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  1. again it has been too long!! I've been so busy with school and work, and family that I haven't been around in ages!

    Things are going well, with a few bumps in the road. I have been checking in on Gerry news, and of course new pics. He seems to be overtaxing himself again.

    I can't stay long, but I did post a blog here on the site. You can read if you want to.

    Also, you all can find me on facebook as staceycakes73 and on twitter as prettyfreak73. I'm hardly on the twitter, but always on the facebook. You can check out all the pics from the culinary classes I'm in, and see why I've not had any success on a diet since moving to Houston! lol

    Take care GALS, Stay Well and Stay Safe!

  2. I just had to stop in and say :wave:! I'm so darn busy! I can't tell you how much I'm loving school! We've finally settled in and gotten into a routine of sorts. I made a friend in school, so it's nice. Work is stressing me out, but I just have to stick with it until I finish school. I've been posting pictures on my facebook page every night i'm in class, so lots of pics of tasty treats.

    I think I'm going to pop in a G-man movie, I need a fix so bad!! I check in here when I can and drool on some pics, but it's not enough. I missed MGP in the theatre, so I'm stuck waiting until dvd.

    Well, house to clean, dog to walk, food to cook, laundry to do, and homework. Gotta run!!:flee::escape:

  3. Hey Gals! Just a quick update, School Started and I'm loving it! Exhausted, but so much fun! Well except the Art History class, it just sucks. No. Really.

    I posted pics on my facebook page of all the new gear, and me in my uniform for school. Also pics of the perfect chicken stock I made first night. This week we are making the "Mother"sauces, Espagnole, Hollandaise, Veloute', and a classic tomato sauce. Easy enough. Also doing more practice with all those fancy knife cuts and skills you see chef's doing.

    Makes me grateful that I'm actually taking baking/pastry. After these basic classes, I won't be doing much precision chopping.

    I've had some struggles with schedule and work. My co-workers are not very nice. I am pretty sure one of them wants me to quit or get fired. Don't really give a damn, what she wants. I've had this job for 7 years, and it pretty much takes an act of god to get fired. Besides, they kinda need me around. She just doesn't like that I'm good, better at this job than she is. That I'm younger than she is, and she's supposed to take guidance from me.

    I just remind myself that I only have to work here long enough to finish school, then I can move again, and start my life doing what I want to do.

    My mom is doing alright. Still fighting for some of her benefits, but not letting it get her down. She's eager to be on her own, instead of living in someone else's house. I'm starting to relax my guard more, hoping we don't have another suicide attempt.

    Is it wrong to feel a tiny bit angry, that it would disrupt my life, and plans if she tried again? *guilt*

    I know MGP is showing here in Houston, I think it's at the theater close to my job, but with school and work and family I just don't know if I'll make it to a show.

  4. I was gonna come and post and give updates but those pics of him above, have made me forget what I was gonna say. I can only think about getting Gerry out of his leathers now. Thanks Beachie. No REALLY THANKS!!Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

    All of this new incoming supply of Gerry juice has me all discombobulated! I've been absolutely giddy!

    I am going to try and see MGP next weekend, as soon as I can figure out which theater and where it's showing.

    I start classes in October, I'm so excited and a bit worried. Just jitters I suppose. I'll have to post a pic in my chef uniform when I get them!

    My mom is sounding better. I talked to her just this week, and she's finally getting support from the "system" that is social services. She hopes to be on full disability, and collecting her SS checks soon. She will be less dependent on others, and that makes her feel a bit better. She's back to seeing her therapist, and on meds once again. I don't know how long it will last, but right now the seas are calm and I'm just thankful for that.

    Oh, and Alton Brown is going to be at a booksigning here in October!

    You know him, and my grandmother are the inspiration for going to culinary school.

    My grammie instilled my love of baking, and A.B. he went to Culinary school late in life too! But the bad news is, I have class the night he's doing the appearance, and I'm torn between skipping school just to meet him, and going to class. I'd love to meet him, but isn't that wrong to skip CULINARY class to do so? A dilema I have yet to figure out.

    Well it's the end of the work day for me, so I guess I'll go home. LOL

    Oh and Elissa, I got you on the stubborn man thing...aren't they always that way?! exasperating!! I hope he's feeling better.

    I had to drive through the wildfires this last week delivering blood to hospitals, it breaks my heart to see the damage. But I've also seen, the support of my co-workers helping those in need and the firefighter that have worked so hard. And my heart hurts a little less.

