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  1. Maria, thanks a lot for lovely pictures and Steph, I'm sure you will have your moment!!! I think I said "You are the best" at one point but I don't remember it very well. I think when the moment comes you just feel so overwhelmed that you can't put 2 words together. He has also such amazing eyes that simply make you breathless and all words disappear but he probably knows about it Natalie, I find it a very sweet and natural thing to say and I'm sure he appreciated it. Just his smile can say everything so don't worry, I think we all looked a bit shocked and in awe with big eyes and happy smiles but I think such genuine reaction just adds sweetness to the moment. Gerry loves his fans, it's so obvious as even if he didn't have time for pictures and hugs and conversations, he still did it and I think he signed every single poster and picture and nobody was left out. Does he have any weak points??? I just can't find any...
  2. I read in the newspaper I bought in Glasgow that he had a burst blood vessel in his eye the morning of the premiere and he said he didn't know where it came from. That's just what I read. Several papers also mentioned he went commando under the kilt but this was known before I think. Is there any chance to see this interview registered somewhere?
  3. Thank you for all the wonderful stories, they helped me to again come back to that incredible Sunday evening. Jo, your story was so detailed and intense, I almost cried, it's very emotional. Natalie, you are also very lucky to have your picture with Gerry and the conversation. Theresa asked about how the hug was.... Actually I just wanted to say that it was my first time ever at the premiere and I never travelled alone before to another country so I was so happy I met blueangel and we did a great trip together but she had a ticket to the premiere so we separated at one moment. I met lots of lovely girls and the time went quickly but when I saw that Mercedes it suddently stopped and I felt my heart in my stomach. I can't explain it, it's like seeing a miracle, seeing something so amazing that it takes your breath away. I forgot the cold, the fact that I didn't eat anything since that morning almost, that I stayed there for hours, that my fingers were glued to the camera - as soon as I saw his dear face in the car window I felt a stupid smile plastered on my face. Gerry IS gorgeous and stunning and handsome and his smile illuminates everything around you, everything else cease to exist and you just hear your heart pomping very quickly. He moved very fast and I heard him saying that he didn't have time for pictures, then he was suddenly very close and he signed the tattoo on the back of my friend as it was really great and he loved it a lot. Then it was my turn and I had a bag of Belgian chocolates called Leonidas (I just needed to give them to him ) and I put a birthday card inside and then it was like in slow motion and I was on an auto pilot at the same time - I don't remember what I said, what he said, I know I was speaking quickly as I shoved the bag almost into his face . He was pleasantly surprised I think and he mentioned Leonidas name but then it's a blurr and I just remember I gave him my POTO DVD box for signature and asked for a hug at the same time. He already moved to another person and I thought he would go further and he was kind of hesitant as he had no time but then he moved closer and that's when I lost it I think.... I remember the woolen fabric of his jacket, I remember his hands around my shoulders, I remember his unshaven cheek against mine and I couldn't stop, I just kissed him slightly on the cheek, somewhere near his ear I think and said "Thank you". This took may be the 100th part of the second, just a moment and for him it was for sure just another of his fans but I will always remember it, till I die I think... It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Then he left and I felt extremely happy and a bit ashamed that I did it and very sad and devastated that he was not there anymore... Sorry for writing in such details, I'm almost shaking, it was such a strong emotional moment. Then I met the girls and they started asking how it went and that's when I couldn't hold it anymore - I cried like a baby, from happiness, from euphoria even, from sadness that this magic moment was gone, from his utter kindness and caring attention towards all his fans and of course from the beauty of it all. Gerry IS a wonderful, gorgeous, handsome, kind, caring, generous, talented, incredible, amazing person. Again, so sorry for writing almost a novel but I needed to let it out. I know many girls out there never saw him and might feel sad and disappointed but I wanted to tell you that you all should BELIEVE in your dreams and never lose hope, never give up - you will be surprised how many wonderful things the life has in store for you... I could never think about something like that happening to me but it did so it can happen to anyone, just keep dreaming and don't abandon even your wildest and craziest fantasies. I wish to all of you your magic Gerry moment. Now I feel a bit empty as I so want to live it again and again... Who knows, may be one wonderful day...
  4. Hi girls! It was a very special and exciting night yesterday and I'm still on my cloud. Gerry was gorgeous and very good looking, he is so much better in person. Here are the only 2 normal pics I got of him. Beautiful Gerry's smile after the girl I know from another forum said her "Happy Birthday" to him: Gerry's face when I asked him about a hug (you see how he didn't want to do it - poor man but I forced him (joking) ) Gerry is a drug that I'm deeply addicted too. I also wanted to say a bit thank you to Moira and to Nathalie (blueangel) and other girls I met from both forums - we seemed to be a one big family and it's also thanks to Gerry that we meet so many nice people and create new friendships.
  5. Theresa, thanks a lot, I completely forgot about one hour difference. I thought (I have no clue why) that in our program for the week it was the local UK time mentioned since it's a UK channel but it was our Belgian indeed. I will try to stay and watch it but I will record anyway.
  6. Thanks for the info! I have BBC1 in Belgium but I see that this show is scheduled for 23.35 today, can it be the same one? I find it weird that the timing is different...
  7. Moira! Wow, that was quick. This was an amazing thing they decided to do for fans and I think we will have the time of our lives. I look forward to Sunday!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERRY!!!! I wish you to have lots of fun on this day and realize all your dreams and wishes! You are a great person and you will always remain someone important and special for me - I wish you all the best and I hope that you are happy with what you have accomplished so far. I'm so proud of you!!! Life only begins at 40 so enjoy it!
  9. I would love to meet everyone, it will be my first premiere and I hope everything will go smoothly and we will manage to see Gerry and may be (please, please good luck, don't leave us) talk to him.
  10. I agree that they could choose a more recent picture of Gerry, he has lots of gorgeous ones. This one is great as well but it's not recent and I also agree that he deserved a better close up. Who is choosing the winner, by the way? Do they do an online vote or something else? I would not put the teenagers in there like Tailor Lautner (sp?) or Jonas Brothers, they are not even men but just boys. Gerry is the winner for me anyway.
  11. Thanks Joanna, I also love this place. I can talk for hours about Gerry and my family is not so enthusiastic about it .I would also run to Dracula right away. I would push Christine from the gondola and would swim after Phantom even if I can't swim . All Gerry's characters have some kind of magic power that makes me weak in my knees.
  12. Why 11? That's the only quesion I have and may be another: who was number 1 then? Gerry was incredible as Dracula, he had that power and irresistible appeal and charm about him. I loved the final scenes where he tells his story. Gerry actually is the first actor who made me love villains, not sure if it's good or bad but I always felt for his characters as only he can show that shadow of humanity even in the most evil of souls. Something a bit different: the vampire that surprised me was Tom Cruise, I still don't know if I liked him as Lestat or not.
  13. Thanks for your nice stories, it's such a luck to be able to see Gerry in person and I absolutely agree - he seems to be a very sweet, nice, outgoing person and in all videos with fans that I watched he just appears very down to earth and very kind to his admirers. What a charming man!
  14. Thanks a lot for the videos, Gerry is indeed such an outgoing, friendly guy! I'm happy he has a chance to go home for his birthday and have the premiere of his movie in Scotland, it should be pretty special for him.
  15. Hi Moira, glad to meet you here. This forum is great and I still need plenty of time to discover it but I love it. Looking forward to meeting you in Glasgow. Cheers!

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