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  1. Thanks for the link. I so hope that Burns will finally be filmed. Theresa, I so agree that good sleep definitely helps a lot and Gerry looks younger than 40 when he is not very tired. When he is, he looks his age to me but I also agree that I would have him in any condition I didn't understand what costume the interviewer mentioned, was it Dracula or Phantom one? His accent was a bit tough to understand.
  2. Natalie, your story is so cute and really touching, I'm glad you enjoyed your Gerry moment. I agree that you two look cute and didn't he say that he needs a girl from Glasgow? Hey, I have an idea - you get together with Gerry and we will all come to you for a cup of tea. I loved Glasgow, I hope Gerry will be home more often, it's a wonderful place and I think he really likes to be close to his family.
  3. Congrats Moira!!! It's a great article and you said it all so nicely! Way to go girl!!!
  4. That's so cool! It's nice of you not to leave your friend alone. I'm sure next time we will manage to chat Did Gerry speak to you?Did you ask him something? I love your siggy.
  5. Thanks for such great news !!! I'm so happy for Gerry, he deserves it a lot. The video was great and I wish him to work soon on a big project in Glasgow. May be we will hear more about Burns soon?
  6. Natalie, I probably saw you as I remember a girl looking like you close to the cinema entrance where Moira was, was that you? In a black coat if I remember well. I was close to the barriers but a bit further away, where the crazy teens were shouting LOL. Well, the name is just one letter difference, I also love it I loved Glasgow, we tried to check the main street (was it Nile street may be with trees covered with lights) and it looked super cute, I wish I could stay longer but the flight was rather early on Monday. May be Gerry will come more often to Glasgow and then we will be coming too
  7. Thanks for sharing, it was a nice video, what a lucky woman!
  8. Natalie, you are gorgeous, I thought you were a presenter from a local TV ! And if it's a bad picture of you , then I must go and hide myself . Seriously, you look great and who's that man close to you? Never saw him before Gerry looks very cute and he IS cute and handsome and stunning and droolworthy. I will also never forget that Sunday. Hey, we have similar names, I'm Natalia.
  9. Thanks for sharing, a great interview and Gerry is so sweet. I totaly understand him and it was funny the way he ended his reply . Sounds like it's better not to mess up with him.
  10. I wonder if the painting on the ceiling and chandeliers were inspired by POTO in a way... Thanks for the link Catwoman!
  11. The pictures are nice but they look too stylish for me, they don't have any soul, I can't imagine Gerry in this place. It's too dark and really medieval for me, kind of Roman style. It reminded me of a nice hotel Colosseum in a German amusement park all done in the style of ancient Rome. It has a nice style and lots of beautiful decorations but looks impersonal. Again this is my opinion...
  12. Thanks for the article, it's indeed very nice, deep and just honest. I loved the last sentence, how it' much better to support people and not be jealous. Gerry is an amazing person, he is very intelligent and also very wise, he can be goofy and funny but he can be very serious too and I love both of his sides. I'm just happy for everything he achieved, for all the new projects he has now. He seems happy and I hope he will continue the same way, he deserves it so much!
  13. Frannie, I'm like you - I need to finally find that Jo Malone perfume and smell it once and for all ! I saw a girl from Japan just almost next to me who brought Jo Malone bag with perfume as a present for Gerry to Glasgow premiere so I guess he will use it for some time. It intrigues me a lot now that everyone is mentioning it. Is it a UK brand?
  14. I once smelled several Burberry perfumes for men and they all are really good, probably Brit was one of them, I need to go back, smell it and imagine Gerry . I hate going to the perfume shops, I always leave with a headache as many people try the scents and it smells horrible as all perfumes mix in the air and it's suffocating. I agree that perfumes need to be used very carefully, eau de cologne is milder than the concentrated perfume but some men just use it as cologne and it kills everything. I just can't stand it when our old neighbour gives me a kiss on the cheek and afterwards I carry the smell of his cologne all over me, brrrrrrrrr. It's also true that the perfume mixes with the body scent, the sweat (well, better in small doses ) and it gives a whole new smell. I remember I loved Aqua Di Gio before, it seemed so fresh and nice and light but when I was pregnant, that perfume made me nauseated and I had to abandon it. And it's so true that perfumes are definitely an integral part of our memories, they just remind us of certain people and events... Now Gery has no choice, he needs to create his own eau de cologne, it's all over internet
  15. Moira, thanks for the videos!!! Gerry was his own self as always, it was nice to see him back in shape. Poor baby, I can make sure his leg and shoulders don't hurt anymore. I loved his comment about the fans. Was it recorded in London?