    Ok I'm going home now!!

  5. I'm so so happy for him! This article makes me feel so proud of him and for him. As a GAL, he just makes my heart melt.

    Yes, he's sexy, and yes he turns me on. Yes, we all know how funny, charming, silly or raunchy he can be. He is a very complex man, and yet at the same time like a little boy.

    But When something like this happens for him, when he has this kind of recognition, I just am so happy for him. He is just so amazing. *sigh*Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

  6. Whew! so happy that our East Coast Gals are okay!Posted Image

    I would like to say my mom is going to be okay, but I'm just not sure. My louzy, craptacular Aunt kicked her out of her house. YEP. My mom fresh out of the hospital, in emotionally fragile state, and tells her she can't live there. Because how dare she try to kill herself in HER house. This is a prime example of why I quit associating with them so long ago. They are supposed to be such, good Christians. They make me sick.

    My mom has a new place to stay, less stressful for her, and with someone who really cares. Kind of like a family friend. The Social Services advocate is working hard for her, getting her disability and medicaid. He even got her food stamps back. So at least some things are looking up.

    I missed my appointment with Financial Aid at school, had to reschedule. Also missed my placement test for math (not that I mind, I suck at math.) so I reset that one also. Between work and my family, I'm beginning to wonder if someone is trying to sabotage my efforts for school. Well too bad! I'm going and that's final! lol

    And did anyone else see the new pics? mmmm tasty! and so cute with hisPosted Image out for walkies and running on the beach!!

    I had a dream early this morning with Gerry. Let's just say the damn alarm went off 30 seconds too soon. Isn't that always the way?!

    And can I just say, I sooo wish I had the cash to put in on the silent auction? I just don't have that kinda money. darn it.

  7. First, if the movie isn't showing in your City, Call your local theater. Talk to the people in charge. They will listen if you get enough support. Get your friends and families to email, and call also. If the movie proves to be wanted, the theater will get it. I did this on a few occasions in my hometown. I even had GALS from out of town come in to see Beowulf!

    It works, it really does! Posted Image

  8. I had to come back home on Saturday. I waited until the last possible minute. I left 1am on Sat. morning. At that time she was breathing on her own, but still out of it. Hallucinating, etc...

    Her body is recovering from the damage she has done. She came around finally on Sunday. She asked my sister what she had done. My sister just turned the question around on her, and mom knew. She is up and around today. Once she recovers, she'll have to stay at the rehab center for a long time. They can't trust her with her meds, won't for a long time.

    My sister and I got power of attorney started this week. Once she's out of rehab, she'll be staying the winter with me. I have to get her away from all the negative people around her.

    We finally got with the Social Services advocate, he let me sign her paperwork and has started a case for her. She can be proven to be physically and mentally disabled enough to collect a monthly check, and get medicaid. She'll also get her food stamps back. All this so she won't have to worry about money, medical and food. One less thing to stress over.

    I can only help so much, at least I got that done for her. I'll leave it to the psychiatrists and doctors to repair the rest of the damage.

    I feel bad for leaving her, but I have my family to care for. And I used up all my PTO(vacation) and my extra money just to stay for the 4 days I was home.

    On other news...lol I start Culinary School in October. Now I need to gather more $$$ for supplies and tuition. You think if I promise Gerry lifetime cupcakes, he'll help pay for school??? Posted Image

    I finally got my son enrolled for school, today. Which was also the first day of school here. They have to look into the homeschool program I had him in last year, because this state doesn't recognize the accreditation of the school he attended. They hope to transfer his credits, and test him out of the rest so that he doesn't have to repeat the grade. Although, I'd just homeschool him before making him go through that again. So sad, he just wants to attend high school. They have us running around, jumping through hoops. It's frustrating.

    I'm back at work btw..right now. lol

    I hope Machine Gun Preacher releases here. I need some quality Gerry time.

  9. oh my gals, i don't even know where to begin. Thanks for the anniversary wishes, and happy galsaversary to mousie.

    Io culinary school and start in the fall! Things are getting settled in Texas, getting my son into school etc...

    But everything went to hell, Monday. I'm sitting in the ICU in a Wichita, ks hospital right now. My mom tried to commit suicide again. She is finally breathing on her own. But until this morning she was hooked up to all kinds of tubes and ventilators. She took all of her anti-depressants, and some pain pills. How morbidly ironic is it that she used her anti depressants to kill herself?

