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  1. Hi Anna Where about's are you in the uk? I'm in Glasgow so I know how you're feeling with all this rubbish weather! The snow is nice to look at from the inside when you don't need to go anywhere....but when you need to get out and about it's another story!!! hugs Heather xx
  2. I know gals...I am most happy when I think that I have probably literarly walked in Gerry's foot steps in some areas of Glasgow But it's snowing again. The weather forecast for today is all WRONG!!!! And...I have to go back to work on Monday My time spent on here will be restricted as the kids have exams when we go back so I will have lots of papers to mark, plus the playground is apparently still covered in snow so I hope any snowballs don't hit me!!! Lots of love from snowy, cold Glasgow xx
  3. Thanks Stuart You know my problem...too much time on my hands!!!! Not any more! Back to work on Monday
  4. I'm just listening to Till I hear you sing once more. I like it I was on the website and I'd love to read the book, I think it would be dead good to set the scene. xx
  5. It's foggy today and it's currently -8c My car's all frozen over again and no matter how much hand cream i'm putting on my hands are still red raw and chapped boo hoo Scotland may be nice to look at in Winter, but it's freezing!!! More snow on the way! xx
  6. They were both ok for me. Just finished watching them
  7. I have to go back to work on Monday Stuart!!! Lol!!! Pity...as far as I know the school is still covered in lots of icy snow...but unfortunately the council are going to prioritise the schools next week so i'll need to go back!!! The kids have got their prelim exams this month so they can't afford any more time off. Pity...I could be watching Gerry all day long!!! xx
  8. Nice one! My hands are all dry and chapped and I'm fed up scraping the ice off of my car xx
  9. I've watched all 6 already! Oh being on holiday is great fun!
  10. Brilliant Stuart! That worked a treat this time! xx
  11. I could only find episode 1 in the clips
  12. I went to the clips bit and clicked on newest. Thanks Stuart!! xx
  13. If he had went to the hogmany party in George square in Glasgow he would definately have been freezing! This morning I went out to do some shopping and my car said it was -5 degrees celcius. Brrr. There's still snow on the ground which doesn't look like it'll melt anytime soon. However...hogmany in scotland is definately a blast. A friend of mine was going in to George Square...I chose to stay indoors. Every year my friend has a party in his garage..we all bring along some food to contribute to the meal and we have music playing etc. It's fun times! xx
  14. My husband taught Jack McElhone who played Frankie. I like to think of this as a tiny little connection...Ed (my husband) taught Jack who worked with Gerry Somethings in life are just not fair xx
  15. oooh that was a very good wee video xx
  16. I'm with you Steph...my husband loves LOTR and I still have never watched any of them and I don't plan to. I'll be devestated if he does a movie like this cause I wont wanna watch it! xx
  17. I'm gonna go for: One Two - cos he's got his scottish accent and wears a suit most of the time (i'm a sucker for a man in a suit) Gerry Kennedy - he's just lovely I think Mick Chadway...like a couple of others said...it's the naughtiness of him! xx
  18. I've got the same thoughts exactly...I didn't really think there was a good plot or script but I made my husband come and see gamer with me in the cinema xx
  19. I didn't know either. ~Ray ah GALS! I cannae believe this! Subo is from Blackburn in West Lothian...I just happen to work in her old school and she visited just before the holidays! It could almost be my claim to fame!! xx
  20. Christmas in Scotland is great! It technically wasn't a white Christmas until the very late hours of Dec 25th..It has been snowing today on Boxing Day. One of the best bits I like about Christmas in Glasgow is the big ice rink on George Square. There is a German market comes over and mulled wine and roasted chestnuts for sale. The downside now is all the people going mad for the boxing day sales. I now have a cold though, so it's staying indoors for me xx
  21. no bother phoenix! The record is a big selling paper so that obviously means a lot of their readers must like Gerry too! Hoorah! xx
  22. The Daily Record is one of our tabloid newpapers. It's ok, but I wouldn't rely on it heavily for any news. In terms of a newpaper being reputable, something like the Times or the Herald would be better. Anything broadsheet is considered reputable by some people. The record has more features in it and is more local news rather than national. I would say it is different to the enquirer as my perceptation of the enquirer is that it is more of a magazine rather than a newpaper. Heather
  23. I'm with Moira on this one. I'm in Glasgow, just by the fort, so near all the big interchange motorway routes. Luckily the main roads are clear, but side roads and less used roads are covered in ice and snow. It snowed a wee bit earlier today, but not much, but it is freezing. We have -7 degrees c this morning and it's still pretty cold outside. Hoping he's made it home by now as it's 4.10pm on christmas eve...it's dark, cold and frosty Heather xx
  24. Hello Gals Not been on in a while as it's very snowy here in Glasgow and my school got shut early so it's been busy! Subo was in my school last week at our opening ceremony and got her picture taken with our office manager. However, I still voted for Gerry! xx
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