  16. Wow Anne, I didn't know you were here as well Glad to meet you on Gals!!! Monsieur Rayer was the conductor if I remember well and Monsieur Lefevre was the former director of the opera house who left to Australia. Now I might be mistaken.
  17. I remember very well that Gerry didn't smell any specific perfume at Glasgow premiere, or may be my nose was blocked but I don't think so. I tried on purpose to capture the perfume but it just wasn't there. May be it's because of cold and wind outside. I would love to smell Jo Malone perfume but when I asked about in Brussels nobody knows this brand and that was in a big department store. They sell Burberry however and I like many Burberry perfumes for men, I just imagine that Gerry could use one of those and I go straight to heaven. I wonder if I can buy it as Christmas present for hubby, he might become suspicious I love the idea of Highlander as the name, it suits Gerry a lot and he is a perfect man to promote a nice masculine eau de cologne or perfume.
  18. Gerry looked stunning!!! I wonder how he manages to look so good, just breathtakingly gorgeous... It was a nice interview. I didn't get the very end as I didn't understand what they talked about + all laughs but he seemed to be more relaxed and it's nice to see him getting his recognition indeed.
  19. Wow, there are already 8 pages on this!!! The lasts posts are just hilarious . Personally I think that Gerry just did it for fun. He is probably fed up with everyone trying to know something about his personal life, asking him questions if YES or NO he had anything with this girl and that girl and many others...Just let the guy breath (I mean this in regards to all media, not fans of course) He did this cute, silly thing and I don't find it insulting or offensive in the slightest. His face just shows how much fun he is having. Poor man is just tired and needs some rest and this is his way of letting it all out. That's just my opinion. I strongly believe that not a single teddy bear suffered during the photoshoot . I think I would even want to be in his place
  20. Nathalie, thanks for such a beautiful story. I so agree with you - Gerry is indeed like a magnet and once you saw him you can't take your eyes off the man, he looks indeed even more handsome and younger in person. Thanks for the pictures, mine were pretty blurry as my hands were shaking and he moved very quickly + there were a lot of heads and hands of fans in the way but hey, they will always remind about those magic moments and that's all that counts.
  21. Oups, how could I miss the link before? The interview was great and Gerry looks even younger tha before, I wonder how he manages it. I didn't see his eye problem at the premiere, may be because it was dark or may be because I was under his spell. I hope he will have lots of rest and his poor little eye will recover soon.
  22. Oh yeah, he does...cuz he's just a man. The more you watch and listen, and the more you get to know him through interviews, you'll begin to see the cracks in his seeming perfection. But like most of us, his imperfections and human frailties will only make you love him more. Swannie Amen, my friend. More and more ... you realize he's just a goober wrapped in a delicious package. But the inside is pretty much like everyone else, with fears, issues, annoyances, idiosyncrasies, etc. And who wants him to be perfect? When you put someone on that high of a pedestal, they can only fall down. Remembering that he's human makes him more loveable. Girls you are right, he is human indeed and he for sure has his weak points and bad moments but he just seems so heavenly, sinfully gorgeous, just like a Greek God, almost with a halo around his head. Sorry, I need to take a cold shower or go hide in the fridge.
  23. Steph, when I saw him I suddenly wanted to ask him if he spoke French as I couldn't find English words I needed If he said he doesn't I would probably make a love declaration in French so that he doesn't get a word and I would not embarass myself. I think nobody can think straight when he looks at you and smiles.
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