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  1. I've always thought that Gerry is that is admired my Macho Men and Wanted by Women. It's that blend of Manliness and Sensitivity that makes him oh so good. Now with 300 skyrocketing, and P.S I Love You we get to have both again! It's a too nice combination! Stacey
  2. I've always been fascinated by Gerry's ability to fuse himself into whatever role he's doing. I've also thought it was so brave and honest of him to open himself up to share his personal side with his fans and the public. It makes him an admirable man, and a great actor. I won't say he's not afraid of what people think, but I think he's just so secure in himself that he's okay with putting himself out there. Knowing that he can and does connect with us and we with him, probably gives him a nice lift just as it does us. So much more to love about him! Stacey
  3. Okay I've been a very naughty GAL. I've not been around in a verra verra looooonnnngg time. I've been keeping to gb.net mostly. As I've barely got time to pop in and post there. I've been working and going to school and family and writing. I also do some forum work for another website completely not Gerry related. But I just couldn't stay away as I am all fired up and hot and bothered over 300 and all the hype that's come along with it! :yippee: :leochest: I've been a Frank Miller Fan since I was a teenager, so this is just too cool! Much love to all you GALS! Stacey
  4. See my problem is that In my head, I see myself with Marek, cuz of all his great attributes. Kind, sweet, chivalrous, adventurous. But in truth, I fall, everytime, for the dark brooding, mysterious and dangerous. So probably would find myself wrapped in Dracula's embrace. (yea, i know he's got ladies on the side.) I find the tortured past, and bad boy, and charm sooo inviting. Uh huh, i need therapy. Stacey
  5. It's nice to be back in the hood with all you GALS. I shoulda been payin attention, cuz now I'm playin catch up. I've missed out on some things. I usually just been checkin in to see new pics and articles. I been so busy with work and school( i went back to college.)and the family that I just barely had time to pop in and stay caught up with Gerry! Oh, and I just went to the bookstore and picked up Ms. St.Giles books. Gonna try and read them this weekend. (see how behind I am?!) Much love Stacey
  6. Okay I have a sad thing to admit. I've been neglecting my GALS. I've been a member of GALS waaaayy back when it was on GB.net. I came over here and then was a bad tart and quit posting. I didn't mean to really I didn't. I can say that I've been on some sort of quest for the meaning of life, but that's no excuse. ( I did find lots of Gerry stuff to Indulge in on the way tho.) I haven't forgotten you ladies, and I'm duly prepared for any punishments that I may have to endure for being silent for so long. I'm sorry I missed Vegas, IT sounds like it was one helluva good time! I promise to stop in more often. I have missed you GALS!!! Stacey
  7. woweewoweewow wow! I'm just so amazed and stunned and soo very happy for you! I can't get over everyone's stories, and this is so great! Congratulations on your winning the Talent Show! I'm going back and listening to the track after I post this! Stacey
  8. OOOOOHHHH BETHY!!! I'm tearin up I am. You deserved that moment with him. I'm sooo happy for you!!! I know I kinda turned into a lurker here. And was mad cuz I couldn't go to Vegas, and this just turned it all around for me. I'm all squishy inside with good feelin's for ya and your story! How absolutely wonderful for you! Much love. Stacey
  9. Bloody F*&^%ng Hell! I knew I should have gone. I had a premonition that he would show up. I really did. I should have just told my boss and my husband that I was going and that was that. But NOOOOO, I had to be all goody goody, and stay home cuz my job is sooo important and my only other co-worker is off doing her National Guard thing for the summer and no one else can replace me. PHft, as if. Of course my husband wouldn't let me go to Vegas without him(we've never been) and I didn't have enough cash saved for both of us. Damn. Okay, I'm done throwing my fit. LOL I am sorry I haven't been visiting with all you lovely ladies, but I just couldn't bring myself to post when I was heartbroken, because I couldn't go to Vegas. Knowing he did stop in to grace you lovelies with his presence is just salt in the wound to me. BUT, I'm sooo happy for all of you who got to go and had the chance to see the G-man! I really am. I just couldn't imagine the suprise and awe you all felt. When I'm over being angry for not going, I'll come in and read everyone's posts about it and drool over the pics. Much love to you all! Stacey :wub:
