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  1. No I have never heard it all in Scotland, if guys here said that to each other they'd be given a weird look!! Maybe younger teens/boys in ethnic gangs may use that phrase. In London and other English cities where there are more ethnic mixes it would probably be used. In Paisley and elsewhere in Scotland I honestly haven't heard it. Do the other Scots living in Scotland agree? Or is this something you hear about the place? LadyinRed
  2. The original article/discussion is here. (I'm confused by Lady's indication that the thread is closed, as it is very open. However, since we're discussing Scottish vernacular, I won't merge the threads. (That's not to say the MS won't merge it eventually! ... but it will stay put for now.) Bringing the thread back on topic, where does the term "chuff" come from? I've seen several Scots post, "I was 'chuffed.'" I THINK that's a "good thing." As an American, it reminds me of "chaffed," which is NOT a good thing! Well ... unless Gerry's the one who's done the chaffing! Hi, I did try t
  3. In reply to the comment below (I couldn't post in that topic as it was closed), but in Scotland if people say they are going to "buy shopping" or they are "going for messages" this means that they are leaving to go and buy food shopping. This was written by an American on another part of the site: "Sorry but I'm reading & somewhat laughing. How do you "buy shopping"? Also I'm confused about the comment of something that happened 30 years ago. Gerry is about to be 40 in November. You aren't considered a "tot" at 9 or even 10. I'm guessing he left Paisley & moved to Canada at a much you
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