    I left work and drove non-stop from Houston to here. I then proceeded to kick everyone out of her room once i got here. some of my family are nothing but drama mongering busybodies. they haven't been supportive before she tried to kill herself, but now it's all about being in the middle of the drama. I also got into it with my cousins who have been giving my mom a hard time about stuff. It was their negative, pushy, mean comments and insults that drove her to this. My cousin actually said, that she's not sick just lazy! She was referring to my mom. My Aunt, (my mom lives with her) was actually offended that my mom would try to kill herself in HER home. yep.

    Depression, and bipolar disorder, oh and personality disorder, it's hard for anyone to handle in a normal situation kind of life. But the last year my mom has had no job, her car is dying, her "husband" left her and took the house. So she lost everything. I tried to be there for her, but I was not exactly financially stable. I tried to help her find work, etc...but sometimes the sickness in her head just takes over. No matter how many times you tell someone you love them, and they are not a burden, or worthless, it just doesn't matter. The depression and the voices, just tell her otherwise.

    I don't know what to do after she wakes up. How long will it be until she finds a way to try again? because she will.

  10. Posted ImagePosted Image OMFG!!! You know, he's gonna ruin me eventually. He keeps looking hot like that and I'm just going to die from heat exhaustion. All that hotness, radiating like that. Doesn't he know we are having a heatwave here in the south?! I can't take it!!Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

    You know I think I could happily go broke if he volunteered to auction off that jersey. Just sayin'. Although, I know he isn't going to give that up. Maybe, there's a website where one could design their own jersey... GALS everywhere, can be easily spotted by the green stripy shirts sporting "BUTLER" on the back! lol

    I'm gonna go research that.

    YOU CAN GO ORDER ONE FROM THE OFFICIAL CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB SUPERSTORE!!! I checked it out, and you can personalize your own jersey! But it's in euros, so there is that. But who cares!!! We could all be sportin, our own jerseys. How awesome is that!?

  11. Posted ImagePosted Image OMFG!!! You know, he's gonna ruin me eventually. He keeps looking hot like that and I'm just going to die from heat exhaustion. All that hotness, radiating like that. Doesn't he know we are having a heatwave here in the south?! I can't take it!!Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

    You know I think I could happily go broke if he volunteered to auction off that jersey. Just sayin'. Although, I know he isn't going to give that up. Maybe, there's a website where one could design their own jersey... GALS everywhere, can be easily spotted by the green stripy shirts sporting "BUTLER" on the back! lol

    I'm gonna go research that.

  12. I've been 5ft. 3in. since I was 12 yrs old. Although I have been told that I seem taller while being bossy. I like to think of it as being confident enough

    to know what everyone should be doing. Posted Image

    My husband is 6ft. 1in. tall, my son is only 15 and already that height also. One of my BFF is a guy who is 6ft. 5in. tall! I tell people I keep them around just to reach the things that are up too high!

    But my favorite sleep shirt says it all..."I'm not short, I'm fun-sized!" Posted ImagePosted Image

  13. I was disappointed at first also. But He must be going through some hard stuff, plus working too hard again. He does this, have you noticed? Goes through these periods where he just works and works, until he's exhausted? He's lost a lot of weight, between working out, and just working too hard.

    I know how hard it is to give up an addiction. How hard one feels when you fall off the wagon, and how hard it is to get back on.

    I hope that he will try and find some solitude, and peace once more so he will have the strength to quit again. (now if I only took my own advice.)

  14. Posted Image IT'S MY ANNIVERSARY!!! I've been hanging around here for 6 years now!! lol AWESOME!Posted Image Of course, I've been drooling, admiring, and cheering for Gerry long before that! It's great to have a chance to share my obsession with such awesome Ladies!!

    Today, I had to drive blood to hospitals in nearby cities. I can say that most of that time was actually spend daydreaming about Gerry. Good Grief!Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImageNow I'm back in my office, just chillin. Waiting for the end of the day. However shall I spend the rest of my time?! HMMM. Let me think...Posted ImagePosted Image Oh now I know!

  15. Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image OMG! I just read an article with pics about Gerry @ Ischia and he's f*&$ing smoking again!!! Dammit!!Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

    I wonder what made him go back to those damn things. UGH. I thought he was doing so well! I hope he doesn't keep it up.

    We need to show our support, tell him he doesn't need them! He must be stressing out about something to take them back up.


