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  1. I work in a school in West Lothian and our pupils have a great word for to "know." They said, "Do you ken?" as in, do you know something. One girl in my class today said to me, "Miss, d'ye ken if you ever leave here...can I have your gerry butler posters?"....The answer.....Most definately not!!! haha xx
  2. Mine's are: 1. Gerry Kennedy 2. One Two 3. Marty Claymore...cos he's sooo funny in it!! xx
  3. Loving all this scottish chat!!! I've just been watching episodes of "The young Person's Guide to becoming a rock star" on the website www.lovefilm.com where Gerry play's rock star Marty Claymore...it's a blast from the past! I don't know if all you Gals have seen Gerry in this, but it is the ultimate in Scottishness! If you can get access to love film in the states you should have a look if you want to see a young Gerry being very Scottish. Just search for "The young person's guide to becoming a rock star." All 6 episodes are online and can be watched for free. xx
  4. It's because all three are Scottish!!! xx
  5. Hi girls...i'm up in Scotland. Glasgow to be precise xx
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