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  1. Happy birthday hun xx

  2. Thanks for the link. I so hope that Burns will finally be filmed. Theresa, I so agree that good sleep definitely helps a lot and Gerry looks younger than 40 when he is not very tired. When he is, he looks his age to me but I also agree that I would have him in any condition I didn't understand what costume the interviewer mentioned, was it Dracula or Phantom one? His accent was a bit tough to understand.
  3. Natalie, your story is so cute and really touching, I'm glad you enjoyed your Gerry moment. I agree that you two look cute and didn't he say that he needs a girl from Glasgow? Hey, I have an idea - you get together with Gerry and we will all come to you for a cup of tea. I loved Glasgow, I hope Gerry will be home more often, it's a wonderful place and I think he really likes to be close to his family.
  4. Congrats Moira!!! It's a great article and you said it all so nicely! Way to go girl!!!
  5. That's so cool! It's nice of you not to leave your friend alone. I'm sure next time we will manage to chat Did Gerry speak to you?Did you ask him something? I love your siggy.
  6. Thanks for such great news !!! I'm so happy for Gerry, he deserves it a lot. The video was great and I wish him to work soon on a big project in Glasgow. May be we will hear more about Burns soon?
  7. Natalie, I probably saw you as I remember a girl looking like you close to the cinema entrance where Moira was, was that you? In a black coat if I remember well. I was close to the barriers but a bit further away, where the crazy teens were shouting LOL. Well, the name is just one letter difference, I also love it I loved Glasgow, we tried to check the main street (was it Nile street may be with trees covered with lights) and it looked super cute, I wish I could stay longer but the flight was rather early on Monday. May be Gerry will come more often to Glasgow and then we will be coming too
  8. Thanks for sharing, it was a nice video, what a lucky woman!
  9. Natalie, you are gorgeous, I thought you were a presenter from a local TV ! And if it's a bad picture of you , then I must go and hide myself . Seriously, you look great and who's that man close to you? Never saw him before Gerry looks very cute and he IS cute and handsome and stunning and droolworthy. I will also never forget that Sunday. Hey, we have similar names, I'm Natalia.
  10. Thanks for sharing, a great interview and Gerry is so sweet. I totaly understand him and it was funny the way he ended his reply . Sounds like it's better not to mess up with him.
  11. I wonder if the painting on the ceiling and chandeliers were inspired by POTO in a way... Thanks for the link Catwoman!
  12. The pictures are nice but they look too stylish for me, they don't have any soul, I can't imagine Gerry in this place. It's too dark and really medieval for me, kind of Roman style. It reminded me of a nice hotel Colosseum in a German amusement park all done in the style of ancient Rome. It has a nice style and lots of beautiful decorations but looks impersonal. Again this is my opinion...
  13. Thanks for the article, it's indeed very nice, deep and just honest. I loved the last sentence, how it' much better to support people and not be jealous. Gerry is an amazing person, he is very intelligent and also very wise, he can be goofy and funny but he can be very serious too and I love both of his sides. I'm just happy for everything he achieved, for all the new projects he has now. He seems happy and I hope he will continue the same way, he deserves it so much!
  14. Frannie, I'm like you - I need to finally find that Jo Malone perfume and smell it once and for all ! I saw a girl from Japan just almost next to me who brought Jo Malone bag with perfume as a present for Gerry to Glasgow premiere so I guess he will use it for some time. It intrigues me a lot now that everyone is mentioning it. Is it a UK brand?
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