  16. @ work this morning. But not for long. Had to check in to see what Gerry was up to, and looks like he was @ the beach with Lolita!

    That puppy is getting chubby! She needs a few more walkies on the beach with her daddy! So cute though!

    I'm getting furniture shopping burnout ladies. OMG, I'm so tired of couches. I think I'm going to breakdown and just get the couch @ IKEA and be done with it.

    I spent the last two days, painting and shopping for house items. I'm just gonna get the darn couch, and my washer/dryer and get it over with. I AM NOT A PATIENT SHOPPER. I don't like to browse, I don't like to search and search. NOPE. I research prices, make a few phone calls and usually decide what I want before I go to the store. In and OUT. OH and don't get me started on salespeople.

    Yesterday, went to breakfast with my lovely husband (who turns 38yrs today!) and then shopping for washer/dryer sets. This one sales woman lost me right at the point where she started her high pressure sales crap. Kept following me around..."do you like this one?" "Are you going to get this one today?" "You should get this one!" She was like a little kid, hyped up on sugar, trying to get someone's attention. She was quickly earning my displeasure. I had to leave the store. I probably would have purchased the set I was eyeing, except I had just started shopping around. And she P*$$3D me off.

    I realize that these people have to earn a living, but sometimes you get more people to buy just by leaving them alone.

  17. So much going on! Gecko's don't understand pants, and yet they can sell insurance. lol

    Elissa-glad to see someone else who has survived the years! My hubby and I had our 18 year anniversary on the 16th. We've been together since High school, so a total of 22 years!

    Got my apartment!! Gonna spend the weekend painting, and hopefully buying new furniture. I just have to make up my mind.

    I still haven't made it over to the media to check out all the Vegas stuff... maybe next week. lol

    I'm off again, ta ta!Posted Image

  18. HOLY RED TOWEL!!! HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW PICS!!!Posted ImagePosted Image

    I would like to point out that this is commonplace behavior on the beaches. I have done this myself. But OH MY GODS, seeing Gerry like this made my

    heart stop. If you go to the HR pics on Jared's site, you can even see where he carelessly placed his Calvin Klein undies on the back bumper of the truck!!Posted ImagePosted Image I'm going to combust or something!

    There are times when I loathe the paparazzi so much, for getting in Gerry's business. But then this happens, and I just can't do anything but rejoice in their evil choice of jobs. Posted ImagePosted Image

    I have decided to develop a new catagory of jobs here on GALS!

    Surf Squad! As leader I will be the Wet suit assistant and protector of the RED TOWEL!! lol

    I will need volunteers for the following:

    Keeper of the Calvin Kleins

    Hair Management (someone needs to comb and condition those locks after all the salt water/sun exposure!

    Additional wet suit assistant. (those things are hard to remove and put on sometimes!)

  19. I'm so thrilled for everyone who got to attend! Every year I read the posts, see the pics, and hear all about the experience. I've been a fan of Gerry's for over 10 years, and gladly afflicted with GALS when it was first "discovered" on the GB.net website.

    I find myself envious, but have not ever been able to attend. I see all the good things that occur, the charity work and of course, all of the friendships that grow every year. It's so awesome to see these things.

    I need to just start saving my pennies now, so that I can attend next year!! My hubby would love to go to Vegas again, it wouldn't be hard to convince him. :cunning:

    Maybe next year GALS.

  20. WHAT'S UP GALS!!! First..I'm on the twitter now. Follow me if you wanna! (prettyfreak73)

    Next, man I have never wanted to be a wetsuit before now. :drool1::yummy::pant::bonk:

    I wanna peel that thing off of him like a banana!! HEE HEE!

    Well Gals, Houston is well...busy. The traffic sucks, seriously. I'm getting used to it though. I think I found an apartment, My hubby can walk out the front door, and around the building and be at work!!! :yay: Which means, only I have to commute. This is awesome since he sold his car and bought the motorcycle.

    I'm ready to settle into my own place, even more ready to start culinary school. I don't think that will happen until next spring. Lots going on at the RedCross here, they need me to be around for. Once we get fully staffed, and things normalize I'll be able to do what I want.

    Oh and if you are O Negative blood type, you need to go donate if you can. We are critically low across the nation!


    I am going to spend some time reading up on everyone's Vegas trips! I'm sure there was lots of fun to be had, from the pics and streaming video I've seen, it looks awesome!

    Oh and I've lost 12 lbs since I've been here. YAY ME!!! :scale::encore:

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