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  1. OMG! WE have dates! Okay Okay, deep breath...How much are the rooms? I'm willing to share with like a billion other girls if I have to, I'll sleep on the floor (lol) (like I'll be sleeping..pht..) I need to know how much money to save for the trip! I can fly out of Wichita, Ks like cheap. Or if anyone is driving and coming this direction I'd be happy to pay for gas ($$$$$) and anything else that might need care. So let me know K? Stacey
  2. I've been gone for sometime I know. It makes me a bad gal. I've just been sooo busy with work and not having a computer at home. I'll try to get in more often. I really have missed you guys! I just can't seem to carve out any time in my schedule to be here. I finally got caught up on all the accounts of everyone at TIFF, and loved it all! Now if I can just get thru all the stuff i've missed here. Stacey
  3. I'M BACK ONLINE!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOO! :: :computer: :: :dance: :dance2: I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!! I have missed sooo much in the last few weeks. Pics, interviews, all of you and your antics!!! I've been checking in at work but it's just not the same. Now i'm off to see the inteview at TIFF. and then i'll be back later to chat with all of you! KISS KISS LOVE LOVE :wub: Stacey
  4. I'm so happy for you all that got to meet the man! I love reading the posts, and can't wait to hear more! I just wish i could check out the pics and interviews. I'm going to try to get my computer up and running at home this weekend and get all caught up! I wanna know what Dawn whispered into the g-man's ear....lol but nevermind that. How was BEOWULF? I hope to see it soon! I am so excited for you all! Nothing but love for you lucky GALS. Not jealous or envious really, just makes me excited for my own moment one day. Stacey ::
  5. I swear to fookin, who ever, I'm going insane. I STILL DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER AT HOME!!!!! I am hitting a stage of withdrawal that no GALS tart should go thru. I'm so pi&*%$ off it's unreal. I can't keep up with you all at work, cuz i have to um, work. Plus i've been sick for days. Oh wait the yellow towel.....mmmmm. I think I'd go Houdini and make it disappear. Oh how we love the yellow towel. Okay, maybe we love what's under the yellow towel. ooo, i know, convince the man that there's been a towel crisis, and we must conserve the towel by cutting it into smaller squares, therefore we have more towels, just very small ones. tee hee. I miss you all so much, I wish I could check in more often! I'll be back soon I hope, I can't take much more of this! Stacey
  6. Let me tell you ladies, i'm so busy at work that I haven't had any time to pop in and visit or enjoy all the kinky goodness! I like missed the whole kinks floor,except one post. :angry016: I still don't have the pc fixed at home, I think I will just have to break down and get a new one. Now, I'm missing the black jack gerry floor! I'm hating it. Well I have a TON of work to do tonight, I'll be back someday....sigh* :conf: Stacey
  7. HOLY S***! I'm gone for a couple days, and look what happens! I am sooooo liking this floor!(runs into bedroom and puts on leather bustier and boots and whips) Okay Mistress Spankerella is on the job!!!!! Where is my next victim?! OOOO, looks like Terry has been naughty....lol! ON a more serious note, I have my friend the Wyzard coming over to look at my computer and hopefully fix it! I can't wait to get my pc back! I can't see pics or post pics or join the really naughty fun until then! Okay I gots to go back to work... have some fun for me ladies! STacey(aka, that's Mistress to you....lol)
  8. I think I feel so much emotion when I read the interviews, when he's being so open and honest about himself and his past. It fills me with compassion and I feel this connection. Knowing about being in a Single parent household, struggling with addiction, the latent emotions that come out after meeting the father figure after years of not knowing. (i met my dad when I was eleven.) His willingness to strive for a better life, a happier life, to make the most of everyday. That's what I like about Gerry, not just his looks. (although, he is just damn sexy.) Stacey
  9. I just think it would be cool to hear him sing like when he did in that band in college. Stacey
  10. I'm not jealous that there are tarts and gals out there who have met Gerry. I just wish I could. When I do, (notice I say when not if) I am going to be so excited! I don't think I could let him sign my boobs tho. They're quite large and all, but um, I just don't think I could bring myself to do it. :blush2: Although, I wouldn't be one to turn down a snog. Stacey
  11. I have missed you guys soooo much! I still haven't figured out my computer problems at home, and all weekend I was in withdrawl. I just kept thinkin about what I was missing here and what if Gerry did something or went somewhere and I missed it! AGGGGGHHH! I have to figure out what is wrong with my computer! Actually I think I have to get a new one. sigh* It's always something. Oh well. I will catch up more with you all later, I have to get some work done. Stacey
  12. still no hard drive at home! I can't do the image hosting here at work, one day soon I will post pics and join in the fun! I did add Gerry pics to my wallpapers at work, I'm sure to get heck about it today. Well the order from hell just came in, so I must go. I'll be back tonight. STacey
  13. I have had a dream with Dracula, the character, not Gerry. I'm like a young vampire and I'm not happy about it, and I've taken to hunting other vamps and now I've got the big mac daddy of vampires chasing me all over the city. We fight, and chase each other, playing cat and mouse really. All the while I have this deep seeded fascination with him. Cuz after all he is The Man, right? I have to fight my desires to be with him just to keep myself alive! It's soo twisted. I've had this dream time and again, it varies sometimes but that's the jist of it. I've also had one where I was Gerry's personal assistant while he was filming in Iceland, I had to give him a massage after he injured himself during a shoot. And I was babysitting a bunch of cats because the animal corral had flooded during a rainstorm. How weird was that? STacey
