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  1. again it has been too long!! I've been so busy with school and work, and family that I haven't been around in ages! Things are going well, with a few bumps in the road. I have been checking in on Gerry news, and of course new pics. He seems to be overtaxing himself again. I can't stay long, but I did post a blog here on the site. You can read if you want to. Also, you all can find me on facebook as staceycakes73 and on twitter as prettyfreak73. I'm hardly on the twitter, but always on the facebook. You can check out all the pics from the culinary classes I'm in, and see why I've
  2. OMGosh ladies has it been crazy! I finished up my 1st quarter with 2 A's and a B. I am having the best time in school, more fun times to come! I am just so busy, I haven't had time to pop in much. Like now, I should get back to work. Sigh* I'll post more later, but holidays, work and etc...they are hollering at me.
  3. Thank the Gods he is okay!!!! I was almost in panic when i read about this. Phew!! Love that he is brave enough to do his own work and stunts, but dammit, it sure is worrysome!
  4. I just had to stop in and say ! I'm so darn busy! I can't tell you how much I'm loving school! We've finally settled in and gotten into a routine of sorts. I made a friend in school, so it's nice. Work is stressing me out, but I just have to stick with it until I finish school. I've been posting pictures on my facebook page every night i'm in class, so lots of pics of tasty treats. I think I'm going to pop in a G-man movie, I need a fix so bad!! I check in here when I can and drool on some pics, but it's not enough. I missed MGP in the theatre, so I'm stuck waiting until dvd. Well, house
  5. Just a quick fly-by before I leave work! Gotta get home and work on Art History for school. For the record, Art History sucks a big fan giant horse ! anyway. I had to get some Gerry Juice for the road!! Hope to sneak off and see MGP this weekend after class on Saturday. By myself, but oh well. Have a good night all!!
  6. Hey Gals! Just a quick update, School Started and I'm loving it! Exhausted, but so much fun! Well except the Art History class, it just sucks. No. Really. I posted pics on my facebook page of all the new gear, and me in my uniform for school. Also pics of the perfect chicken stock I made first night. This week we are making the "Mother"sauces, Espagnole, Hollandaise, Veloute', and a classic tomato sauce. Easy enough. Also doing more practice with all those fancy knife cuts and skills you see chef's doing. Makes me grateful that I'm actually taking baking/pastry. After these basic
  7. I was gonna come and post and give updates but those pics of him above, have made me forget what I was gonna say. I can only think about getting Gerry out of his leathers now. Thanks Beachie. No REALLY THANKS!! All of this new incoming supply of Gerry juice has me all discombobulated! I've been absolutely giddy! I am going to try and see MGP next weekend, as soon as I can figure out which theater and where it's showing. I start classes in October, I'm so excited and a bit worried. Just jitters I suppose. I'll have to post a pic in my chef uniform when I get them! My mom is sounding b
  8. I'm so so happy for him! This article makes me feel so proud of him and for him. As a GAL, he just makes my heart melt. Yes, he's sexy, and yes he turns me on. Yes, we all know how funny, charming, silly or raunchy he can be. He is a very complex man, and yet at the same time like a little boy. But When something like this happens for him, when he has this kind of recognition, I just am so happy for him. He is just so amazing. *sigh*
  9. Whew! so happy that our East Coast Gals are okay! I would like to say my mom is going to be okay, but I'm just not sure. My louzy, craptacular Aunt kicked her out of her house. YEP. My mom fresh out of the hospital, in emotionally fragile state, and tells her she can't live there. Because how dare she try to kill herself in HER house. This is a prime example of why I quit associating with them so long ago. They are supposed to be such, good Christians. They make me sick. My mom has a new place to stay, less stressful for her, and with someone who really cares. Kind of like a family
  10. First, if the movie isn't showing in your City, Call your local theater. Talk to the people in charge. They will listen if you get enough support. Get your friends and families to email, and call also. If the movie proves to be wanted, the theater will get it. I did this on a few occasions in my hometown. I even had GALS from out of town come in to see Beowulf! It works, it really does!
  11. I had to come back home on Saturday. I waited until the last possible minute. I left 1am on Sat. morning. At that time she was breathing on her own, but still out of it. Hallucinating, etc... Her body is recovering from the damage she has done. She came around finally on Sunday. She asked my sister what she had done. My sister just turned the question around on her, and mom knew. She is up and around today. Once she recovers, she'll have to stay at the rehab center for a long time. They can't trust her with her meds, won't for a long time. My sister and I got power of attorney star
  12. oh my gals, i don't even know where to begin. Thanks for the anniversary wishes, and happy galsaversary to mousie. Io culinary school and start in the fall! Things are getting settled in Texas, getting my son into school etc... But everything went to hell, Monday. I'm sitting in the ICU in a Wichita, ks hospital right now. My mom tried to commit suicide again. She is finally breathing on her own. But until this morning she was hooked up to all kinds of tubes and ventilators. She took all of her anti-depressants, and some pain pills. How morbidly ironic is it that she used her anti
  13. YOU CAN GO ORDER ONE FROM THE OFFICIAL CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB SUPERSTORE!!! I checked it out, and you can personalize your own jersey! But it's in euros, so there is that. But who cares!!! We could all be sportin, our own jerseys. How awesome is that!?
  14. OMFG!!! You know, he's gonna ruin me eventually. He keeps looking hot like that and I'm just going to die from heat exhaustion. All that hotness, radiating like that. Doesn't he know we are having a heatwave here in the south?! I can't take it!! You know I think I could happily go broke if he volunteered to auction off that jersey. Just sayin'. Although, I know he isn't going to give that up. Maybe, there's a website where one could design their own jersey... GALS everywhere, can be easily spotted by the green stripy shirts sporting "BUTLER" on the back! lol I'm gonna go research th
  15. I've been 5ft. 3in. since I was 12 yrs old. Although I have been told that I seem taller while being bossy. I like to think of it as being confident enough to know what everyone should be doing. My husband is 6ft. 1in. tall, my son is only 15 and already that height also. One of my BFF is a guy who is 6ft. 5in. tall! I tell people I keep them around just to reach the things that are up too high! But my favorite sleep shirt says it all..."I'm not short, I'm fun-sized!"
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