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  1. Long time no see! Merry Christmas to all the gals and pals!
  2. I added you via the site, but I can't launch MSN on my PC. There is some kind of error happens all the time. The system just doesn't let me reinstall it or even download updates =(

  3. Hey if you are ever on MSN IM me,I have msn too.I added you awhile back.

  4. You know, maybe it's smth. in the air for a friend of mine found me in the Internet today. She says she's been searching for me all this time and no one could tell her anything about me... Oh, God... We haven't seen each other for more than 6 years! But still, it's nice to know that there are people who still want to be my friends though so many years have passed. A good day to restore old and to build new bridges Good luck with that, Elissa! Hugs.
  5. Er... That is impossible Who voted in that poll? Twilight fans.
  6. Hi GALS! Andrea: Haha! I hate that kind of suntan for I get it too often That's why as soon as summer comes I always hide myself from the sun (like a vampire) 'till the day I have the possibility to get a real sunbath Glad your boys are starting learning this week! It is so important to arouse children's interest in learning! Have a great day gals! Hugs!
  7. Hi there! My summer vacation is over and I'm back to work and hopefully, to my PC And I'm gonna make myself noticed by you time after time. If only you could know how much I missed you gals! I've found out that you started a new topic and had to spend some time reading all your messages. Congratulations to everyone who have occasions and hugs to everyone who need them Andrea, you are in my prayers! Hope the situation will turn out for the best. Melodie, I'm so happy you celebrated Carter's first B-Day! I spent few weeks at my aunt's looking after her house and watching my cousins,
  8. Heloooooooooo, everyone! I'm on vacation till the end of August. Well, nothing special is planned for the vacation. Just wanna spend some time with my family, and then - visit my aunt and uncle in Khmelnitsky. For she is always getting at me for that I haven't been a guest in their house for several years. Have a great summer!
  9. Hi! Nice to meet you! :-*

  10. hi there,how are you?

  11. GALS! Thank you, you are amazing!
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