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  1. sorry but gotta ask! why have little white lies never been put on a dvd (or vhs for that matter?) if anyone know! <----- hihi funny smiley sorry offtopic :S but hey we can hope they one day (hopefully soon!) they will release it on dvd
  2. so i found out that i had "jots" on my computer! and i haven't watched it yet so why not watch it now! i thought it was a "serious" short film so i was quite surprised by what happend but after i found it hilarious! my only question was that camel a male or female? the moral of that story (or what i learned!) ask questions or you'll might end up fooking a camel (hope i didn't spoile that cause i tried to put a spoiler over it but it didn't work!)
  3. hey! a little is always better then nothing!
  4. (hope this is the right place to put this! if not! please remove to the right place then ) where oh where can i get my little hands on "little white lies"!! please help (if you can)
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