  14. Yeah, see back in the 80's the ripped jeans look was cool, and now the revival while amusing and yes, sexy is just silly. UNLESS, the guys start wearing their jeans tight again.....OMG. And buying jeans pre-ripped is just insane. I swear, next thing you know, everyone will be trying to revive the mchammer pants. ugh. Stacey
  15. I go out shopping with my husband, and we are in the bath section, and he asks, "so you wanna change the color scheme in the bathroom to Yellow, just so you can get some Yellow towels?" He's such a tease! Stacey
  16. I too feel those little pangs of yearning. I think it just comes with being human and wanting something that we can't have. I'd probably make a fool of myself, or flirt shamelessly if I ever got the chance to meet Gerry. I have husband who loves me, and I him, but we have been together since Highschool, and it gets old you know? So I can come to any of the G-man sites and fantasize for a little while, and dream of what if's and be content with that. My marraige has had its ups and downs, a lot of them, and I guess that if it weren't for the occasional mental vacation with Gerry, I'd be bored already. I have done everything and then some to spice up my bedroom life with my husband, and so has he, so the daydreaming of Gerry is the least of his worries. He encourages me to keep on with the fansites, cuz it fuels my imagination. If I had the chance to meet Gerry, he'd be the first to wish me luck, and send me on my way. lol I would want that contact, just once. Just a moment in time with him, to see and feel him, to know he was real. I guess that's all. Stacey
  17. I agree, I don't think I could just leave gb.net, I mean that's where I first found all the goodies about Gerry! I first found out I had GALS there! I have been spending more time there than here actually, only because I'm really bad at multitasking beyond my workplace. lol I can understand the pg-13 thing, hell, if it weren't for the rules and guidelines, i'd probably say something that would cause the g-man to blush, and then he'd reply with some retort that would embarrass me and the mods. So yeah, it's good to have rules. I'm a very very naughty minded girl sometimes, and I hold back a lot when we have certain discussions, cuz I just don't think anyone could handle what goes on in my head. Stacey
  18. I've seen those kinds of dates, they are so fake, and as much as I'd love to spend time with Gerry, I just don't think I'd want to do it that way. I would love to do it for charity, just not all set up like that. Unless Gerry planned it himself, what he would personally do on a date. Then maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Stacey
  19. This song fills me with so much emotion, I see a heart so much in need of love, of yearning that I long to fill that heart. The Phantom promises so much, and gives so freely and he wants to share himself with Christine and in the end he is denied. I see this in MOTN, I guess I'm such a romantic fool. It has such promise and hope in it, both the song and Gerry's voice, it just moves me so much. sigh* Stacey
  20. My computer is still dead, and I haven't been able to fix it yet, so i'm just now getting back here and playing catch up! I have been jonesing for Gerry all weekend! It's been crazy! I'm finally getting done with all my domestic duties so that i can spend some time here and on my fan fic, and then my computer craps out. :hissy: :eye: I should be up and running at home after this weekend. In the meantime I shall post while at work. Which is probably a no-no, but I just can't stay away! Stacey
  21. It would be soooo great to go with you all! I just don't think I can do it. :conf: :cry: I have so much going on, and I don't know if I can save enough money to go. My husband and I do have a savings account through his life insurance policy that is supposed to be for a vacation, but I don't think I could go to Vegas without him. He would love to go with us, and join the fun, He's a big flirt! He'd love to be out with a bunch of women, but I don't think He would want them all to be drooling over Gerry. I think it would be too much! lol I wonder if I can convince him to plan a trip to Vegas with us and his parents at the same time? Then he can hang with his parents and I can go crazy with all of you! HMMM....I'm coming up with a scheme....and suddenly I feel like Lucile Ball. lol Stacey
  22. So here i am at work, and I can't view any posted pics, and I can't use my home pc at all cuz it is officially dead. I'm pretty sure the hard drive crashed. I worked on it for a while this morning and nothing worked. I will be out over the weekend to purchase a new one hopefully. I am having withdraws sooo bad. I haven't even had time to watch any Gerry movies or anything! I was kinda surprised to find out that GALS was moved here, but I suppose it was for the best, I mean we were the most popular thread on the site, and It probably just got to be too much for Tamara. Who knows, but hey were still here, and still building up to floor 69! I have decided that we need to adapt the Wonkavator to use while still building our way up. It should do the trick, so I would like to introduce the Dracuvator, and the Attilavator! Each are manned by a bellboy, (hoping to get a clone of Gerracula and Attila) They work on the same magical suspension system as the Wonkavator so that no cable lines are needed! NO MORE STAIRS! The Dracuvator and the Attilavator will play no crappy elevator music, only POTO music! So just hop in and demand that bellboy to whatever floor you wish to visit, or whatever wing you need to be in and it's there! Zip BANG! Thank you for your support. :ponder:
  23. Okay ladies, after finding my way here, I just want you to know that I will have a hard time posting, my computer died. i think it caught what bethy's computer had. also all the computers at work had the same thing happen, it's been crazy. so I will be back soon I hope!!!! I miss you guys! And I MISS GERRY! Stacey
  24. um i forgot, are we supposed to be saving the buttons or just pulling them off? (sharpens teeth with file....) Stacey
  25. I made it finally! I'm here at the other site that everyone talks about. Now I can be naughty.....woo hoo :dv: I just wanna say that when i saw these pics and he had that look in his eye, then the pic with the hand....you know he did that on purpose, he's like teasing the paparazzi. His little wikid mind, thinking "hee hee, take a picture of this" I love it. He's so hot. Stacey
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