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  1. loves gerry in the hoops

  2. Watching just now from my house in Glasgow. He's doing well. Tried for a few goals. X
  3. UM! What picture am I not seeing? Frannie This one: Gerry in Uruguay This pic reminds me of how Gerry looked back in the day when he played Marty Claymore in the young person's guide to becoming a rock star!
  4. I've shared the pic to your facebook Moia so you can upload xx
  5. if you search for Heather Anne McKillop you'll find me hopefully. http://www.facebook.com/heatherannemckillop

  6. I'm not sure if I have you added as a Facebook friend or not. If you have FB, could you send me the link or let me know someway to add you. Thanks.

  7. Let me know where you end up staying Steph. I'm in the east end of Glasgow xx
  8. Hi

    Thanks for your message :)


  9. Hi,

    I'm from NC in the US.

    Glad to have you aboard. We all love Gerry

    here and are happy to share that love with

    new GALS.

    I know you've been here a while, but I just

    realized it, so I say WELCOME. We always

    love to meet another Gerry lover.


  10. douche...The thought of Gerry in a shower...now, there's a thought!
  11. Hi Gals I'm priviledged to know Magnus and the school I work in regularly support the work of Mary's Meals. I'm so glad that Gerry presented him with his award. At times like this i'm so proud to be a Scot! x
  12. stuart definately has all the eps of this...he posted them online a while ago
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