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    I enjoy music (mostly rock), movies, reading, attending live concerts and plays, boating, laughing and enjoying life. I have a flare for decorating. I love animals and have 2 dogs and a cat. I love Gerry for his great personality, Scottish accent, his ability to portray a character"s inner feelings and to send that through the screen and, of course, the fact that he is so down right sexy hot. Good genes! <br />I had a wonderful time at the 2006 Las Vegas Convention and saw for myself just how funny and gorgeous Gerry really is. I have much respect for all of my GALS peers and so enjoy communicating with and meeting them. We all have a connection that leads back to Gerry. As he said, we all are connected.

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  1. Hi! This is just great and congrats. If anything like this happens again, I must get involved. Being in the Branson area and employed by Silver Dollar City, I could give a Gerry doll another dimension to his trip! The Ozark hills were founded by the Irish and Scottish. He would fit right in! Later and Cheers...Tamarra
  2. Hi! Thanks to everyone for all of the info. I like K.H. and I am a fan of G's. A. I like the idea of Gerry in another romantic comedy and he would not have taken on the part if he did not think that he could shine in it along side Katherine. He can be the star depending on how he treats the project. He IS the star to me! I am sorry to all in Oregon. I know how I would feel. Later and cheers...Tamarra
  3. Hi! Can't wait until October. Sounds like a great cast besides Gerry. Later and cheers...Tamarra
  4. HI! It makes us all feel sexy and think very sexy thoughts just knowing that Gerry wants some sexy time! If Gerry could have all the sexy things we have imagined for him he would be desiring very little "sexy time" or more "sexy time"... which is it?! Later and cheers...Tamarra
  5. Hi! I would not have gone to see "P.S I love You" at the theater if Gerry had not been in it and my sister calls me a "movie w---- because I go and see most all movies, good and bad. Gerry's management has a hand in all his career decisions so let's hope everyone is on the right track for his super-staedom. Later and cheers...Tamarra
  6. Hi! Yes, he looks great. I have seen very few BAD pics of Gerry. He is becoming a star and he is going to be on TMZ like all the people of interest for whatever reason. I just find it interesting that only TMZ can come up with what they consider "bad behavior" by Gerry. He is always as accomidating as he can be at the moment to REAL fans (who know who he is). I hope he has a good time when he goes out to clubs. It can be uncomfortable being around people who are "under the influence" when you are someone who is committed to being sober one more day. He has such a personality that
  7. Hi, Pairing up those two should make for a great romantic comedy. Somebody was thinking. LAter and cheers...Tamarra
  8. Hi, I knew that at one time Gerry had given up drinking and I have always hoped he had been able to find the strength on a daily basis to keep it that way. I was so glad to hear of his 10 years of sobriety. Saying no to booze in the entertainment industry is probably hard. Finding sober friends and "females" would also be difficult. Now, 8 months off cigarettes could be a record for him. I am proud for him that he has found the path that can keep him away from both vices...both killers in their own way. These accomplishments say some much more about a man we already admire. Perhaps
  9. Hi, I can't wait for another Gerry movie :wub: and this sounds like one you would smile at. I like to see him do various types of characters and reach a broader auidence. Thank goodness he doesn't die in this movie! Later and cheers...Tamarra
  10. I didn't know that Iwas a Geek (movies) but I did know that I like Gerry's package. Never thought of myself as a Geek. Later and cheers...Tamarra
  11. Ahhh yes. It does take a black cloud away. Contributing to GBGALS for the 3rd year. :dance: Gee, it just doesn't seem to be that long ago...in Gerry years! Love GBGALS and all it has done for me over the time we have been together. I don't post very often but this site has given me so much joy, fun, a feeling of sisterhood and the best Gerry news. Not to mention the most exciting nights in Vegas. Thanks Dr. Em and all your staff for all you do for me. I appreciate it. :wub: Later and cheers...Tamarra
  12. Saw his bum in "300" and put it on frreze frame, I did! I know he appreciates his loyal fans and has always treated us well. Can't wait for this movie...or any of his movies. Thanks for the info. Later and cheers...Tamarra
  13. This recognition fo him is all so wonderful. As for me , I don't have to explain who Gerry is any more. People are knowing the name as well as the movie. He still feels like our own, private star find although we had to give him up to the world. Can't wait to see him as People's "Sexiest Man of the Year". It's gotta happen. Later and cheers...Tamarra
  14. Hey, It is so wonderful to see Gerry getting so much notice in print. I am sooooo happy for him. Later and cheers...Tamarra
  15. OK, Now we have to share Gerry with the world... even females 25 and under. I feel 25 when I consider him! :tasty: We knew this would happen with "300". There were mostly young males in the theater opening night here. Yeah, girls 25 and under. Then there was my sister and me! 50+ and looking fine! Later and cheers...Tamarra
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