  10. First off just let me say I've been a very very bad GAL. I haven't been around in some time. I just can't seem to find time to spare to pop in and chat and read up on the forums. Between Work and School and family disasters(Drama) I barely have time to sleep. Now, I'm so very upset. I CAN'T GO TO VEGAS! I was all set, had my money saved, my man was coming with me...etc. And my car broke down. I had to spend all my money to fix it. THEN, I just found out my co-worker and only replacement is going on her two weeks of summer drill(National Guard)at the time of the convention. Which means I can't go. I could cry. Plus, it was supposed to be a vacation so that my husband and I could renew our vows on our anniversary, June 16th. So have fun and spin a slot machine for me! Stacey
  11. Okay, how about.... Take me home with you, and I'll show you what 3am is all about. or So, do you ever just wear the mask and cape around the house, when no one else is watching? but most likely.... Um, hi. My name? oh its, uhh stacey yeah that's it. Wow you really are tall, and to goodlooking for your own good you know that? Please, can I have a pic with you to prove that you are real, so my friends will quit picking on me? lol Stacey
  12. Physically Gerry is just drop dead gorgeous. I could watch him all day and into next week. (if he were a stripper, i'd be broke. HA!) But his attitude, and personality are just amazing. He pulls you into his orbit, makes you want to stick around just to see what he'll say or do next. He has a magnetism, that is very alluring. His usually a happy person, but you can see the edges of broodiness in him, and the magnitude of his emotions just affect anyone he's with. I couldn't imagine what he's like when he's angry, well I could, and I bet he just explodes. All of his emotions are real and raw, and you can't help but find the whole package sexy and handsome. Stacey
  13. I wonder if all the time I spend looking at Gerry, movies, and going to gb.net and here is the reason why I haven't finished college yet? lol! I also wonder about(fantasize)the whole boxers vs. briefs vs. commando thing. Just the thought....omg... Okay I'll stop now. I think Gerry and I would get along pretty well, as friends. I tend to swing back and forth between neat freak and slob. I also tend to do the same with my diet, and my moods etc... I really wonder why he doesn't have good relationship skills. I think he would with the right woman, it's all a matter of finding a person who compliments his personality. someone who would be willing to work at a relationship, despite his schedule. Who knows, he'll find love one day, it just has to smack him upside the head yet. Stacey
  14. OOOO, my fave movie, my fave character. :mopboydracula: Since this is the Dracula floor, and there will be a Dracula ball in Vegas '06 and Halloween is coming, I'm going to give you guys a recipe to make your own fang caps. Get the stuff they make acrylic nails out of. (powder and liquid monamer) Mix equal parts powder and monamer. when mixture gets to consistancy of putty (marshmallow like) place small blob on K-9 tooth. Once it hardens, wiggle off blob gently from tooth. Then use dremel tool to shape into fang. Voila! Dracula teeth that aren't plastic and will stay on. If it fits a tad loose just use denture adhesive to stick in place. The clear powder works better then the white, you can put the dry teeth into cola, tea, or coffee and let sit to stain to match your own teeth. I just did mine, they look pretty cool! Now i'm off to find my first victim....muahahahah :muahaha2: :vamp:
  15. I will be sending my email for Beowulf! I can't wait to see this movie. I am even more anxious for 300. I just keep seeing the roman robes wrapped oh-so-precariously on G-man's bod. oh yea. :mopboyjackie: Stacey
  16. Okay so here's the deal, my husband says that if I go to Vegas without him, he'll kill me. So if there is a couple who wants to share a double room let me know. I'll warn you my husband snores, but not too loud. Of course, I really don't plan on sleeping all weekend. There's too much to see and do. Yeah for REDBULL and STARBUCKS! I'm also thinking of finding a cheaper hotel nearby. I don't know what to do at this point. If he denies me this trip, i'll go crazy! Stacey
  17. I'm more than willing to split costs and share a room! It will give me more cash for other stuff! I'm adding it all up now, just trying to figure out how much I need to save. I'm ready for some hot Vegas fun! I am a third shifter, so up all night is my natural state. I just can't wait!!! Stacey p.s. How is everyone traveling? I'm thinkin plane, so as not to waste any time. :mopboydracula: Lookin forward to the Dracula Ball!!!
