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    Toronto, Ontario but I left my heart in bonnie Scotland
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    Other than Gerry? Let me see.... traveling, learning all I can about film, writing, reading, snorkeling, badminton, biking, hiking, the ever-expanding evolution of the vampire, cooking, meeting new people, playing Pictionary, performing improv, facilitation, troubleshooting, problem-solver and learning how to make a documentary and eventually making one. I'm a sucker for romance and I absolutely LOVE animals.

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  1. I'll get it off asap, Cheryl, and anything else I can find that you can use.
  2. So disappointed that you won't be coming after all, Issy...I was excited when I saw your initial post that you were coming this year, darn! I was finally able to get my schedule figured out, and just barely got registered today, so I'll put together a couple of nice boxes or baskets with some fun stuff and bring them along with me, since I'm driving...is that all right, Cheryl? Yes that's totally fine to bring the items with you! Just hook up with myself or Susan once in Vegas Thank you so much!!! YES the TIFF MGP poster would be wonderful! Send on it on! Thank you for donating it Pat! Hugs, Cheryl
  3. I may sometimes be out of sight, but GB Gals is never out of mind :o)

  4. I have one of the TIFF posters from MGP I could donate. Would that work?
  5. I can't believe anyone in their right mind would actually threaten a man whose mere existence has instilled such love, compassion and humanitarianism more than anyone else on the face of the earth (my opinion). Yes, we don't all share the same opinions about religion and others' beliefs, but that's the beauty of diversity. The fact that some people have threatened Gerard Butler because he portrayed a biker-turned-born-again Christian seems to me that there was something else going on that we're not aware of...jealousy perhaps? If someone was really resentful about the subject matter, why haven't these people (or person) go after Rev. Childers? Why "shoot the messenger"? I know this may sound radical but I'd give my life to save Gerard, and I know many of you out there would, too. I feel protective of him and am angered that someone would add pressure to a man whose only intentions are to be good and honorable at what he does. Despite the fact that Gerard projected his usual confidence and relaxed demeanor while in Toronto, I sensed the stress of his outrageously ambitious schedule and saw the heavy emotions in his eyes while being interviewed on e-talk. It also answers the question as to why he chose to exit the back door of the POW after watching a film. When he got a look at the overly excited males that were standing at the front door with their "300" photos for him to sign, it didn't take a rocket scientist to make that snap decision to beat feet to the back door. My heart continues to go out to you, Gerard, and I will continue to keep you in my loving prayers, with some added protection to keep you safe.
  6. Hey Gals: I was at the event and GOT TO MEET "THE MAN" HIMSELF! I literally went into shock after my friend took my picture with him (I'll get it up as soon as I get it). Thank you, George Strombo, for helping to make it happen. I have waited so long to meet him, and the venue was just not conducive to conversation as there was a huge lineup of people wanting his attention. I can't begin to tell you how strong an effect this man has had on me, and how he has affected the lives of some of the people I work with at TIFF. The man is so charismatic that his mere presence in a room turns heads. The room electrifies with his energy. He exudes sexuality and confidence unlike anyone else I have ever encountered. I can't say enough about him so I'll stop blathering and go to bed now.
  7. You are MASTERFUL calendar creator, Veronica. Thank you for sharing your labor of love with us!
  8. Magnificent poster! Positively powerful! Can't wait to see this film! Love your siggy, Sara. Very appropriate for our man...
  9. Hi Moira: PattheGerrykat here from beautiful downtown Toronto. I have a HUGE question for you: I work @ TIFF as an usher (part-time) and it's sad to say that I had to find out from you and the GALS about the day MGP would screen and that it was a gala. I don't want you to divulge your source without getting into trouble but does he work for TIFF? Thanks, lassie! ;o>

  10. Hey new Gal, Meg: I live in Toronto but will be working throughout the festival until 6:00pm. Were you thinking of lunch or dinner? I'll be there with bells on if I can. I've never been to either place you suggested before but I'm game if it means finally meeting the GALS!!!
  11. Hey Stuart. This will be a good opportunity for us to finally meet, eh? I would like to talk with you beforehand about a project a good friend and I are working on, and I'd like your input. When are you in Toronto again, with some extra time to spare?
  12. Yes, indeed, becozy. I just came from the TIFF Press Conference and was absolutely THRILLED TO BITS that BOTH "Coriolanus" and "Machine Gun Preacher" will be screened at this year's Festival! I was totally beside myself when Cameron and Piers made the announcement! Woot! Woot! I can hardly stand it! Gerry will be here, in Toronto! For those of you planning to come here, let's keep in touch and make a point to MEET UP, okay? I have a studio apartment so if you don't mind sleeping on the floor (or we can get air mattresses), you're more than welcome to stay with me. I live 30 minutes away from the all the TIFF activity. Unfortunately, the exact dates and times won't be released until about mid August as not all the films have been selected as of today. Stay tuned, gals! My link
  13. Hey Gals: Good news! In case you haven't heard, TIFF has accepted "Coriolanus" for this year's Festival (September 8-17, 2011)!!!!! http://gerrybutlerspantry.aforumfree.com/t2778-coriolanus-accepted-for-tiff-release-date-is-dec-2nd I have a small studio apartment, but I could put some of you up if you don't mind sleeping on the floor! It's embarrassing to say I had to find out this information from a source other than TIFF.
  14. I wholeheartedly agree with everyone. This invitation is LONG OVERDUE! I'm so glad the AMPAS has finally recognized Gerry's magnificence on and off the camera.
  15. It sounds like this year's convention was yet another rousing success, as always. Wish I could have been there. I am proud to be a part of a group of fabulously organized and fun group such as GB Gals! I love you all for bringing us like-minded Juice Lovers together When my life ever settles down, I vow to absolutely, positively attend a future convention
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