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  1. Hello my loverlies! Gosh it seems like forever since I was last here, and in truth it probably has been. Unfortunately my final year in sixth form college, preparations for university, family problems as well as my usual bouts of depression and other emotional set backs etc (because I'm such a freak show lol) meant that I couldn't be around like I wanted to and for that I apologise. I still have loads of cr*p going on but I made an executive decision to get back on here and gb.net and do what I do best hehehehe! I also want to say sorry and give my severely belated thanks to those who
  2. you all make such valid points!!!! christine blatantly made the right choice for her. society back then was so superficial, i don't think i could ever stand living like that but i'm the kind of person that hates pressure from authority and i like to go against the grain just because i can. the phantom excites me, the endless possibilities- i'm too spontaneous for my own good, always jumping in head first, which may be my downfall- ah well who cares!!!!! i've probably made the completely wrong choice but Damn it, every single one of the phantoms (leroux's, alw's etc) turn me on!!! oops not
  3. oooh good one bonnie anne! there's a similar type of thread on gb.net which i loved but i like the fact your focusing on the movie- which i think makes it easier. I must admit i am one for a challenge, i would choose Phantom over Raoul mainly because of his floors- which can easily be put down to me being a complete emotional freak show and my choice of men; as simple as that. I feel a connection with him; wanting to be loved but being scared of rejection and feeling like an outsider in a world of beautiful people are just two of the reasons. There are times when all i want is to be alone in
  4. Terry: and i thought fireball was a good game! c'mon Lara we did a best out of three but you're just not cut out for ball games Lara: oh really? you weren't complaining last night!
  5. Gerry: i'm not smoking a cigarette, no- this is a....a....er......ok fine! beth shakes her head: tsk tsk gerry- wat am i gonna do with you? Gerry: ooh i have a few ideas.. beth: ugh typical- but ok!
  6. Gerry: oh no! must..save remainder of...buttons- RUN! damn these expensive shades- why don't they work! GALS: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH- BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey swan i too know how you feel- even if our circumstances are so very different. I suffer from depression, from reasons i won't go into (you wouldn't want to hear about my problems) and to be honest not many people really even know- including my family. I spend all my time in my room and rarely go out with my friends; i never feel like. I will admit that on several occasions i have tried or thought about killing myself (the most recent was monday) only not having the guts to actually go through with it. I'm not allowed medication because i'm an addiction risk, and right now the only thin
  8. Gerry: ooo my starbucks sense is tingling- Beth!!!! (where is that girl? tsk tsk)- must get latte....get latte now....
  9. Gerry: Beth are you sure it's safe? i mean that mate of yours looks a wee bit scary! Beth: dont worry about him- he's leaving- Sam? Sam?! hellooooo... you're LEAVING!!!!!!!! Sam: oh rite leaving yeh.... *stars at gerry* garrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......she's mine! Gerry: are you so sure mate? *gets his terry face on* hmmmm Sam: *gulps* ok...... Beth: sorry bout that- now where were we?... p.s Sam's my best mate just so you know lol!
  10. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! first post on the floor :dance3: i'm sorry that some of you haven't been feeling 100% recently- huggles y'all!!!!!!!!!! i havent been too good myself but i think joining here has helped- now i have even more to occupy me lol. it's proper baby mania everywhere i go at the moment- baby fever tis upon us once more!!!! Anyone trying good luck for the future! does anyone else still cry when watching TR2? i think i need de-sensitising lol! ack! i'm feeling so hyper tonight- this weeks gone so quickly, i don't know what i'm doing! l
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