members, I am hoping that soon things will calm done a bit again, and I can get back to my normal Pervy Self.. I must say though that the Father Gerry Pic's I am so going to HE!! I started moving Mom in yesterday , will do more today. and by this weekend she will be here all the time. I hope this works out. And the job well I have good news (at least I like it ...some of the other people starting with me aren't to crazy about it) But they have asked us about 4 -10 hour shifts> I hope they do it. It would cut one day from the drive every week, still giving us the hours we want. I'm loving that! All you Gals going to Scotland ....can you see me turning green? LOL I would love to go. Dawn a new little girl? That is way cool. After you get her all settled and happy, we will need tons of pic's! Britty and Jennifer(my neice) are supposed to go pick out a new horse this weekend too. So that we will have 3 and the girls can ride together, instead the turn taking. We may never see them again! hehehe Ok I went past my pooter time already this morning!! But LOVES AND KISSES TO YOU ALL! Toni
  18. Good Morning to all you Fabulous Gals and Pals.... Mike long time no see!!! * Big naked boobie hugs just for you!* Did you tape that airplane pull? More important are you gonna let us see it?? :: Hey Super Spot, I miss ya! 49 weeks huh? Cool.... I am trying to wake up this morning , not having much luck though. I think maybe I should put my coffee in an IV.... woork right now is pure classroom stuff. I t would be nice if I could remeber it Chris I love ya (just thought I would remind ya) Amy ~~ Hi Sweetie, is there anyway you could handle your student loans through e-mail? Makes the paper trail really easy, plus you have a paper trail of exactly what they told you too, a kind of print and go! And you even have the day, time, and other good stuff to know. (Just a thought, I hate dealing with the student loan thingy's) (((HUGS))) Lish how is the house? I am missing so much....*sniff* I just had a thought of trying to list everyone, then realized I only have 5 more minutes left to play (or wake up) soooo TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE GALS AND PALS, NEW AND OLD ......I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU AND HAVE A GERRY-LIOUS DAY!!
  19. I'm so glad I found that poem. It really does express how I feel about all of you and this wonderful place that Dayna and Stef and Jenni and Annette, plus all you fabulous Mods have made for us! Everyday you all continue to amaze me with your saucey humor and huge hearts. Everyday you all make me so proud to be able to call this place home, and all of you family. Loves Toni
  20. Hey everybody.... I made it through the first day and.... must say not to bad!! I think I'm gonna love this job! In fact last year they took the top service and sells people for an all expense paid trip to Paris for 7 days, first class all the way and evn gave them $5,000.00 spending money......Next April they will do it again, and this years trips will be to LONDON BABY (I am soo gonna work my brains out!) Thank-you to all you fabulous Gals for your good thoughts and stuff It woked and you all ROCK!! Now on to the sad news... not sure if or where Britty may have posted this but...Chris's (christinarenova) Grandmother was in a horrible accident today and was killed. It make it even more heartbreaking today was her grandparents 55th wedding anniversary. Chris is beside herself right now with shock and grief, and I'm not sure when she will make it back on the boards... So if you could just keep her in your prayers and heart over the next few days. I know that she will appreciate it, she just fell in love with this place and everyone on here. I will do my best to keep you all informed on how she is doing too ( Or Britty will) Thank-you so much for your love and support. Hugs Toni
  21. Anna's Home... Anna's Home!!!! Hi Ya. Not only are you home but you were right, I have found exactly 5 minutes to post really quick!! hehe I really have to make this a drive by though. Today is the first day of my new job. I'm excited but still have those new job nerves My mother will be completey moved by Sat. if all goes as planned. But I still need to re-shampoo her room, put up some tiles in her bathroom, and paint her room. Plus I think it will be easier on everyone if I stop by after work every night and pick up a few boxes at a time (less for Sat.) Sheesh I think I'm tired already! hehehe Seriously wish me luck Gals .... I'm going to need it. I moved out at 16 because my mother and I are very different people. She has always been by nature a very down person. The world is constantly ending.... :finger: I'm hoping that I can show her that life is amazing, and the challenges are what make it interesting. I miss you all so much already....(((BIGSQUISHYHUGS))) Toni
  22. Just a quick note ....hehehe Like I ever make it quick huh! Susan and David ---- WOOT WOOT I'm so glad they were able to give you both some relief so quickly. I have been through a couple of thyroid scares myself with my oldest daughter..... Still sending you BIG HUGS and comforting prayers. Abrock...er ...um... So Mel hehehe, who needs super glue when you are as huggable as you are?? Cel -- I would like to invite you to my insanity, POTO and Gerry and Gals pretty much got me through my little bit of fun last spring (surgery, hospital, big scarey C words) I can tell you from experience whatever works, to bring you up and lift your spirits, is the best medicine ever. (plus when that man smiles...everything in the world just looks brighter) :: Chris I would get cleaning BUT your childern are here wanting to play dress up! And we all know I would rather do that hehehe! Perrin you are the Woman, thank-you for writing more for the RR. I just can't wrap my head around it right now. Suz pass the IV please. After chat I watched The Family Stone. Very funny but also kinda sad.Then I really couldn't sleep. Jenn, sorry about your cold sweetie. Swan, I think all of life comes in cycles. Moments of highs, followed by lows. Just remember that everything passes sooner or later. And Until this one passes you have all of us here to vent to or cry with. You are not alone, ever. We all love and admire you greatly Woman hang in there! :wub: To everyone I have missed (and to all you Gals that I am seriously missing) have yourself a great day! Big Hugs Toni
