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    I love to read books and telling articles from journalists. I write screenplays in my spare time. I watch many films, not just my beloved Gerry movies, but all genres. I love drinking a pint or two as I just recently turned 21 and in the US, that's the legal age. I usually am surrounded by individuals who are a bit older than me and I tend to be more mature. When I hang around kids my age, it's hard to get down to their level though I do like to have fun. They all call me "mom." I'm here just to support Gerard, who in my opinion doesn't need it from me but he has it!

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  1. Sorry for disrupting the lustiness but I need help regarding the Cinemax videos or lack thereof in the Multimedia section! Does anyone have them loaded to their computer and they could email them? I really wanted to see Gerry interview Z! Please message me if you could! Love, light and peace. Continue with the madness!
  2. I was upset that they cut out nearly all of Gerard's singing! Not cool at all. My mom had never seen it and after watching it on LT she said the movie was lame. I tried to give her my dvd and prove her wrong but the damage was done!!! Damn it lifetime.
  3. Um, all I can say is... I'm speechless! These are amazing! Did you do any training to take photos? Or are you just a natural
  4. Great photos!!! Thank you for showing us! Hey, how did he smell ha ha? Did you notice? I was just wondering, since I ready the post for newbies! Just thought I'd ask.
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