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  1. Craig and Gerry are so great together I can't wait to see this movie. If I were in the same room with them I would need oxygen because they are so funny when they get together and Gerry is so hot and Craig's not bad either a older version of Gerry I say.
  2. Hi All still a newbie here there is so much here to read and catch up on so I will do a overview too all. For those having family and health problems I will keep you in my prayers, congrats on the new wee ones and prayers to those having house up keep issues. Hope you all have a great week and I will keep playing my POTO soundtrack to keep me sane and it's my therapy since I can't afford a real one.
  3. The only thing I would have done differently was have little Lolita lying on her bed or in the middle of Gerry's but I know that animals are difficult to get to hold still sometimes. Another thing too maybe would be have Gerry in the kitchen cooking something up, wearing an apron, maybe just an apron OR....Gerry in his shower.........wearing nothing but a smile........ Too much? Delene Delene, Too much of Gerry NEVER I like the way you think. The plants I agree when would he be home to take care of them especially the way they looked plus he's single and a male so rent a plant or fake ones maybe. Lolita would have been a nice touch too.
  4. Got my copy of AD it finally was in the store. I counted 9 chandeliers did anyone count more? The lamp shades are lovely didn't notice them before and the love seat by the dinning room table that would be my favorite besides his bed. Now I must find that chandelier like the one I saw in the store like Gerry's over his table.
  5. What a good son he is gotta love him for that whoever becomes his wife will be one lucky lady.
  6. Now I know why I can't find it in stores yet it's not out. Does anyone know why he wanted The Rape of Ganymede on his ceiling? But other than that the home looks lovely can't wait till I can buy a copy of the magazine to see for myself especially the bedroom. More visuals to add to my dreams.
  7. Thanks for the Men's Journal pictures might have to go out and get a copy for myself and some of the other magazines he's in. Wonder if the private house was Craig's he has a house in Malibu and they are friends too.
  8. Finally we see Gerry and for just a few minutes come on now I have watched this whole darn thing and that's all we get. Why did some of the others get to present more than one award it's not fair.
  9. Hey Ricky could have said that guy that played the Phantom then been a dick about and had to explain the movie not the play but didn't 300 make the most money of all the movie's Gerard's made? Yea Ricky was rude but I think that is his stick when it comes to his brand of comedy I thought it was funny but he could have introduced Gerard better but that wouldn't have been funny I guess.
  10. This sounds like Jennifer's check list before any of her movies come out but hey if I did a movie with Gerard and he wanted to flirt, kiss and make out and I was single I would jump at the chance and come on it's Gerard for pete's sake. How come the pictures are so big when you click on some to see them I could count freckles and moles on Jennifer to bad Gerard didn't show more skin so we could count stuff on him. It's nice to see Gerard go with his natural hair color wise I personally love the salt and pepper look I just hope he keeps it that way come on Gerard embrace your age we all have too my big 40 is in 25 days not that I am counting I love celebrating birthdays just not the age anymore.
  11. He does look tired and will hopefully get some rest over the holidays because he has what 3 or 4 movies coming out next year I have lost count. Come on Gerry rest those lovely eyes and body you need your sleep ya crazy work work work man but we love ya for it.
  12. It was funny even though I'm been along time Michael Jackson fan he did it just in fun that's that class clown, let's see if they print this, I don't care humor that we all know Gerry for. I just wonder if someone put him up to it and is it in the same place, area, or hotel that MJ did his with Blanket? Like all have said at least he had both hands on the plant.
  13. I am glad Gerry doesn't read everything or want to know all of it because it would drive him crazy. Plus I didn't know he had some serious relationships on the side until he said something about them in an article so to me that makes him all the more a class act in my book because those that brag really don't have anything. Keep being cool, classy, and cute Gerry.....
  14. Thanks for giving up what you love for us Gerry. We really appreciate it. Wonder what the cupcake police get paid man I'd do it for free if they would just buy me the plane ticket out to be there just to say I got to do it but I would have to bring my bff with me because I would faint or forget how to speak in front of Gerry.
  15. Thank you for this love to hear from Gerry I agree about not wanting to turn the big 40 he beat me by 3 months but I feel his pain.
  16. Thanks for posting this for us... That's awesome for Gerry I'm sure he's glad as well to come full circle this way and to make his Mom proud too. It's always nice to see a hometown guy do good especially since he probably didn't know how it would turn out after his life did a 360 when he got fired from being a lawyer and thought he was a failure. On Bonnie's show you could tell at the time he was at a fork in the road of his life but it all turned out great for him and us as huge fans. Rock on Gerry.....
  17. Hi all I'm new here but have become a huge GB fan and the other forum I'm on just doesn't understand so I had to join you all here just so I could gush too because I can't contain myself sometimes. Anyway I found Gerard from joining a Craig Ferguson site whom I still love but the torch is now in Gerard's hands not that I don't enjoy Craig I watch everynight if I can but ever since I found out Gerard was the Phantom I have been hooked I even went out and bought the soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera it's that bad. I love Music of the Night the other guy who played the Phantom on Broadway was good from what I've seen on the Internet but Gerard's version just clicks for me I love that rock n roll edge he gives the voice plus he's the best looking of all phantoms I've seen. Gerard's reading of Craig's book just cracked me up I love how he tried to be serious but when Craig and Gerry get together the just can't seem to keep from making each other laugh and I love that. It's so crazy about Gerard now I was on ebay and won a bid on the movie Shooters with the famous yellow towel so hopefully sometime next week I will get to see another movie with Gerard in it. Thanks for letting me in now I have a place to share without keeping it to myself and thinking I going to explode with Gerard thoughts running through my head. Have a great weekend can't believe Gerard is 40 he doesn't look it. Seaalicia
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