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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!! :DDDD Keep up the awesome work! ~Ray
  2. Really? How'd you come across that? I saw the one of yours on the home page, which is cool. Thank you, btw for your comment above I saw yours thru David cook and GB! It's kinda fun there, but I could get wrapped up in it forever x.x Bonnie I was looking through the recent portraits. Oh yeah, that was pretty cool being on the front page for several hours. No problem on the comments btw. Haha I was just on the site looking at the portrait of the day. Really amazing. I just uploaded one about 10 hours ago but they didn't upload yet. (You could see it in my David Cook forum though. BTW i
  3. Bonnie! I just saw your artwork on Stars Portraits. I have an account also. (Pencil2Paper) ~Ray
  4. Haha I've heard about Cleobethra being a DC fan. Hope she gets to see it soon. Ren - Phew! Thank God I didn't make him look like Gerry. haha ~Ray
  5. Sarah Roemer. Can be seen in David Cook's music video for his song "Come Back to Me"
  6. I'm....... in awe right now.... wow!!! ~Ray
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