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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!! :DDDD Keep up the awesome work! ~Ray
  2. Wow! That is so cool!!! ~Ray
  3. Really? How'd you come across that? I saw the one of yours on the home page, which is cool. Thank you, btw for your comment above I saw yours thru David cook and GB! It's kinda fun there, but I could get wrapped up in it forever x.x Bonnie I was looking through the recent portraits. Oh yeah, that was pretty cool being on the front page for several hours. No problem on the comments btw. Haha I was just on the site looking at the portrait of the day. Really amazing. I just uploaded one about 10 hours ago but they didn't upload yet. (You could see it in my David Cook forum though. BTW it's NOT him. It's someone associated with him.) ~Ray
  4. Bonnie! I just saw your artwork on Stars Portraits. I have an account also. (Pencil2Paper) ~Ray
  5. Haha I've heard about Cleobethra being a DC fan. Hope she gets to see it soon. Ren - Phew! Thank God I didn't make him look like Gerry. haha ~Ray
  6. Sarah Roemer. Can be seen in David Cook's music video for his song "Come Back to Me"
  7. I'm....... in awe right now.... wow!!! ~Ray
  8. You're having scanner problems? What scanner are you using? (The model) ~Ray
  9. Hope everyone stays warm during this very cold winter season. ~Ray
  10. No problem Bonnie. Yeah, smaller is quicker but you don't see too much detail in the face. (I prefer the smaller ones also haha ) ~Ray
  11. Geez, you're spitting out these masterpieces like crazy. Awesome job! ~Ray
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