  18. Whew! I've been reading and getting caught up with y'all! Oh, and as far as commando for Gerry's birthday? Oh yea. I'm there. Aside from the Gman's b-day, it is my and my husband's anniversary! This may sound corny, cuz it's not my wedding anniversary, it's the day he asked me to go steady. The day we officially became a couple and it means a lot to us. We actually celebrate that day instead of our wedding anniversary. Our wedding day is the day we just made our relationship legal. It's been 16 years. And going commando, well let's just say Gerry might get a kick out of it, but my man will get all the benefits! lol I loooove the Phantom Floor! It's one of my favorites! I haven't done the pic posting thing yet, as I'm still trying to figure that out. I guess i will be content with those of you who post them! Stacey
  19. Tonya, I just wanted to say that I hope that you find happiness where ever you go! You have held a position that is most coveted by us GALS and TARTS, and we have always appreciated all that you did for Gerry and for us fans! You have always made time to answer our endless questions and keep us in the loop! Much love to you and yours! Stacey
  20. I was listening to NPR and there has been an outbreak of a SARS like virus. Now so far it's only been located in a nursing home and one of the younger nurses caught it also. I just want you to take care of yourself and be careful! No getting sick! Have a great time filming 300! Much love and many Blessings. Stacey
  21. Male strippers eh? ONLY if they all are Gerry look alikes. OOOOO, Phantom of the Opera would be entirely different. (nuttin on but the mask and a thong.) HA! I crack me up! Okay, I'm anxiously awaiting the details of the trip! I really want to go, and i'm going to start saving all my overtime cash! ( I work weekends once a month while my co-worker is off doing the Air Force thing) After the holidays, I will save all that I can! I hope I can go. I think I'll be trying to go without my husband, I don't know. He'll want to go to Vegas, but not to do the whole Gerry thing. Who knows, maybe he'll come along and be the flirt that he is, and join in on the fun. He's always been supportive of my obsession, heck sometimes he fuels it. Stacey
  22. I'll pay up with my first born child...he's ten now...but he's well behaved. Oh and he does chores...lol! I'll even pimp out my husband if I have too.....HA! I can't believe i said that with a straight face. Stacey :freak:
  23. I'm really enjoying My Chemical Romance right now...I'm thinking "I'm Okay" or "Sedated" by the Ramones or "I want you to want me" by Cheap Trick You can choose one of those...Thank you. Stacey
  24. He looks real good in white, he looks real good in black. He looks real good in red, and i bet he'd look good in a cowboy hat. He is a real GQ, and he's talented too! So, G-man keep doing that magic you do! OOOOKaayyy....I'm done channeling Dr. Seuss now. Stacey
  25. stacey32


    I have this problem, and it's all because of you. I find myself floating on spun sugar clouds because of you. I am distracted by the flight of butterflies because of you. My heart beats faster because of you. You dancing through my thoughts, You tripping through my soul You are always interrupting my day. I can't eat, I can't sleep, because of you. Not because you snore, or because you took the last piece of cake, but simply because you are you. I have this problem, and it's all because of you. I forget who I am, and it's all because of you. My dreams are beautiful, and it's all because of you. I am infatuated, and it's all because of you. (thank you for being you, Gerry.)
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