  23. I have been such a bad Gal.....I haven't posted in here, or even kept up. My Vegas with-drawls have been worse than I thought they would be, and then I had to go back to NV last week ... this time to Elko for my daughters birthday and her friends wedding, so I have really missed bunches. I miss you all so much. :cry: Perrin I have resisted the urge to steal Britty's camel (but just barely) hehe Mousie, and Abrock _ I love your new siggy's.. all that Gerry love caught for everyone to enjoy BRILLANT Fergie How the Heck are You? I miss you sooo much. How is NO coming? hehehe Chris, you know it had to be done. But he is a beautiful and friendly dog, he will find a good home.(Now I just have to keep Jeff away from the shelter) Bethy, Everytime I read your account it floods me with the memories. I was lucky enough to be standing right there behind you. Thank-you for giving me the best memory of the convention. Sorry about your having to end your vacation though. Dawn how is the new baby? Have you spoiled it yet? Oh and have you seen the new pictures that Jenn posted? there is a totally fabulous one of you and Fergie that I had to right click and save cause it is going in a frame and on my wall. Miss you woman. Suz how is your back this morning? Did you try the ice packs? I know they are supposed to do more than than heat....but seriously for me I swear they make my muscles tighten up worse. I hope something has worked for you though. (((HUGS))) Jenn, Swan, Spot , Song, Celine, Cat, Danya, Annette, Jenni, AG, and all the rest of the wonderful woman I had the honor the of meeting in Vegas. Gerry was just the icing on my weekend. Meeting all of you, was the gift of a lifetime --- I loves you Gals!! :inlove: Susan, I was so sorry to hear that your trip has taken such a nasty turn. You and your Hubby are in my prayers. I hope the best wishes that all your "Sistas" are sending will help lift you and carry you through this difficult time. To all our new members, come right in, and sit right down!!! It won't take long around here before before the boundless love of this site will wrap you up! And Finally to anyone I may have missed (and I know that there are about 100 or so of you XOXOXOXOX) Luvs Toni
  24. Instead of taking a much needed nap this afternoon, I found myself surfing through the net looking for new graphics. I ran across this poem instead. It completely expresses my amazment and joy that has come from finding my new family, and how grateful I am to have found you all. I hope you all like it. There's a land where I go when I need to share that's not on a map, yet exists everywhere A land of names without faces, a curious place A modern creation thats called cyber-space There's all sorts of people with cute little names Like Pookie, and Sandman and Rosebud and Flames Some are just snobs and some are real fun And Some of them just want to find someone But both good and bad they all play a role Still each one unique, but part of the whole We talk and laugh and wonder why We flirt and hug and sometimes cry We can't be heard and can't be seen Yet, there it is, right on our screen But all in all the most curious part Is the power it has to open our heart To share with a stranger those things we've concealed Which to our closest of friends we'd never reveal Our deepest regrets and most troubling fears The scars in our life which bring us to tears What gives them the power to reach into me and show me the truths that I never see How do they manage to open my eyes And make me confess the deceit and the lies I don't understand this magical spell But I know that without it my life would be hell This must have been planned by God up above Cause There's no place on earth where you'll find as much love When I need direction I know I can find An angel from heaven just waiting online! Author Unknown
  25. Wow Sarah, you have just described my marriage for probably the first 15 years we married. Then I had a good friend that pointed something out to me. My Hubby had never grown up, because I made it too easy for him to stay a child. I always paid all the bills (he has always worked but him and money are not a good mix) the house was all my responsibility, the childrens health and wealthfare, even remembering "his" mothers birthday somehow had become my job. Then I stopped. I bought black furniture, put dark carpet in my house. I called him and told him, you will have to come home because I have made plans that cannot be put off. I stopped feeling guilty for his laziness. If the lawn needed mowed I hired someone else to do it, and made Jeff pay for it. Basically if it was something he needed, but not something that we all needed done.....well he did it or it just didn't happen. I also started doing something else that I had forgotten to do. I praised him for the things he did do, and tried very hard to over look the things that didn't get done right off the bat. If I came home and the girls were alive and fed, and in bed... I over looked the fact that they hadn't been bathed. When he got up on a Saturday morning and made the coffee, I made sure he knew how much that was helping me get moving. And I ignored the fact that somehow every dish in the kitchen had been used to make that pot of coffee. Don't get me wrong Jeff is still very lazy, when he comes home he naps first and everything else comes second...but he spends more time with the kids now, and actually enjoys it (way more than he thought he would) And he thinks more about me and those things I need more too. Raising a husband is always a challenge.... You are not being unreasonable, you deserve the same repsect that you have always shown him, if he refuses to grow up it is not your fault and you deserve better. I hope he sees what what a lucky man he really is.... (((HUGS))) Toni
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