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    Gerard Butler!<br /><br />and a list of other things that are nowhere near as hot as Gerry!

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  1. That interview was hilarious, I love sofia and gerry Colombia FTW
  2. i mean, its great that gerry got top 10 but justien bieber? taylor and robert pattison? all boys, not men
  3. I live in houston, thanks for your comment on my sig! but it was not made by me :3

  4. Hello...What part of Texas are you in? I love your siggy!

  5. Gerry is amazing Polar bear is amazing This entire thread is just full of awesome! !! ! !! Thank for sharing this incredible story! Enjoy this unique experience! that is simply all you need to do Please tell Gerry if you happen to talk to him again that we said hello and that we went crazy for this story and can't wait for the movie, that we know he always will do his best and that is why we love him! Thanks again!
  6. YESSS, this was awesome and incredibly hilarious thank you holly!, im definitely keeping some of these for my personal collection
  7. great! i cant wait, i figured you were busy so i didnt pester you with it im glad you were able to reply. ill check it out! and let me know where you put it because im pretty blind to even the most obvious things sometimes
  8. Hi Holly! your intro to the convention practically had me laughing like a maniac, but i know you had a slideshow playing as you spoke ! however those of us who watched the con through Ustream didnt actually get to see what you had on screen because the camera was in another direction. I think it would be pretty cool to get to see your little slideshow you consider your "porn". I hope you save it and can share it with us! (at least me im so curious!) thanks! Vikki
  9. the whole interview was amazing, i melted when he sang but i couldnt stop giggling because sofia puts him on the spot and shes colombian like me , he says he loves latin women !
  10. loved it, im pretty sure they were aiming for just a fun movie, something of a ride, it did just that. and him in the towel glistening like that
  11. I just love him even more, it seems almost everyone as a kid has at least one strange problem, and if not they go and hurt themselves and end up causing some kind of problem hehe. but i have to say i love his smile i find it very charming
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