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    Glasgow, Scotland.
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    All Cozied up, with a good di vi di, some goodies with Company or with my best friends, or partying on doon at the discoteque!! Just a random act of kindness from a random human being, doesnt happen a lot. Im happy 99% of the time!!<br /><br />Love Mr Butler in ANYTHING, Although if im completely honest, did not dig the long hair in Dracula that much! But i still would :)<br />Love all music from Dean Martin, Eddi Reader, to Oasis, MGMT, Rod Stewart, all 80's music, u2, Michael Buble, Pink,Lilly Allen to name but a few.....<br /><br />Love going to gigs, eating out, cinema,Dancing in middle of dance floor, singing,being with my two gorgeous niece's, Also im currently 'Pretending' to be on a keep fit regime at the mo, but to be honest, it aint going very well, considering i had 4 packets of roast beef monster munch when i got in from work :0)<br />Discipline Lynz!! Discipline!!

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  1. ahhhh babe!

    i am also going on sunday !

    hope to see you and moira there !!!!!


  2. LynseyLoo82

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    Hiya Gals and Pals of Gerry Boy.... lol My twitter name is LynseyLoo82 Tweet Soon xXx
  3. LynseyLoo82

    Just Jared GQ PICS

    Stunning, Just stunning...... *SHAWOOOOOOOOOOON*
  4. Welcome to GB Gals Natalie... :0) Come in, wipe your feet while we fetch you a cuppa... your gunna love it here :0)

  5. just tweeted u a link.the site has just put up a welcome Lynsey to site topic :)

  6. Thanks, i dont know how to get to anything yet, will find my way around soon though, dont you worry your pretty little head lol

  7. hi Lynsey.welcome to gals :) great site !!