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  1. It's a B&W pic with "all good wishes" and the signature written in silver...
  2. it says: " All good wishes" and then the signature, and honestly I can't tell if it say Gerry or Gerard =)
  3. I know Mr. Butler is way to busy to personally autograph pictures to send out when requested by a fan, so pre-printed ones must surely be sent out. Do they say anything or is it just his signature? Does anyone know? I enclosed a pre-paid envelope when I sent out a birthday card and I got a picture back and I'm curious as to wehter it's really autograped...either way, it's going up on my wall! =) Thanks! ~~~Lisa
  4. Surely printed autographs (by machine) are sent out seeing as Gerry is far too busy to personally reply to every request for an autograph. Does anyone know what they say? Meaning, is it just his signature or does it have a little saying and then his signature? Kind of curious... =) Thanks! ~~~Lisa
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