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  1. alastair

    Nick Boyle

    Freddy loos good those photos are cool
  2. alastair

    Nick Boyle

    Whose Freddy I don't think I've heard of him. No I wasn't at the premiere in Glasgow. Just wondered if Nick was his assistant or Pr as he seems to with Gerry a lot and so I thought he must work for him.
  3. The painting on celling is pretty cool. Though it does look like something from the Borgia or Medici palace.
  4. That's cool just happening to meet someone you went to school with on a show you're doing. What are the chances of that.
  5. Did Gerry pick the things in the appartment ? I didn't think he was that into design and I thought he'd have more browns and leather or suede. It's really nice but I just don't see him as roman baroque type of guy
  6. alastair

    Nick Boyle

    Has anyone found out what Mr Boyle does ? Are we sure he isn't Gerry's assistant as he seems to be able to go all over the place with Gerry which wouldn't work if he had a normal nine to five job. Also anyone else think Nick is rather sexy ? X
  7. I just saw a clip of this and there was a lady called Kirsty on who Gerry hadn't seen since he was seventeen. Did he go to school with her ? Does she work with the show or just happen to be there ?
  8. Thanks maybe Scott could do a show with Gerry . They really seem to be fans of each other. I saw a thing on the net and Scott looked very embaressed when Gerry said he listened to his show on the net.
  9. Isn't Robert Burns a well known enough poet that they would be able to get the money without any famous people in it. Maybe Gerry could be a producer instead . If it is made I think they should concentrate on his time in Edinburgh and his affair with Jenny Clow as that is interesting and it is a nice love triangle.
  10. Mr Butler has been doing a lot of interviews this week and comes across like a really nice guy. He seems to be with Alan Cumming and Ashley Jensen as Scottish people who have gone to the US and not got really big headed. Anyone chatted with him or met him for long enough to get an idea if he comes across the same as he does in interviews . I'm also shocked that he is written about a lot in magazines but lets very little slip about his private life. He must have good PR people as very few celebs as big as him keep so much private
  11. I thought the interview was really good. Gerard and Scott seem to get on really well and it didn't feel like put on for the radio. I't was much better than some interviews when the people are just selling something and don't really want to chat
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